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2019-20 Qualified teams to date

State Qualified teams will be listed here as Qualifier tournaments and leagues are completed. The State Eligibility Committee will place all qualifying School/Township teams in the appropriate division, Gold or Silver.

At Large Bids   Occasionally, the State Committee will grant a State qualification to a team based on its overall body of work throughout the regular season.  View At-Large application and bids granted season-to-date

Check out our Facebook page with a growing collection of qualifying team photos.

Questions about Qualifying?  Contact Tournament Director, Bradley Laubacher, via email or phone 814-954-1540 ext. 1

February 28-March 1, 2020
Drugs Kill Dreams Tournament *Boys* presented by Armstrong Youth Basketball
4th Boys Champs-Norwin
4th Boys 2nd Place-Thomas Jefferson
5th Boys Champs-Armstrong
5th Boys 2nd Place-Indiana
7th Boys Champs-Erie McDowell Trojans
7th Boys 2nd Place-Armstrong 

February 20-March 8, 2020
Walter S. Najmola Basketball Tournament hosted by Ridley, Jr. ABA
4th Boys Champs-Springfield
4th Boys 2nd Place-Plymouth Red
5th Boys-Plymouth 
5th Boys-Ridley 
6th Boys Champs-HPKAA
6th Boys 2nd Place-Ridley
7th Boys-Jags
7th Boys-Aston AA

February 24, 2020
East Hills MVP Hoops League
5th/6th Boys-M & M Medical
5th/6th Boys-Laportas Richland
5th/6th Boys-Somerset
5th/6th Boys-FH
5th/6th Boys-United 6th 
5th/6th Boys-United 5th 
5th/6th Girls-Mainline Panthers
5th/6th Girls-Windber
5th/6th Girls-FH
5th/6th Girls-Berlin 
5th/6th Girls-Westmont 
5th/6th Girls-Shane Shafffer Heating & Air
7th/8th Boys-Chestnut Ridge
7th/8th Boys-Berlin

February 21-23, 2020
JV Stingers Youth Basketball Tournament
4th Boys Champs-Hollidaysburg
4th Boys 2nd Place-State College
6th Boys Champs-Tyrone
6th Boys 2nd Place-St. Mary's 

Franklin Regional Panther Hoops Classic *Boys*
4th Boys A Champs-Fox Chapel
4th Boys A 2nd Place-Peters Township
5th Boys A Champs-Armstrong
5th Boys A 2nd Place-Norwin
5th Boys B Champs-Franklin Regional
5th Boys B 2nd Place-Norwin
7th Boys A Champs-Gateway
7th Boys A 2nd Place-Franklin Regional

Drugs Kill Dreams Tournament *Boys* presented by Armstrong Youth Basketball
6th Boys-Redbank Valley
6th Boys-Kiski
8th Boys Champs-Kiski
8th Boys 2nd Place-Mt. Lebanon 

Derry Area Youth Athletic Association Tournament 
4th Boys Champs-Penn Trafford
4th Boys 2nd Place-Latrobe
4th Girls Champs-Ray of Hope
4th Girls 2nd Place-Gateway
5th Boys Champs-Penn Trafford
5th Boys 2nd Place-Plum
5th Girls Champs-Freeport
5th Girls 2nd Place-Penns Manor
6th Boys Champs-Latrobe
6th Boys 2nd Place-Norwin
6th Girls Champs-Latrobe
6th Girls 2nd Place-Kiski

Cove League
4th Boys A Champs-Southern Huntingdon
4th Boys A 2nd Place-Central Fulton
6th Boys Champs-Central Fulton
6th Boys 2nd Place-Forbes Road
6th Boys Semifinalist-Southern Fulton
6th Boys Semifinalist-Southern Huntingdon 

All Day Hoops League 
4th Boys Champs-Core
5th Boys Champs-Lechner
5th Boys 2nd Place-Richland
6th Boys Champs-Greenwod Meadows
6th Boys 2nd Place-Tyrone
7th/8th Boys Champs-State College
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place-Tyrone 

