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2023-24 Qualified teams to date

State Qualified teams will be listed here as Qualifier tournaments and leagues are completed. The State Eligibility Committee will place all qualifying School/Township teams in the appropriate division, Gold or Silver.

At Large Bids   Occasionally, the State Committee will grant a State qualification to a team based on its overall body of work throughout the regular season.  View At-Large application

Check out our Facebook page with a growing collection of qualifying team photos.

Questions about Qualifying?  Contact Tournament Director, Bradley, via email or phone 814-954-1540 ext. 2

2023-24 Qualified Teams

February 24th-25th, 2024
Battle in the Burg Tournament
Rize Sports AC BBall Classic 2
Derry Area Trojans Challenge

February 23rd-25th, 2024
King and Queens of the Court
Scott Lang Memorial February Finale

February 14th-19th, 2024
New Castle Presidents Weekend Shootout
4th Boys Champs- Washington 
4th Boys 2nd Place- Mohawk 
6th Boys Champs- Pine Richland 
6th Boys 2nd Place- New Castle 
8th Boys Champs- New Castle 
8th Boys 2nd Place- Sharon 

Chocolatetown Tourney (Hershey)
4th Boys- Hershey
4th Boys- Palmyra
4th Boys- Mt. Carmel
4th Boys- Mifflin County
5th Boys- Chambersburg
5th Boys- Manheim Township 
5th Boys- CV Black
5th Boys- Blue Mountain
6th Boys- Chambersburg
6th Boys- Van Reed Red
6th Boys- Montgomery
6th Boys- Carlisle 
7th Boys- Falcons
7th Boys- Central Dauphin 
7th Boys- Cumberland Valley 
7th Boys- Hershey 
8th Boys- Central Daupin
8th Boys- Hershey 
8th Boys- Perk Valley
8th Boys- Thomas Jefferson 

Franklin Regional Panther Hoops Classic (boys)
4th Boys A Champs- Franklin Regional
4th Boys A 2nd Place- Armstrong 
4th Boys B Champs- Penn Trafford
4th Boys B 2nd Place- Freeport
5th Boys A Champs- Franklin Regional
5th Boys A 2nd Place- Fox Chapel
5th Boys B Champs- Hampton
5th Boys B 2nd Place- Norwin
6th Boys A Champs- Penn Trafford
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Armstrong
6th Boys B Champs- Sherrard
6th Boys B 2nd Place- Penn Trafford 
7th Boys A Champs- Fox Chapel
7th Boys A 2nd Place- Franklin Regional
7th Boys B Champs- Hempfield
7th Boys B 2nd Place- Gateway
8th Boys Champs- Plum
8th Boys 2nd Place- Belle Vernon 

South Fayette February Frenzy
4th Girls A Champs- Mars
4th Girls A 2nd Place- South Fayette
4th Girls B Champs- Avonworth
4th Girls B 2nd Place- South Fayette
5th Girls A Champs- Thomas Jefferson
5th Girls A 2nd Place- Mars
5th Girls B Champs- Indiana
5th Girls B 2nd Place- Peters Township
6th Girls A Champs- North Hills
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley 
6th Girls B Champs- Canon Mac
6th Girls B 2nd Place- South Park
7th Girls B Champs- South Fayette
7th Girls B 2nd Place- Mars
MS Girls Champs- South Fayette
MS Girls 2nd Place- Pine Richland 

SAEBA Winter Jam
4th Girls A Champs- Shaler
4th Girls A 2nd Place- North Allegheny
4th Girls B Champs- Freeport
4th Girls B 2nd Place- Hampton
5th Girls B Champs- Burrell
5th Girls B 2nd Place- Shaler
6th Girls A Champs- Shaler
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Upper St. Clair
6th Girls B Champs- North Hills
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Burrell

Spring Ford President's Day Weekend Tournament
4th Boys A Champs- Whitpain Black
4th Boys B Champs- Whitpain Warriors
5th Boys A Champs- TYA
5th Boys A 2nd Place- Springford
5th Boys B Champs- SHYBA
6th Boys B Champs- Springford
7th Boys A Champs- Perk Valley
7th Boys B Champs- Upper Perk
8th Boys A Champs- Pennsbury
8th Boys B Champs- Owen J Roberts 
4th Girls A Champs- Springford
4th Girls B Champs- Cumberland Valley
5th Girls A Champs- Springford
5th Girls B Champs- Chester County Blue Storm
6th Girls A Champs- Springford
6th Girls B Champs- Council Rock
7th Girls A Champs- Springford
7th Girls A 2nd Place- MARA
8th Girls A Champs- Srath Haven
8th Girls A 2nd Place- Springford 

February 2024
Sideling Hill League 
4th Girls Champs- Huntingdon
4th Girls 2nd Place- Central Fulton
4th Girls 2nd Place- Juniata Valley
5th Girls Champs- Juniata Valley
5th Girls 2nd Place- Huntingdon 
5th Girls 3rd Place- Tussey Mountain 
6th Girls Champs- Forbes Road
6th Girls 2nd Place- Southern Fulton
6th Girls 3rd Place- Huntingdon 

Cove League 
4th Boys Champs- Forbes Road 
4th Boys 2nd Place- Central Fulton 
6th Boys Champs- Southern Fulton
6th Boys 2nd Place- Southern Huntingdon
6th Boys 3rd Place- Juanita Valley 

