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State Tournament Reps

Our State Committee is pleased to announce its State Tournament Reps.  You'll find our Reps in the gym attending State Qualifier tournaments to award golden ticket State invites to the top finishing teams.  You can't miss them wearing their bright orange #SeeYouAtState tshirts.  Please say "hello"!

Jovone Robinson
Jovone started playing sports at a young age, and never stopped. He was a standout athlete in basketball and track through high school, and for the past decade, coached youth basketball, soccer, and flag football teams. He has deep family roots in the Tricities area and there is a local school named after his grandmother called Virgie Robinson Elementary School. Outside of his State Rep duties, Jovone’s hobbies include hiking, fishing, camping, and cooking.  

Stephen Machado
Stephen was born in Lubbock, Texas but grew up in Pendleton, Oregon for most of his life. He graduated from high school in 2017 and then proceeded to graduate with a degree in Biology in hopes to attend medical school and become a physician.  Stephen began playing basketball in 7th grade and fell in love with the sport. He played all 4 years of high school and his senior year Stephen and his team took 4th place in the 5A OSAA tournament. Outside his role as a State Rep, he enjoy playing video games, pickup basketball games and bowling.

Steven Jones
Steven graduated from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana with a bachelors degree in psychology and a minor in human health and performance. He was born in Chicago, Illinois but moved to Lake Charles, LA around the age of 6. Steven has played basketball pretty much his whole life. He played high school basketball at Barbe High where he earned All-State honors his junior and senior years along with All-Southwest. During college he refereed the intramural state tournament for four years. Steven also helped staff summer basketball camps where he attended college for four years. 

Amanda Best
Amanda was born and raised in the Spokane area,  she attended school in Spokane and has played on her fair share of middle school and high school ball teams! She had many joyful experiences with her sports and education. Amanda always wanted to give back to her community and inspire those around her to keep following their dreams. Her coaches and teachers were her biggest motivators.  She has played basketball ever since she was 7 years old. Her father was a coach and he inspired Amanda too keep playing after he passed. She had a dream of playing with the Zags when she was older but injured her shoulder which stopped her playing career, but her passion for the game remains. Amanda is currently pursuing a degree in Business. Working as a state rep helps her get involved with the community! 

Tre Brahm
Tre is currently attending college pursuing a degree in technology. He grew up in the North East Tacoma area and went to school with athletes like Sefo Liufau (Qb for Colorado buffalo's and Bellarmine Prep) Malachi Flynn (Current NBA player with the Raptors also Bellarmine Prep) and Chico Mcclatcher (UW running back and Federal Way Eagles). He played basketball starting at age five and all the way up to high school. In the sonics final season, he was recognized as a little league all star and played in the Key Arena before a game. He even got to meet the Rookie of the Year, Kevin Durant and the later named MVP of that season, Dirk Nowitzki. Tre works in a warehouse for FedEx and outside of that likes to play basketball and video games. He is also into music and is planning on learning how to play the piano soon. 

Weston Ide
Weston graduated from Zillah High School and attended Blue Mountain Community College and later transferred to Yakima Valley College. His favorite experience in basketball so far, was winning the 1A 2019 State Championship and winning West Coast Nationals while in the 6th grade. Outside of work, Weston is a basketball referee for the Yakima Valley. His hobbies include working out and shooting hoops, watching sports with family and friends, swimming and spending time with animals. 

Martin Simeonov
Martin currently plays soccer at Spokane Fall Community College pursuing a degree in Finance. He grew up playing basketball, football, soccer and also ran track. In high school, he was most notable for his achievements in football and soccer. Basketball is a sport he enjoyed playing when he was younger and still enjoys playing now. He frequently watches and shows his love for the sport anytime he can. Outside of work, Martin enjoys fishing, hiking, biking, playing sports and really any kind of outdoor activity.  He also coaches soccer and leads a youth group with LifeChurch, as well as other volunteer work. 

Paul Gesh
Paul was born in Texas and lived there for early parts of his childhood. His family moved to Tri-Cities and he has lived there ever since. After graduating high school in 2014, he works as a site coordinator for the YMCA and is working towards an Elementary Education degree. Paul has always played basketball and it has been his favorite sport for as long as he can remember. He started in YMCA basketball and played through high school. He has coached on and off ever since. Outside of basketball, he enjoys playing the guitar, studying in college, spending time with his kids and volunteering at his church's youth group.



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