February 14-16, 2020
North Allegheny Basketball Association Tournament
4th Boys A Champs-South Fayette
4th Boys A 2nd Place-Bethel Park
4th Boys B Gold Champs-North Allegheny
4th Boys B Gold 2nd Place-South Fayette
4th Boys B Black Champs-CV White 
4th Boys B Black 2nd Place-North Allegheny 
4th Girls A Champs-Norwin
4th Girls A 2nd Place- North Allegheny
4th Girls B Champs-Karn City
4th Girls B 2nd Place-North Allegheny 
5th Boys A Champs-Upper St. Clair
5th Boys A 2nd Place-Pine Richland
5th Boys B Gold Champs-Kiski
5th Boys B Gold 2nd Place-Upper St. Clair
5th Boys B Black Champs-Avonworth
5th Boys B Black 2nd Place-North Allegheny
5th Girls A Champs-Shaler
5th Girls A 2nd Place-Trinity 
5th Girls B Champs-North Hills
5th Girls B 2nd Place-Hampton
6th Boys A Gold  Champs-Peters Township 
6th Boys A Gold 2nd Place-Norwin
6th Boys A Black Champs-Thomas Jefferson
6th Boys A Black 2nd Place-Upper St. Clair
6th Boys B Gold Champs-McKeesport
6th Boys B Gold 2nd Place-Pine Richland
6th Boys B Black Champs-North Allegheny
6th Boys B Black 2nd Place-Avonworth 
6th Girls A Champs-Indiana
6th Girls A 2nd Place-North Allegheny
6th Girls B Champs-Norwin
6th Girls B 2nd Place-Avonworth  

South Fayette February Frenzy
4th Girls A Champs-Peters Township
4th Girls A 2nd Place-South Fayette Green
4th Girls B Champs-Seneca Valley
4th Girls B 2nd Place-South Fayette White
5th Girls A Champs-TJ Jaguars
5th Girls A 2nd Place-Norwin
5th Girls B Champs-South Fayette White
5th Girls B 2nd Place-West Allegheny
6th Girls A Champs-South Fayette Green
6th Girls A 2nd Place-Peters Township Red
6th Girls B Champs-South Fayette White
6th Girls B 2nd Place-Beaver 
7th Girls A Champs-Blackhawk
7th Girls A 2nd Place-Chartiers Valley
7th Girls B Champs-Canon Mac Gold
7th Girls B 2nd Place-South Park Eagles
8th Girls Champs-Blackhawk
8th Girls 2nd Place-Upper St. Clair

February 13-16, 2020
Spring Ford Presidents Day Basketball Tournament 
***Qualification is not official until team's roster meets the State Eligibility rules and regulations  
4th Boys A Champs-CBAA
4th Boys A 2nd Place-Spring Ford Gold
4th Boys B Champs-Blue Devils
4th Boys B 2nd Place-Perk Valley B 
4th Girls Champs-Spring Ford Gold
4th Girls 2nd Place-Perk Valley A 
5th Boys A Champs-Coaching Victory
5th Boys A 2nd Place-Spring Ford Gold 
5th Boys B Champs-Ridley Jr. ABA B
5th Boys B 2nd Place-GVBL Knights 
5th Girls Champs-Spring Ford Gold
5th Girls 2nd Place-Perk Valley A 
6th Boys A Champs-LM Storm
6th Boys A 2nd Place-HHoops 
6th Boys B Champs-Ridley Jr. ABA B
6th Boys B 2nd Place-Towamencin B 
6th Girls A Champs-Spring Ford Gold
6th Girls A 2nd Place-Whitemarsh A 
6th Girls B Champs-D-Girlz
6th Girls B 2nd Place-TBC Ballers 
7th Boys A Champs-Spring Ford Gold
7th Boys A 2nd Place-Great Valley A 
7th Boys B Champs-Ridley Jr. ABA B
7th Boys B 2nd Place-Team Headstrong B 
7th/8th Girls Champs-Perk Valley A
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-Montville Broncos 
8th Boys A Champs-Ridley Jr. ABA A
8th Boys A 2nd Place-Paoli Wildcats A 
8th Boys B Champs-Perk Valley B
8th Boys B 2nd Place-Great Valley Blitz B 