February 9th-11th, 2024
North Allegheny Basketball Association Tournament
4th Boys A Champs- North Allegheny 
4th Boys A 2nd Place- Fox Chapel 
4th Boys B Champs- Shaler 
4th Boys B 2nd Place- North Allegheny 
4th Girls A Champs- Laurel Highlands
4th Girls A 2nd Place- Norwin 
4th Girls B Champs- West Allegheny
4th Girls B 2nd Place- North Allegheny 
5th Boys A Champs- Pine Richland
5th Boys A 2nd Place- Green
5th Boys B Champs- Pine Richland
5th Boys B 2nd Place- Freeport 
5th Girls A Champs- Upper St. Clair
5th Girls A 2nd Place- Penn Trafford 
5th Girls B Champs- Kiski
5th Girls B 2nd Place- NABA
6th Boys A Champs- North Allegheny
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Penn Trafford 
6th Boys B Champs- Sacred Heart
6th Boys B 2nd Place- North Allegheny 
6th Girls A Champs- Mifflin County
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Elizabeth Forward 
6th Girls B Champs- St. Gregory
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Purchase Line 

February 3rd-4th, 2024
The Best of the West Tournament
4th Boys Champs- Hopewell Vikings
4th Boys 2nd Place- Bethel Park
5th Boys Champs- South Fayette
5th Boys 2nd Place- Upper St. Clair
6th Boys Champs- South Fayette
6th Boys 2nd Place-  West Allegheny
7th Boys Champs- West Allegheny
7th Boys 2nd Place- Upper St. Clair
8th Boys Champs- Chartiers Valley
8th Boys 2nd Place-  Penn Trafford

January 27th-28th, 2024
Rize Sports AC BBall Classic 1
5th Boys Champs- South Fayette 
5th Boys 2nd Place- Thomas Jefferson 
8th Boys Champs- Norwin

January 27th, 2024
21st Annual Clearfield Boys Invite
5th Boys Champs- St. Mary's Cavs
5th Boys 2nd Place- Mifflin County 
6th Boys Champs- St. Mary's Cavs 
6th Boys 2nd Place- Cumberland Valley
6th Boys 3rd Place- Clearfield 

January 19th-21st, 2024
The Best of the West Girls Tournament
4th Girls A Champs- South Fayette Green 
4th Girls A 2nd Place- Baldwin 
4th Girls B Champs- South Fayette White
4th Girls B 2nd Place- Riverview 
5th Girls A Champs- South Fayette
5th Girls A 2nd Place- Beaver 
5th Girls B Champs- Keystone Oaks
5th Girls B 2nd Place- Trinity White 
6th Girls A Champs- Elizabeth Forward
6th Girls A 2nd Place- South Fayette 
6th Girls B Champs- Avonworth 
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Norwin Blue 
MS Girls A Champs- South Fayette 7th Green
MS Girls A 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley 7A
MS Girls B Champs- McGuffey
MS Girls B 2nd Place- South Fayette 

Indiana Elementary Basketball Tournament
4th Boys Champs- Westmont Hilltop
4th Boys 2nd Place- Indiana
4th Girls Champs- Laurel Highlands
4th Girls 2nd Place- Purchase Line 
5th Boys Champs- TJ Jaguars 
5th Boys 2nd Place- Armstrong 
5th Girls Champs- Indiana
5th Girls 2nd Place- Purchase Line 
6th Boys Champs- Thomas Jefferson
6th Boys 2nd Place- Armstrong 
6th Girls Champs- Kiski Area Lady Cavs
6th Girls 2nd Place- Latrobe 

January 18th-21st, 2024
Chartiers Valley Boys Basketball Tournament
4th Boys A Champs- South Fayette 
4th Boys A 2nd Place- Norwin 
4th Boys B Champs- Avonworth
4th Boys B 2nd Place- Riverview
5th Boys A Champs- Mt. Lebanon 
5th Boys A 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley  
5th Boys B Champs- South Park
5th Boys B 2nd Place- South Fayette 
6th Boys B Champs- Montour 
6th Boys B 2nd Place- Upper St. Clair 
7th Boys A Champs- Upper St. Clair 
7th Boys A 2nd Place- Rams 
8th Boys A Champs- Chartiers Valley
8th Boys A 2nd Place- Pine-Richland 

January 15th, 2024
New Castle MLK Day Shootout
4th Boys Champs- Neshannock
4th Boys 2nd Place- New Castle 
4th Girls Champs- Pine Richland
4th Girls 2nd Place- Union 
5th Boys Champs- Neshannock
6th Boys Champs- New Castle 
6th Boys 2nd Place- Neshannock  
6th Girls Champs- Pine Richland
6th Girls 2nd Place- New Castle 

January 14th, 2024
Chartiers Valley Girls Basketball Tournament
5th Girls A Champs- Penn Trafford
5th Girls A 2nd Place- Avonworth 
5th Girls B Champs- Peters White
5th Girls B 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley 
6th Girls A Champs- Chartiers Valley 
6th Girls A 2nd Place- South Fayette 
6th Girls Champs- Peters Township White 
6th Girls 2nd Place- Canon Mac 
7th Girls A Champs- Blackhawk
7th Girls A 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley
7th Girls B Champs- Norwin
7th Girls B 2nd Place- South Fayette 
8th Girls A Champs- South Fayette 7th Green
8th Girls A 2nd Place- Canon Mac 

Armstrong Drugs Kill Dreams Tourney
7th Boys Champs- Franklin Regional
7th Boys 2nd Place- Penn Trafford 
8th Boys Champs- Kiski
8th Boys 2nd Place- Penn Trafford 

