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Important Hotel Update - Girls Championship weekend

Attention all teams planning to compete at State on the Girls Championship weekend of March 17-19, 2023:

Due to a recently announced Bruce Springsteen concert at the Bryce Jordan Center on Saturday, March 18th, there will be limited hotel rooms available in State College.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that your team book its hotel rooms via our hotel provider, Event Connect, as soon as possible.

This season, all girls teams should book their rooms before officially qualifying for State.  If you book a room and your team does not qualify for State, then Event Connect will refund any room deposits paid on its website. 

2022-23 Qualified teams to date

State Qualified teams will be listed here as Qualifier tournaments and leagues are completed. The State Eligibility Committee will place all qualifying School/Township teams in the appropriate division, Gold or Silver.

At Large Bids   Occasionally, the State Committee will grant a State qualification to a team based on its overall body of work throughout the regular season.  View At-Large application and bids granted season-to-date

Check out our Facebook page with a growing collection of qualifying team photos.

Questions about Qualifying?  Contact Tournament Director, Bradley Laubacher, via email or phone 814-954-1540 ext. 2

2022-23 Qualified Teams

November 26-27, 2022
Shoot 360 Thanksgiving Tourney(Pittsburgh) 
4th Boys Champs- Gateway
4th Boys 2nd Place- Peters Township White
4th Girls Champs- Chartiers Valley
4th Girls 2nd Place- McGuffey
6th Boys A Champs- Chartiers Valley
6th Boys A 2nd Place- South Fayette Lions
6th Boys B Champs- Baldwin
6th Boys B 2nd Place- Thomas Jefferson
6th Girls B Champs- SP
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Thomas Jefferson 
7th Boys A Champs- Chartiers Valley
7th Boys A 2nd Place- Shady Side
7th Boys B Champs- Elizabeth Forward
7th Boys B 2nd Place- Thomas Jefferson
8th Boys A Champs- Thomas Jefferson
8th Boys A 2nd Place- Elizabeth Forward

Competitive Edge Sports Turkey Jam(King of Prussia) 
*Some teams are exclusively qualifiers for the NJ State Tourney
3rd/4th Boys Champs- PVJSA Blue
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place- CBAA
5th Boys Champs- BYRD Elite
5th Boys 2nd Place- PVJSA
5th Girls Champs- TYA Storm
5th Girls 2nd Place- Hot Shots
6th Boys Navy Champs- CBAA
6th Boys Navy 2nd Place- Parts Unknown
6th Boys Orange Champs- BYRD Elite
6th Boys Orange 2nd Place- Philly Triple Threat Red
6th Girls Orange Champs- LAA Spiders
6th Girls Orange 2nd Place- St. Andrews
6th Girls Navy Champs- Langhorne Spiders
6th Girls Navy 2nd Place- HVAA
7th Boys Navy Champs- Philly Triple Threat
7th Boys Navy 2nd Place- PBLHak
7th Boys Orange Champs- Central Bucks Chaos
7th Boys Orange 2nd Place- SHYBA
8th Boys Navy Champs- PBL 2027
8th Boys Navy 2nd Place- Philly Triple Threat Black
8th Boys Orange Champs- Philly Triple Threat
8th Boys Orange 2nd Place- Deep Run Kuntz

November 19-20, 2022
New Castle Turkey Shootout(New Castle) 
4th Boys Champs- Mt. Lebanon
4th Boys 2nd Place- Mars
5th Boys Champs- Erie Knights
5th Boys 2nd Place- Mars Blue
6th Boys Champs- Sharon Tigers
6th Boys 2nd Place- North Allegheny 
7th Boys Champs- Mattas Matorsport
7th Boys 2nd Place- South Fayette

November 12-13, 2022
Lady Mac Hoops Tip Off Classic(Canonsburg) 
4th Girls Champs- Chartiers Houston Lady Bucs
4th Girls 2nd Place- Pine Richland 
5th Girls Champs- Thomas Jefferson
5th Girls 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley
6th Girls Champs- South Fayette Green
6th Girls 2nd Place- Norwin
7th Girls Champs- Norwin
7th Girls 2nd Place- Canon Mac
8th Girls Champs- Norwin
8th Girls 2nd Place- Peters Red