February 12, 2020
Inter County Basketball Association League(Philadelphia) - view list of qualifying teams

February 7-9, 2020
The Best of the West Tournament 
4th Boys A Champs-Chartiers Valley
4th Boys A 2nd Place-Quaker Valley
4th Boys B Champs-Colts
4th Boys B 2nd Place-South Fayette
5th Boys A Champs-Canon McMillan
5th Boys A 2nd Place-Chartiers Valley
5th Boys B Champs-Quaker Valley
5th Boys B 2nd Place-Chartiers Valley
6th Boys A Champs-*
6th Boys A 2nd Place-*
6th Boys B Champs-Upper St. Clair
6th Boys B 2nd Place-West Allegheny 
7th Boys Champs-Canon McMillan
7th Boys 2nd Place-Aliquippa 
8th Boys Champs-Jaguars
8th Boys 2nd Place-Mt. Lebanon

February 8-9, 2020
Franklin Regional Panther Hoops Classic *GIRLS*
4th Girls Champs-Norwin
4th Girls 2nd Place-Hempfield
5th Girls Champs-Franklin Regional
5th Girls 2nd Place-Shaler
6th Girls A Champs-Redbank Valley
6th Girls A 2nd Place-Kiski Area
6th Girls B Champs-Holy Trinity
6th Girls B 2nd Place-Ringgold 

January 30-February 1, 2020
Homer City Area Athletic Booster Basketball Tournament 
6th Boys Champs-Blairsville
6th Boys 2nd Place-Northern Cambria 
6th Girls Champs-Blarisville
6th Girls 2nd Place-Marion Center

February 1, 2020
Redbank Valley Elementary Basketball Tournament
6th Boys Champs-Redbank Valley
6th Boys 2nd Place-Clarion
6th Girls Champs-Redbank Valley
6th Girls 2nd Place-Cranberry

All Day Hoops League 
7th/8th Boys Champs-State College
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place-Tyrone 


January 22-26, 2020
SAEBA January Jam
4th Boys A Champs-South Fayette
4th Boys A 2nd Place-North Allegheny
4th Boys B Champs-North Allegheny Black
4th Boys B 2nd Place-Avonworth
4th Girls B Champs-Norwin
4th Girls B 2nd Place-Provident Heights
5th Boys A Champs-Fox Chapel
5th Boys A 2nd Place-Shaler
5th Boys B Champs-Riverview 
5th Boys B 2nd Place-Plum
5th Girls B Champs-Hampton
5th Girls B 2nd Place-Blessed Trinity
5th Girls B-Riverview Raiders 
6th Boys A Champs-Fox Chapel
6th Boys A 2nd Place-Shaler
6th Boys B Champs-North Allegheny Black 
6th Boys B 2nd Place-Hampton
6th Girls A Champs-Hempfield
6th Girls A 2nd Place-Shaler

January 23-26, 2020
Norwin Basketball Association Boys Tournament 
4th Boys Champs-Fox Chapel
4th Boys 2nd Place-Norwin
5th Boys A Champs-Penn Trafford
5th Boys A 2nd Place-Franklin Regional
5th Boys B Champs-Kiski
5th Boys B 2nd Place-Elizabeth Forward
6th Boys A Champs-Peters Township
6th Boys A 2nd Place-Penn Trafford
6th Boys B Champs-Franklin Regional
6th Boys B 2nd Place-Queen of Angels
7th Boys A Champs-South Fayette
7th Boys A 2nd Place-Norwin
7th Boys B Champs-Belle Vernon
7th Boys B 2nd Place-Upper St. Clair
8th Boys A Champs-Franklin Regional
8th Boys A 2nd Place-Norwin Knights 
8th Boys B Champs-Norwin Knights B
8th Boys B 2nd Place-Chartiers Valley