December 28th-30th, 2023
Back Mountain Holiday Shootout (Lehman)    
4th Boys Champs- Wilson Van Reed
4th Boys 2nd Place- Saints  
4th Girls Champs- Saints
4th Girls 2nd Place- Warriors 
5th Girls Champs- Good Shepard
5th Girls 2nd Place- Dallas 
5th Boys Champs- Van Reed
5th Boys 2nd Place- Blue Mountain 
6th Boys Champs- Chambersburg
6th Boys 2nd Place- Wilson Van Reed 
6th Girls Champs- North Poconos
6th Girls 2nd Place- Nanticoke 
7th Boys Champs- Berwick
7th Boys 2nd Place- Dallas 

December 27th-30th, 2023
Peters Township Christmas Classic (McMurray)  
4th Boys Champs- South Fayette
4th Boys 2nd Place- Peters Red
4th Girls Champs- South Fayette
4th Girls 2nd Place- Peters Red 
5th Boys A Champs- Peters Township 
5th Boys A 2nd Place- Penn Trafford 
5th Boys B Champs- Peters Township
5th Boys B 2nd Place- Upper St. Clair
5th Girls A Champs- Peters Township
5th Girls A 2nd Place- Upper St. Clair 
5th Girls B Champs- Mt. Lebanon
5th Girls B 2nd Place- Peters Township 
6th Boys A Champs- Penn Trafoord 
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley 
6th Boys B Champs- Seneca Valley
6th Boys B 2nd Place- Peters Township 
6th Girls A Champs- South Fayette
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Peters Township 
6th Girls B Champs- Bethel Park
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Peters Township
7th Boys A Champs- Norwin
7th Boys A 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley
7th Boys B Champs- Upper St. Clair
7th Boys B 2nd Place- South Park
7th Girls A Champs- South Fayette
7th Girls A 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley 
7th Girls B Champs- McGuffey
7th Girls B 2nd Place- Penn Trafford 
8th Boys Champs- Chartiers Valley
8th Boys 2nd Place- Peters Red 
8th Girls Champs- Peters Township
8th Girls 2nd Place- Canon Mac 

December 26th-31st, 2023
PRYC Holiday Tournament (Gibsonia)  
4th Boys Champs- Pine Richland 
4th Girls Champs- Mars 
6th Girls Champs- Plum 

December 26th-31st, 2023
Riverfront Sports Holiday Tournament (Scranton)  
4th Boys Champs- Abington Bandits
4th Boys 2nd Place- St. Paul's Crusaders 
5th Boys Champs- Saints
5th Boys 2nd Place- Trojan Hoops 
5th Girls Champs- Good Shepard Academy
5th Girls 2nd Place- Dunmore
6th Boys Champs- Riverside 
6th Boys 2nd Place- Abington Heights 
6th Girls Champs- Lady Vikes
6th Girls 2nd Place- North Pocono 
7th Boys Champs- ME Buckley
7th Boys 2nd Place- Valley View
8th Boys Champs- St. Paul's Crusaders
8th Boys 2nd Place- Valley View 
JH Girls Champs- Dunmore
JH Girls 2nd Place- Dallas 

December 26th-31st, 2023
Shoot 360 Holiday Classic Tournament (Pittsburgh)  
4th Boys A Champs- Pine Richland Black 
4th Boys A 2nd Place- Bethel Park
4th Boys B Champs- Pine Richland Green 
4th Boys B 2nd Place- Canon Mac Gold 
4th Girls Champs- Shaler
4th Girls 2nd Place- Penn Trafford
5th Boys A Champs- Mt. Lebanon
5th Boys A 2nd Place- Canon Mac
5th Boys B Champs- Canon Mac Gold
5th Boys B 2nd Place- Pine Richland 
5th Girls B Champs- Plum
5th Girls B 2nd Place- Purchase Line 
6th Boys A Champs- West Allegheny
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Plum
6th Boys B Champs- Shaler
6th Boys B 2nd Place- West Allegheny 
6th Girls A Champs- Thomas Jefferson 
7th Boys Champs- Bethal Park 
7th Boys B Champs- Elizabeth Forward
7th Boys B 2nd Place- Baldwin 
7th Girls A Champs- Mt. Lebanon 
7th Girls A 2nd Place- Mother of Mercy Academy 

