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    Complimentary Tickets For Your Team to
    2018 Seattle Storm game

    State Tournament Deadlines

    Team Registration deadline - Friday, Mar 2, 2018
    Roster Changes deadline - Friday, Mar 2, 2018
    Deadline to Submit Player Eligibility Documents - Friday, Mar 2, 2018

    * Note these dates are earlier than in years past to allow the State Eligibility Committee to complete its review of all players' Proof of Eligibility Documents.  Space limited to available team spots.

    State Tournament Generously Supported by

    State Tournament Generously Supported by



    Spring Tourney options

    Looking for a well run Spring or Summer tourney? Check out one of the events listed below.  All are held at the Warehouse in Spokane.  For more info, visit, or call Jared Tikker at 509-484-2670 and he'll mail you a registration form.  Good luck!

    Bring in Spring
    March 10-11, 2018
    4th-6th Grade Boys and Girls

    Spring Fling
    March 23-25, 2018
    7th-9th Grade Boys and Girls

    May Madness
    May 11-13, 2018
    4th-High School Boys

    Belles Blastoff
    May 18-20, 2018
    4th-High School Girls

    On Summer’s Edge
    May 25-27, 2018
    4th-High School Boys and Girls

    Summer Tourney options

    Looking for some Summer tourney options at a great facility?  See the updated list below.  All are held at the HUB Sports Center in Spokane Valley.  For more info, visit   Have fun!

    Upcoming Qualifiers

    2/16-18 Eagle Eye Presidents Day Tournament (girls)
    hosted by Issaquah Girls Select
    2/17-18 Red Lion Hotel's
    President's Day Classic

    Port Angeles
    2/17-18 Clatskanie Tiger Tournament
    2/17-18 Shoot Out Spring Classic
    2/16-19 CPC Prez Weekend Classic (boys)
    hosted by Cedar Park Christian
    2/17-19 Presidents Day Tournament (boys)
    presented by WA Youth Sports
    2/17-19 Adidas Presidents Day Tournament of Champions
    Portland, Oregon
    presented by HoopSource Basketball
    2/17-19 Synergy Shootout
    presented by Kittitas Basketball
    2/17-19 Stanwood Presidents Day Tournament
    presented by SGSBA

    View Full List of 2017-18 Qualifiers

    2017 State Tourney: Fun interview w/ Spokane's KREM Channel 2 prior to Championship Weekend

    2016 State Tourney: Watch Spokane News Coverage of March Event

    2018 Championship Schedule

    updated Tue 3/13/18 at 5:30pm

    Over 400 State qualified teams will visit the Spokane Valley to compete in the 5th annual State Tournament.   Game Schedules are posted below.  Please note that games for opening rounds cannot be changed.  Several late Saturday and Sunday bracket times may be revised to avoid scheduling and location conflicts.  Please double check your schedule prior to the weekend.

    Our scheduling team made every effort to accommodate schedule requests however, based on the record size of the tournament, we may not have hit every one..   With 827 games booked, the schedules are very tight and leave limited room for flexibility. 

    All registered Head Coaches, Asst Coaches and Team Managers - please watch for a final email with more tourney info on THURSDAY, MARCH 15th.