January 15-19, 2020
Chartiers Valley Boys Basketball Tournament
4th Boys A Champs-Chartiers Valley
4th Boys A 2nd Place-Fox Chapel
4th Boys  B Champs-Chartiers Valley White
4th Boys B 2nd Place-South Fayette Green
5th Boys Champs-Pine Richland
5th Boys 2nd Place-South Fayette
6th Boys A Champs-Chartiers Valley
6th Boys A 2nd Place-Central Valley
6th Boys  B Champs-Chartiers Valley
6th Boys B 2nd Place-Avonworth
7th Boys A Champs-West Allegheny
7th Boys A 2nd Place-Bethel Park
7th Boys  B Champs-South Fayette
7th Boys B 2nd Place-Montour
8th Boys A Champs-Mt. Lebanon
8th Boys A 2nd Place-South Fayette
8th Boys B Champs-Chartiers Valley
8th Boys B 2nd Place-Mt. Lebanon

January 16-19, 2020
Norwin Girls Youth Basketball Association Tournament
6th Girls Champs-Elizabeth Forward
6th Girls 2nd Place-Indiana
7th Girls Champs-Blackhawk
7th Girls 2nd Place-Norwin
8th Girls Champs-Blackhawk
8th Girls 2nd Place-Norwin

January 9-12, 2020
Chartiers Valley Girls Basketball Tournament
4th Girls A Champs-Peters Township
4th Girls A 2nd Place-Norwin
4th Girls B Champs-West Allegheny 
4th Girls B 2nd Place-Thomas Jefferson 
5th Girls Champs-Norwin
5th Girls 2nd Place-Thomas Jefferson
6th Girls A Champs-Indiana 
6th Girls A 2nd Place-Hempfield
6th Girls B Champs-South Fayette
6th Girls B 2nd Place-Avonworth
7th Girls Champs-Upper St. Clair
7th Girls 2nd Place-Lebanon
8th Girls Champs-Blackhawk
8th Girls 2nd Place-Norwin

January 4-5, 2020
Redbank Valley Elementary Basketball Tournament
6th Girls Champs -Kiski Area
6th Girls 2nd Place -Redbank Valley


December 26-30, 2019
Charger Nation Christmas Travel Tournament
3rd Travel/3-4 CYO Boys Champs -St. Gregory's 
3rd Travel/3-4 CYO Boys 2nd Place-CBAA
4th Boys Champs -CBAA
4th Boys 2nd Place-Torresdale
4th Girls Champs -HVAA
4th Girls 2nd Place-Torresdale
5th Travel/5-6 CYO Boys Champs -Langhorne
5th Travel/5-6 CYO Boys 2nd Place-St. Andrews
5th/6th CYO B Boys Champs -Chargers
5th/6th CYO B Boys 2nd Place-Holy Family
5th/6th CYO/Travel Girls Champs -Torresdale
5th/6th CYO/Travel Girls 2nd Place-HVAA
6th Boys Champs -Rebels Academy
6th Boys 2nd Place-Spring-Ford 
7th Boys Champs -Towamencin 
7th Boys 2nd Place-Valley AA
7th/8th CYO Boys Champs -St. Andrews
7th/8th CYO Boys 2nd Place-Maturnity BVM
7th/8th CYO/Travel Girls Champs -Torresdale 
7th/8th CYO/Travel Girls 2nd Place-Council Rock
8th Boys Champs -Bensalem Blue
8th Boys 2nd Place-Pennsbury

December 27-29, 2019
Bulldog Holiday Challenge
5th/6th Girls Silver Champs -*
5th/6th Girls Silver 2nd Place -East Penn Express
5th/6th Girls Gold Champs -East Penn Express
5th/6th Girls Gold 2nd Place -In The Zone 
7th/8th Girls Gold Champs -Deep Run
7th/8th Girls Gold 2nd Place -Susquehanna Swish
7th/8th Girls Platinum Champs -Crusaders 
7th/8th Girls Platinum 2nd Place -In The Zone