December 12th, 2023
ICBA King/Queen of the Court (King of Prussia)  
4th Boys D1 Champs- Penn Valley
4th Boys D1 2nd Place- CBAA
4th Boys D2 Champs- Whitemarsh
4th Boys D2 2nd Place- UMNB
4th Boys D3 Red Champs- Lenape Valley
4th Boys D3 Red 2nd Place- Towamencin
4th Boys D3 Blue Champs- Upper Dublin
4th Boys D3 Blue 2nd Place- WRA
4th Girls D1 Champs- Springford
4th Girls D1 2nd Place- WRA
4th Girls D2 Champs- MLGBA
4th Girls D2 2nd Place- CBAA
4th Girls D3 Champs- Torresdale
4th Girls D3 2nd Place- Perkiomen Valley
5th Boys D1 Champs- WRA
5th Boys D1 2nd Place- Torresdale
5th Boys D2 Champs- WRA
5th Boys D2 2nd Place- Pennsbury
5th Boys D3 Blue Champs- UMBC
5th Boys D3 Blue 2nd Place- Southampton 
5th Boys D3 Red Champs- Upper Dublin
5th Boys D3 Red 2nd Place- Roslyn
5th Girls D1 Champs- CBAA
5th Girls D1 2nd Place- Lady Falcons
5th Girls D2 Champs- Deep Run
5th Girls D2 2nd Place- Paoli
5th Girls D3 Blue Champs- Council Rock
5th Girls D3 Blue 2nd Place- UMBC
5th Girls D3 Red Champs- SHYBA
5th Girls D3 Red 2nd Place- Upper Dublin
6th Boys D1 Blue Champs- Torresdale
6th Boys D1 Blue 2nd Place- Hatboro Horsham
6th Boys D1 Red Champs- Springford
6th Boys D1 Red 2nd Place- UMBC
6th Boys D2 Champs- Rosyln
6th Boys D2 2nd Place- WRA
6th Boys D3 Blue Champs- Upper Dublin
6th Boys D3 Blue 2nd Place- UMNB
6th Boys D3 Red Champs- Towamencin
6th Boys D3 Red 2nd Place- Langhorne
6th Girls D1 Champs- Somerton
6th Girls D1 2nd Place- MARA
6th Girls D2 Blue Champs- UMBC
6th Girls D2 Blue 2nd Place- WWGB
6th Girls D2 Red Champs- MLGBA
6th Girls D2 Red 2nd Place- Perkiomen Valley
6th Girls D3 Blue Champs- Deep Run
6th Girls D3 Blue 2nd Place- Doylestown
6th Girls D3 Red Champs- SHYBA
6th Girls D3 Red 2nd Place- Paoli
7th Boys D1 Champs- MARA
7th Boys D1 2nd Place- Perkiomen
7th Boys D2 Red Champs- Doylestown
7th Boys D2 Red 2nd Place- Deep Run
7th Boys D2 Blue Champs- Rosyln 
7th Boys D2 Blue 2nd Place- Great Valley
7th Boys D3 Champs- Whitemarsh
7th Boys D3 2nd Place- Lenape Valley
7th Girls D1 Champs- Bustleton
7th Girls D1 2nd Place- HVAA
7th Girls D2 Blue Champs- CBAA
7th Girls D2 Blue 2nd Place- WRA
7th Girls D2 Red Champs- Great Valley
7th Girls D2 Red 2nd Place- WRA
7th Girls D3 Champs- Paoli
7th Girls D3 2nd Place- UMBC
8th Boys D1 Blue Champs- Bensalem
8th Boys D1 Blue  2nd Place- Pennsbury 
8th Boys D1 Red Champs- Perkiomen Valley
8th Boys D1 Red 2nd Place- Springford
8th Boys D2 Blue Champs- UMBC
8th Boys D2 Blue 2nd Place- WRA
8th Boys D2 Red Champs- Doylestown
8th Boys D2 Red 2nd Place- UMNB
8th Boys D3 Blue Champs- Roslyn
8th Boys D3 Blue 2nd Place- Pennsbury
8th Boys D3 Red Champs- Lenape Valley
8th Boys D3 Red 2nd Place- Perkiomen Valley 
8th Girls D1 Champs- HVAA
8th Girls D1 2nd Place- Perkiomen Valley
8th Girls D2- Southampton
8th Girls D2- MLGBA

December 1st-3rd, 2023
WAAR Snowball Battle
5th Girls Champs- Norwin
5th Girls 2nd Place- Penn Trafford
6th Girls Champs- Lady Colonials
6th Girls 2nd Place- Franklin Regional Blue
7th Girls Champs- Penn Trafford
7th Girls 2nd Place- Norwin
8th Girls Champs- Norwin
8th Girls 2nd Place- Purchase Line 

Shoot 360 Boys Showdown
8th Boys Champs- *
8th Boys 2nd Place- *

November 24-26, 2023
Black Friday Classic
6th Boys Champs- Dallas 
6th Boys 2nd Place- Nanticoke 

Shoot 360 Thanksgiving Tournament
5th Boys Champs- South Fayette
5th Boys 2nd Place- Mt. Lebanon 
5th Girls Champs- Norwin
5th Girls 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley
6th Boys Champs- Chartiers Valley
6th Boys 2nd Place- Fox Chapel
6th Girls Champs- Chartiers Valley
6th Girls 2nd Place- Peters Township Red
7th Boys Champs- Chartiers Valley
7th Boys 2nd Place- Bethel Park 
7th Girls Champs- West Allegheny 
7th Girls 2nd Place- Trinity 

Charger Nation Gobbler Games

November 2023
All Day Hoops Fall League
6th Girls- BG
6th Girls- Lady Highlanders 
7th Girls- Heights 
8th Girls- BG
8th Girls- Altoona 

November 18-19, 2023
New Castle Turkey Shootout
4th Boys Gold Champs- Norwin
4th Boys Gold 2nd Place- Saint Killian
4th Boys Silver Champs- Farrell
4th Boys Silver 2nd Place- Slippery Rock
4th Girls Gold Champs- Mars
4th Girls Gold 2nd Place- North Allegheny
4th Girls Silver Champs- Blackhawk
4th Girls Silver 2nd Place- South Fayette
5th Boys Gold Champs- Mt. Lebanon 
5th Boys Gold 2nd Place- Sharon Tigers 
5th Boys Silver Champs- Farell
5th Boys Silver 2nd Place- New Castle  
5th Girls Champs- Mars
5th Girls 2nd Place- Neshannock 
6th Boys Gold Champs- New Castle
6th Boys Gold 2nd Place- Neshannock
6th Boys Silver Champs- Wilmington
6th Boys Silver 2nd Place- Farrell
6th Girls Champs- Shaler
6th Girls 2nd Place- North Allegheny 
7th Boys Champs- Farrell
7th Boys 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley 
8th Boys Champs- New Castle
8th Boys 2nd Place- Sharon