South Fayette Tip-Off Tournament(McDonald) 
5th Boys A Champs- West Allegheny
5th Boys A 2nd Place- South Fayette
5th Boys B Champs- North Allegheny
5th Boys B 2nd Place- Peters Township 
6th Boys A Champs- South Fayette
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Norwin
6th Boys B Champs- South Park
6th Boys B 2nd Place- Mars
7th Boys A Champs- South Fayette
7th Boys A 2nd Place- Peters Township
7th Boys B Champs- West Alleghney
7th Boys B 2nd Place- South Fayette
8th Boys A Champs- Mt. Lebanon 
8th Boys A 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley

November, 2022
All Day Hoops Fall League(Altoona) 
8th Boys- Spherion
8th Boys - Johnstown
8th Girls- Penn Cambria
8th Girls - 5Star

Last Season's Qualified Teams (2021-22)

February 19th-20th, 2022
Chocolatetown USA Tournament(Hershey) 
4th Boys Champs- Montgomery
4th Boys 2nd Place- Northern Lebanon 
5th Boys Finalist- Wilson Red
5th Boys Finalist- CV Red
5th Boys Semifinalist- Cedar Crest Blue
5th Boys Semifinalist-  Northern Lebanon 
6th Boys Finalist- Palmyra
6th Boys Finalist- Perkiomen Valley
6th Boys Semifinalist- Chambersburg
6th Boys Semifinalist- Lower Dauphin 
7th Boys Champs- Wilson
7th Boys 2nd Place- Hershey 
8th Boys Champs- Cumberland Valley
8th Boys 2nd Place- Central Dauphin 

Franklin Regional Panther Hoops Classic (Murrysville) 
4th Boys A Champs- Plum
4th Boys A 2nd Place- Penn Trafford
4th Boys B Champs- Derry
4th Boys B 2nd Place- Franklin Regional 
5th Boys A- Mars
5th Boys A - Laurel Highlands 
5th Boys B Champs- Latrobe
5th Boys B 2nd Place- North Hills
6th Boys A Champs- Penn Trafford
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Thomas Jefferson
6th Boys B Champs- Latrobe
6th Boys B 2nd Place- Franklin Regional White
7th Boys A Champs- Upper St. Clair
7th Boys A 2nd Place- Armstrong

February 2022
East Hills MVP Hoops League(Johnstown)
5th Boys Champs- Richland 
5th Girls Champs- Richland 
6th Boys Champs- Somerset
6th Boys 2nd Place- Westmont Red
6th Boys 3rd Place- Portage Moose 
6th Girls Champs- Youngbloods
6th Girls 2nd Place- Richland
6th Girls 3rd Place- Westmont 
7th Boys Champs- Forest Hills
7th Boys 2nd Place- Richland
8th Boys Champs- Forest Hills
8th Boys 2nd Place- The Hill

February 12th-13th, 2022
NABA Tournament(Pittsburgh) 
4th Boys A Champs- Fox Chapel
4th Boys A 2nd Place- South Fayette
4th Boys B Champs- North Allegheny 
4th Boys B 2nd Place- Montour 
4th Girls A Champs- Pine Richland
4th Girls A 2nd Place- USC
4th Girls B Champs- USC
4th Girls B 2nd Place- Shaler
5th Boys A Champs- Pine Richland
5th Boys A 2nd Place- USC
5th Boys B Champs- North Allegheny 
5th Boys B 2nd Place- Mars
5th Girls A Champs- Norwin
5th Girls A 2nd Place- Pine Richland
5th Girls B Champs- Shaler
5th Girls B 2nd Place- Mt. Lebanon 
6th Boys A Champs- Norwin
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Penn Trafford
6th Boys B Champs- Peters Township
6th Boys B 2nd Place- Norwin
6th Girls A Champs- North Hills
6th Girls A 2nd Place- North Allegheny 
6th Girls B Champs- Purchase Line
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Karns City

February, 2022
Cove League/Jr Cove League (Southern Huntingdon) 
4th Boys A Champs- Southern Huntingdon Rockets 
4th Boys A 2nd Place- Central Fulton Spartans
6th Boys A Champs- Southern Huntingdon Rockets
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Central Fulton Spartans
6th Boys A 3rd Place- Everett Warriors 

