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Registration for the 2020 State Basketball Championship

Please note that your team must qualify prior to sign-up.  See How to Qualify or look at the Qualified Teams  list for your team name.

State Registration to begin after 1st Qualifier(s) of 2019-20 season.

2020 Entry Fees.  All team entry fees = $400*

* A $100 Team Entry Rebate is available to any team that completes ALL of the following within 2 weeks of the initial State qualification email notice sent to its coach/team manager:

(1) online team registration and payment
(2) submission of all players' Proof of Eligibility (POE) documents (learn more)
(3) submission of all players' Parent Waivers (a link to the online waiver link is included in State qualification emails sent to coaches/team managers, who must forward to each family).

Our State Eligibility staff will regularly review all registered teams and issue the $100 rebate (refund) to any team that meets the requirements above.   All refunds will be in the same form as the registration payment, i.e. via check, or credit back to the card used.  Please allow 3-5 business days for refund processing.

Note: This rebate offer is valid only after the first time a team qualifies and not after any future qualifications.

Payment Methods

1.  Credit or Debit Card.   We accept VISA, Mastercard and Discover.

2.  eCheck.  Pay online with your bank checking account information.

3.  Check.  When registering your team, simply select the "Pay Offline" option to bypass payment and make a check payable to State Basketball Championship and mail to: Washington Middle School Basketball Championship at the address noted on your team registration email confirmation.

State Registration to begin after 1st Qualifier(s) of 2019-20 season.

State Tournament Deadlines

Team Registration deadline - Friday,  MarTBA, 2020
Roster Changes deadline - Friday, Mar TBA, 2019
Deadline to Submit Player Eligibility Documents - Friday, Mar TBA, 2019

* Note these dates are earlier than in years past to allow the State Eligibility Committee to complete its review of all players' Proof of Eligibility Documents.  Space limited to available team spots.