November 10-12, 2023

South Fayette Tip Off Tourney
4th Boys A Champs- North Allegheny
4th Boys A 2nd Place- South Fayette 
4th Boys B Champs- Hampton
4th Boys B 2nd Place- North Allegheny 
5th Boys A Champs- South Fayette
5th Boys A 2nd Place- Peters Township
5th Boys B Champs- Thomas Jefferson 
5th Boys B 2nd Place- Canon Mac Gold
6th Boys A Champs- Pine Richland
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Hampton 
6th Boys B Champs- Thomas Jefferson 
6th Boys B 2nd Place- Peters Township
7th Boys A Champs- Chartiers Valley
7th Boys A 2nd Place- South Fayette
7th Boys B Champs- South Fayette
7th Boys B 2nd Place- West Allegheny 
8th Boys A Champs- Peters Township
8th Boys A 2nd Place- Mt. Lebanon 
8th Boys B Champs- Peters Township
8th Boys B 2nd Place- Norwin

Lady Mac Hoops Tip Off Classic
4th Girls Champs- Laurel Highlands
4th Girls 2nd Place- South Fayette Green
5th Girls Champs- Chartiers Valley
5th Girls 2nd Place- Canon Mac Gold
6th Girls Champs- South Fayette
6th Girls 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley
7th Girls Champs- Chartiers Valley
7th Girls 2nd Place- Mars
8th Girls Champs- Norwin Lady Knights
8th Girls 2nd Place- South Fayette Green 

Chartiers Houston Preseason Showdown
4th Boys Champs- Mars
5th Boys Champs- Thomas Jefferson
5th Boys 2nd Place- Baldwin
6th Boys A Champs- North Allegheny A
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Thomas Jefferson
6th Boys B Champs- Ringgold
6th Boys B 2nd Place- North Allegheny B
7th Champs- Thomas Jefferson
8th Boys B Champs- Chartiers Houston 
8th Boys A Champs- Chartiers Valley
8th Boys A 2nd Place- Thomas Jefferson 

2022-23 Qualified Teams

February 18-19, 2023

Chocolatetown USA Boys Basketball Tournament 2023
4th Boys Champs- Palmyra
4th Boys 2nd Place- Chambersburg
4th Boys Semifinalist- Chocolatetown
4th Boys Semifinalist- CV Red
5th Boys Champs- Van Reed
5th Boys 2nd Place- Chambersburg
5th Boys Semifinalist- Northern Lebanon
5th Boys Semifinalist- Central Dauphin
6th Boys Champs- Central Dauphin
6th Boys 2nd Place- Cumberland Valley
6th Boys Semifinalist- Greenwood
6th Boys Semifinalist- Van Reed
7th Boys Champs- Chambersburg
7th Boys 2nd Place- Hershey
8th Boys Champs- Van Reed
8th Boys 2nd Place- Cumberland Valley 

February 17-19, 2023

February Frenzy
Hosted by South Fayette Girls Basketball Association
4th Girls A Champs- Canon Mac
4th Girls A 2nd Place- Chartiers Houston
5th Girls A Champs- South Fayette
5th Girls A 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley 
5th Girls B Champs- Canon Mac Gold
5th Girls B 2nd Place- Baldwin-Whitehall
6th Girls A Champs- South Fayette
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Baldwin
6th Girls B Champs- Chartiers-Houston
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Canon Mac
7th Girls A Champs- South Fayette
7th Girls A 2nd Place- Canon Mac
7th Girls B Champs- Bethel Park
7th Girls B 2nd Place- South Fayette White
8th Girls A Champs- Mt. Lebanon
8th Girls A 2nd Place- South Fayette

Franklin Regional Panther Hoops Classic (boys)
4th Boys Champs- Norwin
4th Boys 2nd Place- Plum
5th Boys A Champs- Penn Trafford
5th Boys A 2nd Place- Plum
5th Boys B Champs- Wilmington
5th Boys B 2nd Place- Penn Trafford
6th Boys A Champs- Plum
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Franklin Regional
6th Boys B Champs- Plum
6th Boys B 2nd Place- North Hills 
7th Boys A Champs- PTYA
7th Boys A 2nd Place- Penn Trafford
7th Boys B Champs- *Freeport Yellow Jackets
8th Boys Champs- *Franklin Regional
8th Boys 2nd Place- *Norwin

February 15-19, 2023

SAEBA Winter Jam
4th Girls Champs- Franklin Regional
4th Girls 2nd Place- Trinity
5th Girls A Champs- Shaler
5th Girls A 2nd Place- North Hills
5th Girls B Champs- Hampton 
5th Girls B 2nd Place- Avonworth
6th Girls A Champs- Fox Chapel
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Shaler 
6th Girls B Champs- Franklin Regional
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Guardian Angel

February 11-12, 2023

Cove League (South Huntingdon)
4th Boys Champs- South Huntingdon
4th Boys 2nd Place- Central Fulton
6th Boys Champs- Southern Fulton
6th Boys 2nd Place- Everett
6th Boys 3rd Place- Central Fulton

Competitive Edge Sports Winter Freeze (King of Prussia)
4th Boys Champs- Del Swarm Collins
4th Boys 2nd Place- Southampton Knights
5th Boys Champs- Philly Pride
5th Boys 2nd Place- Parts Unknown 
5th/6th Girls Champs- Del Swarm
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place- LV Fever
6th Boys Champs- PTT Red
6th Boys 2nd Place- Thunder
7th Boys Gold Champs- Syracuse Hoops 2028
7th Boys Gold 2nd Place- Next Play
7th/8th Girls Champs- Bensalem Chargers
8th Boys Champs- Syracuse Hoops 2027
8th Boys 2nd Place- Great Valley