Indiana Elementary Basketball Tournament
4th Boys Champs -Homer City
4th Boys 2nd Place -Windber
4th Girls Champs -Gateway
4th Girls 2nd Place -Purschase Lane 
5th Boys Champs -Armstrong
5th Boys 2nd Place -Indiana
5th Girls Champs -Marion Center
5th Girls 2nd Place -Punxsutawney 
6th Boys Champs -Westmont Hilltop
6th Boys 2nd Place -Forest Hills
6th Girls Champs -Indiana 
6th Girls 2nd Place -Hempfield

December 29, 2019
CYBO Holiday Tournament
4th Girls Champs -Cumberland Valley Eagles
4th Girls 2nd Place -CYBO Panthers
4th Girls 3rd Place -Lower Dauphin
6th Boys Champs -Lampeter Strasburg Blue
6th Boys 2nd Place -CYBO Panthers
6th Boys 3rd Place -Lower Dauphin 

December 18-22, 2019
Penn Trafford Warrior Holiday Classic
4A Boys Champs -Kiski
4A Boys 2nd Place-Norwin
5A Boys Champs -Penn Trafford
5A Boys 2nd Place-JCC
5B Boys Champs -Franklin Regional
5B Boys 2nd Place-Elizabeth Forward 
5th/6th Girls Champs -Penn Trafford
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Franklin Regional 
6A Boys Champs -Norwin
6A Boys 2nd Place-Jeannette 
6B Boys Champs -North Allegheny 
6B Boys 2nd Place-Queen of Angels
7th/8th Boys Champs -JCC
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place-Penn Trafford
8A Boys Champs -Thomas Jefferson
8A Boys 2nd Place-Elizabeth Forward Warriors

December 21-22, 2019
Little Cats Holiday Classic
4th Girls Champs -Hollidaysburg
4th Girls 2nd Place -Nittany Valley
6th Girls Champs -Penn Cambria 
6th Girls 2nd Place -Penns Valley

December 4-15, 2019
ICBA King of the Court "X"
4th Boys D1 Champs -Perk Valley
4th Boys D1 2nd Place -CBAA
4th Boys D2 Champs -Whitemarsh
4th Boys D2 2nd Place -Hatboro Horsham
4th Boys D3 Blue Champs -Pennsbury 
4th Boys D3 Blue 2nd Place -Perk Valley
4th Boys D3 Red Champs -UMBC
4th Boys D3 Red 2nd Place -WWBBA
4th Girls D1 Champs -Springford
4th Girls D1 2nd Place -Pennsbury
4th Girls D2 Champs -Whitemarsh
4th Girls D2 2nd Place -Bustleton 
4th Girls D3 Champs -Perk Valley
4th Girls D3 2nd Place -Upper Dublin
5th Boys D1 Champs -Whitpain
5th Boys D1 2nd Place -Pennsbury
5th Boys D2 Champs -Deep Run
5th Boys D2 2nd Place -Towamencin 
5th Boys D3 Blue Champs -Hatboro Horsham
5th Boys D3 Blue 2nd Place -Audubon
5th Boys D3 Red Champs -Roslyn
5th Boys D3 Red 2nd Place -Deep Run
5th Girls D1 Champs -Springford
5th Girls D1 2nd Place -Pennsbury
5th Girls D3 Champs -HVAA
5th Girls D3 2nd Place -Langhorne
6th Boys D1 Champs -Audubon
6th Boys D1 2nd Place -Chestnut Hill
6th Boys D2 Champs -HVAA
6th Boys D2 2nd Place -Roslyn 
6th Boys D3 Blue Champs -Amity
6th Boys D3 Blue 2nd Place -Great Valley
6th Boys D3 Red Champs -Deep Run
6th Boys D3 Red 2nd Place -Council Rock
6th Girls D1 Champs -Springford
6th Girls D1 2nd Place -WWGB
6th Girls D2 Champs -MLGBA
6th Girls D2 2nd Place -Torresdale
6th Girls D3 Champs -Boyertown
6th Girls D3 2nd Place -Doylestown
7th Boys D1 Champs -Perk Valley
7th Boys D1 2nd Place-Doylestown 
7th Boys D2 Champs -Deep Run
7th Boys D2 2nd Place -Langhorne
7th Boys D3 Champs -UMBC
7th Boys D3 2nd Place -Montgomery
7th Girls D1 Champs -Great Valley
7th Girls D1 2nd Place -WWGB
7th Girls D2 Champs -UMBC
7th Girls D2 2nd Place -Pennsbury 
7th Girls D3 Champs -Montgomery 
7th Girls D3 2nd Place-Perk Valley
8th Boys D1 Champs -Bensalem 
8th Boys D1 2nd Place -HVAA
8th Boys D2 Champs -Upper Dublin
8th Boys D2 2nd Place -Perk Valley
8th Boys D3 Champs -Whitemarsh
8th Boys D3 2nd Place -Council Rock 
8th Girls D1 Champs -Springford 
8th Girls D1 2nd Place -Somerton
8th Girls D2 Champs -UMBC
8th Girls D2 2nd Place -Doylestown