February, 2022
All Day Hoops Winter League(Altoona) 
5th Boys Champs- WH Kelly
5th Boys 2nd Place- Johnston Plumbing 
6th Boys Champs- *
6th Boys 2nd Place- *
6th Girls Champs- Youngbloods
6th Girls 2nd Place- 5 Star 
7th Boys Champs- Spherion 
8th Boys Champs- Altoona
8th Boys 2nd Place- *
8th Girls Champs- Penn Cambria 
8th Girls 2nd Place- Altoona

January 27th-30th, 2022
Chartiers Valley Girls Tournament (Bridgeville)
4th Girls A Champs- Elizabeth Forward
4th Girls A 2nd Place- Peters Township Red
4th Girls B Champs- Chartiers Valley(Hoover)
4th Girls B 2nd Place- Penn Trafford
5th Girls A Champs- Chartiers Valley
5th Girls A 2nd Place- Armstrong Riverhawks
5th Girls B Champs- Chartiers Valley
5th Girls B 2nd Place- Shaler
6th Girls A Champs- South Fayette
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Peters
6th Girls B Champs- Penn Trafford
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Fox Chapel
7th Girls B Champs- Keystone Oaks
7th Girls B 2nd Place- Blackhawk
8th Girls A Champs- South Fayette
8th Girls A 2nd Place- CM Gold
8th Girls B Champs- Southern Squad
8th Girls B 2nd Place- Mt. Lebanon 

January 29th, 2022
Clearfield Invite (Clearfield)
6th Boys Champs- Happy Valley Thunder
6th Boys 2nd Place- St. Mary's Cavaliers
6th Boys 3rd Place- Mattas Motorsports 

January 22nd-23rd, 2022
Homer City Tournament(Homer City)
6th Boys Champs- Derry
6th Boys 2nd Place- Homer City 
6th Girls Champs- Purchase Line
6th Girls 2nd Place- Indiana

Best of the West Girls(Imperial)
4th Girls A Champs- Pine Richland  
4th Girls A 2nd Place- Blackhawk
4th Girls B Champs- Norwin
4th Girls B 2nd Place- Peters Township
5th Girls A Champs- Norwin 
5th Girls A 2nd Place- West A
6th Girls A Champs- North Hills
6th Girls A 2nd Place- USC
6th Girls B Champs- South Side
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Avonworth Red 
7th/8th Girls Champs- Blackhawk
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place- West A

January 7-9th, 2022
Indiana Elementary Tournament(Indiana)
4th Boys Champs-Red Shamrock Ballers
4th Boys 2nd Place-Thomas Jefferson
4th Girls Champs-Kiski Cavs
4th Girls 2nd Place-Indiana
5th Boys Champs-Latrobe
5th Boys 2nd Place-Spring Cove
5th Girls Champs-Purchase Line
5th Girls 2nd Place-Indiana
6th Boys Champs-Franklin Regional Blue
6th Boys 2nd Place-Westmont
6th Girls Champs-Penn Cambria
6th Girls 2nd Place-Indiana

January 6-9th, 2022
Chartiers Valley Boys Tournament(Bridgeville)
4th Boys A Champs-Chartiers Valley
4th Boys A 2nd Place-Fox Chapel
4th Boys B Champs-Norwin
4th Boys B 2nd Place-Norwin
5th Boys A Champs-Upper St. Clair
5th Boys A 2nd Place-Norwin
6th Boys A Champs-Canfield
6th Boys A 2nd Place-Chartiers Valley
6th Boys B Champs-Peters
6th Boys B 2nd Place-Chartiers Valley White
7th Boys A Champs-Upper St. Clair
7th Boys A 2nd Place-Pine-Richland
8th Boys A Champs-Peters
8th Boys A 2nd Place-Chartiers Valley
8th Boys B Champs-West Allegheny 
8th Boys B 2nd Place-Peters Township 

December 27-29th, 2021
Bulldog Holiday Challenge(Allentown)
5th/6th Girls Champs-East Penn Express
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Harleysville
7th/8th Girls Champs-East Penn Express
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Cougars 

