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Each State Basketball Championship is presented and managed by the Executive Board of the National Middle School Basketball Association ("NMSBA").   Founded in 2012, the NMSBA's mission is to connect the many independent middle school leagues and tournaments in each state.  One of the results of the NMSBA's efforts has been birth of the State Basketball Championship which it governs today.

The State Basketball Championships have become the largest Qualifier-based tournaments in their respective states with 400-450+ teams in some events.   The State tourneys feature each states' top teams while offering a division for ALL based on the type of team - (1) Club or (2) School, Feeder or Township.   Based on its size, each division is typically further divided into Gold and Silver brackets to promote balanced competition. 

The NMSBA has established individual State Committees or State Reps for each tournament (listed in tabs below) .  Each committee is a proud team that not only shares a passion for middle school basketball, but also has decades of basketball experience at many levels - playing, coaching, and managing tournaments and leagues.  The team members manage the many details of the State Basketball Championship - such as coordinating gym schedules and referees - and also the important task of seeding the tournament teams.   Our committee members have visibility as to the strength of the qualifying leagues, tournaments and most importantly, the teams, to ensure a fair and unbiased approach to early round match-ups.

Executive Board and individual State Tournament Reps - select one below