February 10-12, 2023

North Allegheny Basketball Association Tournament (Pittsburgh)
4th Boys A- North Allegheny
4th Boys A- Seneca Valley
4th Boys B Champs- South Park
4th Boys B 2nd Place- Bethel Park
4th Girls A Champs- Upper St. Clair
4th Girls A 2nd Place- Pine Richland
4th Girls B Champs- Avonworth
4th Girls B 2nd Place- Holy Cross
5th Boys A Champs- Morgantown
5th Boys A 2nd Place- Avonworth
5th Boys B Champs- North Allegheny
5th Boys B 2nd Place- North Allegheny
5th Girls A Champs- Pine Richland
5th Girls A 2nd Place- Elizabeth Forward
5th Girls B Champs- Holy Cross
5th Girls B 2nd Place- North Allegheny 
6th Boys A Champs- Seneca Valley
6th Boys A 2nd Place- North Allegheny
6th Boys B Champs- North Allegheny
6th Boys B 2nd Place- Quaker Valley
6th Girls A Champs- Pine Richland
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Armstrong
6th Girls B Champs- West Allegheny
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Purchase Line

January 27-29, 2023

Indiana Elementary Basketball Tournament 
hosted by Indiana Elem. Basketball Boosters
4th Boys Champs- Thomas Jefferson
4th Boys 2nd Place- Purchase Line
4th Girls Champs- Kiski Area
4th Girls 2nd Place- Indiana
5th Boys Champs- Armstrong
5th Boys 2nd Place- Red Shamrock Ballers 
5th Girls Champs- Kiski Area
5th Girls 2nd Place- Burrell
6th Boys Champs- Franklin Regional
6th Boys 2nd Place- Hempfield 
6th Girls Champs- Becks
6th Girls 2nd Place- Indiana

January 19-22, 2023

Chartiers Valley Boys Basketball Tournament
4th Boys A Champs- Mt. Lebanon
4th Boys A 2nd Place- Penn Trafford
4th Boys B Champs- Armstrong
4th Boys B 2nd Place- Pine-Richland
5th Boys A Champs- Chartiers Valley
5th Boys A 2nd Place- Erie Rams 
6th Boys A Champs- Poland
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Upper St. Clair
7th Boys B Champs- Peters Township
8th Boys A Champs- Upper St. Clair
8th Boys A 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley

Homer City Basketball Tournament
6th Boys Champs- Indiana
6th Boys 2nd Place- Homer City 
6th Girls Champs- Purchase Line
6th Girls 2nd Place- Indiana

The Best of the West Girls Tournament 
4th Girls A Champs- Peters Township Red
4th Girls B Champs- West Allegheny
4th Girls B 2nd Place- Montour
5th Girls A Champs- Chartiers Valley
5th Girls B Champs- Norwin
5th Girls B 2nd Place- West Allegheny
6th Girls A Champs- Chartiers Valley
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Peters Township
8th Girls A Champs- Upper St. Clair
8th Girls A 2nd Place- West Allegheny 
8th Girls B Champs- Keystone Oaks
8th Girls B 2nd Place- Upper St. Clair 

Armstrong Drugs Kill Dreams Tournament
7th Boys Champs- Plum
7th Boys 2nd Place- Greensburg Central
8th Boys Champs- Greensburg Central
8th Boys 2nd Place- Franklin Regional 

January 15-16, 2023
New Castle MLK Tourney (New Castle)
4th Boys Champs- South Fayette 
4th Boys 2nd Place- Neshannock 
4th Girls Champs- Quaker Valley
5th Boys Champs- Sharon
5th Boys 2nd Place- Seneca Valley 
5th Girls Champs- Mohawk
6th Boys Champs- Sharon

January 14-15, 2023
All American Winter Jam Tournament (Pittsburgh)
4th Boys Champs- Gateway
4th Boys 2nd Place- Franklin Regional 
4th Girls Champs- Plum 
5th Boys Champs- South Fayette 
5th Boys 2nd Place- Franklin Regional 
5th Girls Champs- Franklin Regional
6th Boys Champs- Sacred Hearts
6th Boys 2nd Place- Franklin Regional 
6th Girls Champs- Pine Richland
6th Girls 2nd Place- Norwin
7th Boys A Champs- Norwin
7th Boys A 2nd Place- Penn Trafford 
7th Boys B Champs- Norwin Gold
7th Boys B 2nd Place- Penn Trafford 
8th Boys Champs- Greensburg Central 
8th Boys 2nd Place- Penn Trafford

January 12-15, 2023
Chartiers Valley Girls Basketball Tournament
4th Girls A Champs- Chartiers Valley
4th Girls A 2nd Place- Penn Trafford
4th Girls B Champs- USC White
4th Girls B 2nd Place- West Allegheny 
5th Girls A Champs- Upper St. Clair
5th Girls A 2nd Place- South Fayette
5th Girls B Champs- Gateway
5th Girls B 2nd Place- Armstrong
6th Girls A Champs- Blackhawk
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Burrell
6th Girls B Champs- Mars Gold
6th Girls B 2nd Place- St. Greg's 
7th Girls A Champs- Peters
7th Girls A 2nd Place- Norwin
7th Girls B Champs- Norwin
7th Girls B 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley
8th Girls A Champs- Mt. Lebanon
8th Girls A 2nd Place- Norwin 

January 8, 2023
Competitive Edge Sports New Years Buzzer Beater(King of Prussia) 
*Some teams are exclusively qualifiers for the NJ State Tourney
4th Boys Gold Champs- LM Rim Rockers
4th Boys Gold 2nd Place- Kingsessing Young Kings
4th Boys Silver- LDE Swarm
4th Boys Silver- Kingsessing Young Kings
5th Boys Gold Champs- Philly Pride
5th Boys Gold 2nd Place- Penn Playmakers 
5th/6th Girls Champs- ESYC
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place- Del Swarm
6th Boys Gold Champs- PTT Black
6th Boys Gold 2nd Place- Next Play
7th Boys Silver- H-Town Hawks 
7th Boys Silver- Shoreshots Select
7th/8th Girls Champs- For the Love
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place- Virginia Hurricanes 
8th Boys Gold Champs- Triple Threat 
8th Boys Gold 2nd Place- St. Pats