December 26-30th, 2021
Charger Nation Christmas Tourney(Morrisville)
4th Boys Champs-Plymouth Whitemarsh
4th Boys 2nd Place-Torresdale 
5th Boys Champs-CBAA
5th Boys 2nd Place-Torresdale 
5th/6th Girls Champs-Bustleton Bengals 
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Langhorne 
6th Girls Champs-HVAA
6th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Falcons 
7th Boys Champs-Torresdale
7th Boys 2nd Place-Falcons Elite 
7th/8th Girls Champs-Lenape Valley 
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-Bensalem Chargers 
8th Boys -Team Final
8th Boys -D Boyz
8th Boys -St. Charles
8th Boys -Rebels 

December 19th, 2021
East Hills MVP Hoops League(Johnstown)
4th Boys Champs-Subway 
4th Boys 2nd Place-Moore Dentistry 
4th Boys Smifinalist-Windber Moose
4th Boys Semifinalist- Shanksville 
4th Girls Champs-The Heartbeats 
4th Girls 2nd Place-DB Homes 
4th Girls Semifinalist-Windber
4th Girls Semifinalist- Rambler 
December 12th, 2021
ICBA King/Queen of the Court(Morrisville) 
4th Boys D1 Champs-Springford
4th Boys D1 2nd Place-CBAA
4th Boys D2 Champs-Deep Run
4th Boys D2 2nd Place-WRA
4th Boys D3 Champs-Hatboro Horsham 
4th Boys D3 2nd Place-Montgomery 
4th Girls D1 Champs-MARA
4th Girls D1 2nd Place-Perk Valley 
4th Girls D2 Champs-WRA
4th Girls D2 2nd Place-CBAA
5th Boys D1 Champs-WRA Storm
5th Boys D1 2nd Place-WRA Salvitti
5th Boys D2 Red Champs-UMNB
5th Boys D2 Red 2nd Place-HVAA
5th Boys D2 Blue Champs-Philadelphia Warriors 
5th Boys D2 Blue 2nd Place-Towamencin
5th Boys D3 Red Champs-Whitemarsh
5th Boys D3 Red 2nd Place-MARA
5th Boys D3 Blue Champs-Deep Run
5th Boys D3 Blue 2nd Place-MARA
5th Girls D1 Champs-HVAA
5th Girls D1 2nd Place-Lady Falcons 
5th Girls D2 Red Champs-Langhorne
5th Girls D2 Red 2nd Place-Council Rock
5th Girls D2 Blue Champs-Great Valley
5th Girls D2 Blue 2nd Place-Hatboro Horsham
5th Girls D3 Champs-Langhorne
5th Girls D3 2nd Place-WRA
6th Boys D1 Champs-CBAA
6th Boys D1 2nd Place-Whitemarsh
6th Boys D2 Red Champs-Doylestown
6th Boys D2 Red 2nd Place-Upper Dublin 
6th Boys D2 Blue Champs-Deep Run
6th Boys D2 Blue 2nd Place-Hatboro Horsham
6th Boys D3 Champs-WWBBA
6th Boys D3 2nd Place-Langhorne
6th Girls D1 Champs-Lady Falcons
6th Girls D1 2nd Place-WGBL
6th Girls D2 Champs-Perk Valley
6th Girls D2 2nd Place-CBAA
7th Boys D1 Champs-Roslyn
7th Boys D1 2nd Place-CBAA
7th Boys D2 Red Champs-Council Rock
7th Boys D2 Red 2nd Place-Deep Run
7th Boys D2 Blue Champs-Great Valley
7th Boys D2 Blue 2nd Place-WWBBA
7th Boys D3 Champs-Somerton
7th Boys D3 2nd Place-Whitemarsh
7th Girls D1 Champs-HVAA
7th Girls D1 2nd Place-CBAA
7th Girls D2 Champs-Great Valley
7th Girls D2 2nd Place-Perk Valley
7th Girls D3 Champs-Doylestown
7th Girls D3 2nd Place-Council Rock
8th Boys D1 Champs-MARA
8th Boys D1 2nd Place-SHYBA
8th Boys D2 Champs-Doylestown
8th Boys D2 2nd Place-WRA
8th Boys D3 Champs-UMBC
8th Boys D3 2nd Place-Council Rock 
8th Girls D1 Champs-CBAA
8th Girls D1 2nd Place-MLGBA
8th Girls D2- HVAA
8th Girls D2- Doylestown 
8th Girls D3 Champs-WGBL
8th Girls D3 2nd Place-WRA

