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    State Tournament Deadlines

    Team Registration, Roster Changes, and Submission of Player Eligibility Documentation

    Girls Championship deadline - Mon, Feb 18, 2019
    Boys Championship deadline - Fri, Feb 22, 2019

    * To allow sufficient time for the State Eligibility staff to review all player documents, we’ve moved up the team registration deadline from years past.  The result is a shorter list of State Qualifier Tournaments than last season.  Please plan accordingly.   Space limited to available team spots.

    Division Assignment at State
    - Teams representing 5A and 6A high schools must register for, and compete in, the Gold (upper) Division at State.  Any exceptions must be approved through a formal appeal to the State Committee.
    - Teams representing 1A-4A high schools plus “B” teams of 5A-6A high schools will register for, and compete in, the Silver division at State.

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    Upcoming Qualifiers

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