December 31, 2022

Riverfront Sports Holiday Basketball Tournament(Scranton) 
4th/5th Boys Champs- Abington 
4th/5th Boys 2nd Place- Dunmore
5th Girls Champs- Dunmore
5th Girls 2nd Place- Valley View
6th Boys Champs- Maine Endwell
6th Boys 2nd Place- Norwich 
6th/7th Girls Champs- Holy Rosary 
6th/7th Girls 2nd Place- Valley View
7th Boys Champs- Valley View Cougars 
7th Boys 2nd Place- Northeast 
8th Boys Champs- St. Paul's Crusaders
8th Boys 2nd Place- Riverside
8th Girls Champs- Valley View Cougars
8th Girls 2nd Place- Moscow Magic 

December 30, 2022
Peters Township Christmas Classic(McMurray) 
4th Boys Champs- Penn Trafford 
4th Boys 2nd Place- Peters White 
4th Girls Champs- Chartiers Valley
4th Girls 2nd Place- Peters Red
5th Boys A Champs- Penn Trafford 
5th Boys A 2nd Place- Canon Mac
5th Boys B Champs- Baldwin
5th Boys B 2nd Place- Pine Richland 
5th Girls A Champs- Peters 
5th Girls A 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley 
5th Girls B Champs- Trinity
5th Girls B 2nd Place- Canon Mac 
6th Boys A Champs- Peters
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Mars 
6th Boys B Champs- Elizabeth Forward 
6th Boys B 2nd Place- Upper St. Clair 
6th Girls A Champs- Peters 
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Shaler 
6th Girls B Champs- JFK
6th Girls B 2nd Place- McGuffey
7th Boys Champs- Peters Red
7th Boys 2nd Place- South Fayette 
7th Girls Champs- Norwin
7th Girls 2nd Place- Peters 
8th Boys A Champs- Peters
8th Boys A 2nd Place- Eilzabeth Forward
8th Boys B Champs- Mt. Lebanon
8th Boys B 2nd Place- Peters 
8th Girls A Champs- Mt. Lebanon
8th Girls A 2nd Place- South Fayette 
8th Girls B Champs- JFK

Shoot 360 Winter Classic Tournament(Pittsburgh) 
4th Boys Champs- Gateway
4th Boys 2nd Place- Upper St. Clair White 
4th Girls Champs- Norwin
4th Girls 2nd Place- Upper St. Clair 
5th Boys A Champs- Chartiers Valley
5th Boys A 2nd Place- Beaver Falls 
5th Girls A Champs- Peters 
5th Girls A 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley 
5th Girls B Champs- Colts Elite
5th Girls B 2nd Place- Baldwin
6th Boys A Champs- Laurel Highlands
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Colts Elite 
6th Girls A Champs- Mt. Lebanon 
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Pine Richland 
7th Boys B Champs- West Allegheny 
7th Boys B 2nd Place- CH Bucs 
7th Girls A Champs- Baldwin
7th Girls A 2nd Place- Thomas Jefferson 
7th Girls B Champs- Chartiers Houston
7th Girls B 2nd Place- Guardian Angel Academy 
8th Boys A Champs- Upper St. Clair
8th Boys A 2nd Place- Thomas Jefferson 
8th Girls A Champs- Mt. Lebanon 
8th Girls A 2nd Place- Upper St. Clair

Charger Nation Christmas Travel Tournament(Feasterville-Trevose) 
*Some teams are exclusively qualifiers for the NJ State Tourney
4th Boys Champs- Whitpain
4th Boys 2nd Place- Torresdale 
4th Girls Champs- LFE
5th Boys Champs- HVAA
5th Boys 2nd Place- Upper Moreland  
5th/6th Girls Champs- Bustleton
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place- Langhorne
5th/6th Boys Champs- St. Chris
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place- Our Lady of Calvary 
6th/7th Boys Champs- Downtown Sportz
6th/7th Boys 2nd Place- Bensalem 
7th/8th Girls Champs- Bensalem 
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place- Bustleton 
7th/8th Boys Champs- St. Jerome's 
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place- St. Dom's 
8th Boys Gold Champs- Rivals 
8th Boys Gold 2nd Place- Wilson
8th Boys Silver Champs- Bensalem Dickerson 
8th Boys Silver 2nd Place- Bensalem Beacham 

December 29, 2022
Back Mountain Holiday Shootout(Lehman) 
3rd/4th Boys Champs- Dallas
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place- Freeland Wolfpack
3rd/4th Girls Champs- Dallas
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place- GSA
5th Boys Champs- Dallas
5th Boys 2nd Place- Nanticoke
5th Girls Champs- Deleware Valley Warriors 
5th Girls 2nd Place- Nanticoke 
6th Boys Champs- Wilkes-Barre
6th Boys 2nd Place- Dallas
6th Girls Champs- Crestwood
6th Girls 2nd Place- Dallas
7th Boys Champs- Dallas
7th Boys 2nd Place- Freeland Wolfpack 
7th/8th Girls Champs- Central Columbia
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place- Dallas
8th Boys Champs- Freeland Wolfpack
8th Boys 2nd Place- Wilkes-Barre