December 8, 2019
East Hills MVP Hoops League Playoffs
3rd/4th Boys Champs-Westmont 
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-Portage
3rd/4th Boys Semifinalist-Somerset
3rd/4th Boys Semifinalist-Richland 
3rd/4th Girls Champs-Richland
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place-Westmont 
3rd/4th Girls Semifinalist-Berlin
3rd/4th Girls Semifinalist-Giant Eagle 

December 6-8, 2019
Canon McMillan Tip Off Tournament
4th Boys Champs-South Fayette 
4th Boys 2nd Place-Canon McMillan
5th Boys Champs-Canon McMillan
5th Boys 2nd Place-Franklin Regional 
6th Boys Champs-Norwin Knights 
6th Boys 2nd Place-Canon McMillan
7th Boys Champs-Canon McMillan 
7th Boys 2nd Place-Upper St. Clair 
8th Boys Champs-Upper St. Clair
8th Boys 2nd Place-Canon McMillan 

November 29th-30th, 2019
Soho Hoopfest
4th Boys Champs-*
5th Boys Champs-Norwin
5th Boys 2nd Place-Peters Township
6th Boys Champs-Chartiers Valley
6th Boys 2nd Place-Bethel Park
7th Boys Champs-Bethel Park 
7th Boys 2nd Place-Peters Township

November 29th-December 1st, 2019
Warrington-Warwick Warm-Up (Girls)
3rd/4th Girls Champs-Audobon 
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place-Secaucus 
5th Girls Champs-SHYBA
5th Girls 2nd Place-WWGB
6th Girls A Champs-WWGB
6th Girls A 2nd Place-Southhampton
6th Girls B Champs-Doylestown
6th Girls B 2nd Place-Lenape Valley
7th Girls Champs-SHYBA
7th Girls 2nd Place-WWGB
8th Girls Champs-WWGB
8th Girls 2nd Place-Mt. Laurel 

November 23rd-24th, 2019
New Castle Turkey Shootout
4th Boys Champs-New Castle
4th Boys 2nd Place-TYA
5th Boys A Champs-Erie McDowell
5th Boys A 2nd Place-Thomas Jefferson Jaguars 
5th Boys B Champs-Mars
6th Boys A Champs-Kiski Cavs
6th Boys A 2nd Place-Thomas Jefferson Jaguars 
6th Boys B Champs-Neshannock Lancers
6th Boys B 2nd Place-Queen of Angels

November 8th-10th, 2019
Lady Macs Travel Basketball Tournament (Canonsburg)
4th Girls Champs-Fort Cherry
5th Girls Champs-Pine Richland
5th Girls 2nd Place-TJ Jaguars 
6th Girls Champs-Canon Mac Gold
6th Girls 2nd Place-TJ Jaguars 
7th Girls Champs-Mt. Lebanon
7th Girls 2nd Place-Washington
8th Girls Champs-Armstrong 
8th Girls 2nd Place-TJ Jaguars 

Qualifying team photos are posted on our Facebook page each weekend!