November 20th-21st, 2021
Lady Mac Hoops Tip Classic(Canonsburg) 
5th Girls Champs-South Fayette
5th Girls 2nd Place-Chartiers Valley
6th Girls Champs-Peters Township
6th Girls 2nd Place-South Fayette
7th Girls Champs-TJ Jaguars
7th Girls 2nd Place-Norwin
8th Girls Champs-South Fayette 
8th Girls 2nd Place-Thomas Jefferson

November 20th-21st, 2021
Turkey Shootout(New Castle) 
4th Boys Champs-South Fayette
4th Boys 2nd Place-Sharon
5th Boys Champs-Chartiers Valley
5th Boys 2nd Place-Poland
6th Boys A Champs-Chartiers Valley
6th Boys A 2nd Place-Canfield
6th Boys B Champs-Laurel
6th Boys B 2nd Place-Neshannock 
6th Girls Champs-Seneca Valley
6th Girls 2nd Place-Blackhawk Cougars

November 2nd-3rd, 2021
All Day Hoops Fall League Playoffs(Altoona) 
6th Girls Champs- Hollidaysburg
6th Girls 2nd Place- 5 Star
7th/8th Girls Champs-*
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-*
7th/8th Boys Champs- Mikes Court
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place- Johnstown

2021-2022 State Committee At-Large Selections to date: 
4th Boys - Erie Rams 
4th Girls- Thomas Jefferson
4th Girls- Colts Elite 
5th Boys - Springfield Cougars
5th Boys - Erie Rams 
5th Boys - Garnet Valley Jags
5th Girls - MARA
5th Girls - Hampton
5th Girls - Fox Chapel
5th Girls - Northern Lebanon 
5th Girls - MC Husky Hoops
6th Boys - Bayside Ballers
6th Boys - Happy Valley 
6th Boys - Central Bucks
6th Boys - MARA Warriors
6th Boys - North Allegheny 
6th Girls - Warrington Warriors 
6th Girls - MARA
7th Boys - Deep Run
7th Boys - Armstrong 
7th Boys - State College
7th Boys - Franklin Regional 
7th Boys - Mifflin County
7th Boys - Butler 
7th Girls - SHYBA
7th Girls - Hampton
7th Girls - Spring-Ford 
7th Girls - Mt. Lebanon 
7th Girls - Karns City
7th Girls - South Fayette
8th Boys - Chartiers Valley 
8th Boys - Minersville 
8th Boys - Deep Run
8th Boys - Upper Merion Vikings 
8th Boys - Schnecksville Playground Association 
8th Boys - Warrior Run
8th Boys - Mifflinburg
8th Boys - Hickory Hoops
8th Boys - Southern Columbia
8th Boys - Hatboro Horsham
8th Boys - Mifflin County Huskey Hoops 
8th Girls - Indiana 
8th Girls - TYA Storm
8th Girls - North Lebanon Vikings 
8th Girls - Upper St. Clair
8th Girls - Karns City
8th Girls - Penns Valley Lady Rams 

*2020-21 Qualified Teams Below  

February 13th-15th, 2021
Presidents Day Clash(New Castle/Youngstown) 
7th/8th Girls Silver Champs-On Mission
7th/8th Girls Silver 2nd Place-In the Zone 

January 30-31st, 2021
Bulldog Holiday Challenge(Allentown) 
5th/6th Girls-Schuylkill Haven Lady Hurricanes
5th/6th Girls-Hazelton 

January 17th, 2021
MVP Hoops Fall League Playoffs (Johnstown) 
3rd/4th Boys Champs-Portage Moose & Pro Disposal
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-Shanksville Vikings
3rd/4th Boys 3rd Place-Richland Rams
3rd/4th Boys 4th Place-Westridge Properties 
3rd/4th Girls Champs-Richland Rams 
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place-Forest Hills
3rd/4th Girls semifinalist-American Legion
3rd/4th Girls semifinalist-Portage 1st Summit Bank 

November 21st-22nd, 2020
Lawrence/Mercer County Turkey Shootout
4th Boys Champs-New Castle
4th Boys 2nd Place-Poland
6th Boys Silver Champs-Chartiers Valley 5th 
6th Boys Silver 2nd Place-Penn Trafford Warriors
6th Boys Gold Champs-Poland Bulldogs
6th Gold 2nd Place-Canfield 

Qualifying team photos are posted on our Facebook page each weekend!


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