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The State Basketball Championships are the largest Qualifier-based youth  tournaments in the U.S. with 350-450+ teams at several events.   Our events are unique and offer:

- a competitive division for ALL teams - (1) Club or (2) School/Feeder/Township.  
- a season-ending bonding experience.  For many, our events provide the only overnight travel of the season.
- matchups from outside your region.  Fresh competition and new faces from all corners of the state.
- pre-approved players and teams.  To ensure fair play, our State Eligibility team checks every player's Proof of Eligibility documents BEFORE each State tournament.

Check out a few recent videos that capture the excitement of our events!
2020 Behind the scenes at State Basketball Championship - view video
2019 Washington MS Basketball Championship - view video clip
2019 Pennsylvania MS Basketball Championship - view video clip

Click or tap on a state for event info or visit About Us to learn more about our organization.