Competitive Edge Sports Holiday Jam(King of Prussia) 
*Some teams are exclusively qualifiers for the NJ State Tourney
4th Boys Champs- MARA Warriors
4th Girls Champs- St. Katherine 
5th/6th Boys Platinum Champs- St. Edmonds
5th/6th Boys Platinum 2nd Place- St. Johns Beloved 
5th/6th Boys Gold Champs- St. Margaret 
5th/6th Boys Gold 2nd Place- St. Philip Neri
7th/8th Boys Platinum Champs- SJB
7th/8th Boys Platinum 2nd Place- St. Katherine 
7th/8th Boys Gold Champs- St. Ephrem
7th/8th Boys Gold 2nd Place- St. John Beloved 
8th Girls Champs- St. Thomas the Apostle
8th Girls 2nd Place- Regina Angelorum  

December 18th, 2022
PYBL Holiday Jam Fest(Pittsburgh) 
4th Boys A Champs- Mt. Lebanon 
5th Boys A Champs- Plum
6th Boys A Champs- Seneca Valley
7th Boys Champs- Upper St. Clair 

Competitive Edge Sports Holiday Jam(King of Prussia) 
*Some teams are exclusively qualifiers for the NJ State Tourney
4th Boys Navy Champs- Next Level Warriors
4th Boys Navy 2nd Place- Fox Rox
4th Boys Orange Champs- D-Up
4th Boys Orange 2nd Place- Delaware Swarm
5th Boys Champs- D-Up Blue
5th Boys 2nd Place- Penn Playmakers
5th/6th Girls Champs- MARA
5th/6th Girls  2nd Place- Paoli Wildcats
6th Boys Navy Champs- ACG Bulls
6th Boys Navy 2nd Place- Parts Unknown
6th Boys Orange Champs- Philly Triple Threat
6th Boys Orange 2nd Place- Next Play
7th Boys Champs- Central Bucks
7th Boys 2nd Place- Misfits 
7th/8th Girls Champs- Dtown Dogs 2028
7th/8th Girls  2nd Place- For The Love
8th Boys Navy Champs- BYC 
8th Boys Navy 2nd Place- Deep Run
8th Boys Orange Champs- LM Eagles
8th Boys Orange 2nd Place- Central Bucks

December 11th, 2022
ICBA King/Queen of the Court(Morrisville) 
4th Boys D1 Champs- WRA Schwartz
4th Boys D1 2nd Place- WRA Traver 
4th Boys D2 Blue Champs- HVAA
4th Boys D2 Blue 2nd Place- Pennsbury 
4th Boys D2 Red Champs- WWBBA
4th Boys D2 Red 2nd Place- Perk Valley 
4th Boys D3 Champs- Upper Dublin
4th Boys D3 2nd Place- Lenape Valley 
4th Girls D1 Champs- CBAA
4th Girls D1 2nd Place- MARA
4th Girls D2 Champs- WRA
4th Girls D2 2nd Place- Lady Falcons 
4th Girls D3 Champs- Upper Dublin
4th Girls D3 2nd Place- UMBC
5th Boys D1 Champs- Springford 
5th Boys D1 2nd Place- HVAA
5th Boys D2 Red Champs- Hatboro Horsham
5th Boys D2 Red 2nd Place- MARA
5th Boys D2 Blue Champs- WRA
5th Boys D2 Blue 2nd Place- Montgomery 
5th Boys D3 Red Champs- UMBC
5th Boys D3 Red 2nd Place- Council Rock 
5th Boys D3 Blue Champs- Penn Valley Brown
5th Boys D3 Blue 2nd Place- Penn Valley Monroe
5th Girls D1 Champs- MARA
5th Girls D1 2nd Place- CBAA
5th Girls D2 Champs- HVAA
5th Girls D2 2nd Place- Somerton
5th Girls D3 Champs- Perk Valley
5th Girls D3 2nd Place- Hatboro Horsham
6th Boys D1 Champs- Bensalem
6th Boys D1 2nd Place- Perk Valley
6th Boys D2 Red Champs- Towamencin 
6th Boys D2 Red 2nd Place- Twin Valley 
6th Boys D2 Blue Champs- Deep Run
6th Boys D2 Blue 2nd Place- HVAA
6th Boys D3 Blue Champs- Council Rock
6th Boys D3 Blue 2nd Place- Doylestown 
6th Boys D3 Red Champs- Great Valley
6th Boys D3 Red 2nd Place- Montgomery 
6th Girls D1 Champs- Springford 
6th Girls D1 2nd Place- MARA
6th Girls D2 Champs- Great Vallehy
6th Girls D2 2nd Place- WWGB
6th Girls D3 Champs- SHYBA
6th Girls D3 2nd Place- Langhorne 
7th Boys D1 Blue Champs- Doylestown
7th Boys D1 Blue 2nd Place- Torresdale 
7th Boys D1 Red Champs- Whitemarsh
7th Boys D1 Red 2nd Place- Penn Valley
7th Boys D2 Red Champs- MARA
7th Boys D2 Red 2nd Place- UMBC
7th Boys D2 Blue Champs- Hatboro Horsham
7th Boys D2 Blue 2nd Place- Pennsbury
7th Boys D3 Champs- Pennsbury
7th Boys D3 2nd Place- Lenape Valley 
7th Girls D1 Champs- Doylestown 
7th Girls D1 2nd Place- Perk Valley
7th Girls D2 Champs- Upper Dublin
7th Girls D2 2nd Place- MLGBA
8th Boys D1 Champs- Roslyn
8th Boys D1 2nd Place- Springford
8th Boys D2 Blue Champs- UMNB
8th Boys D2 Blue 2nd Place- Bensalem
8th Boys D2 Red Champs- Deep Run
8th Boys D2 Red 2nd Place- UMBC
8th Boys D3 Blue Champs- Bensalem
8th Boys D3 Blue 2nd Place- Pennsbury
8th Boys D3 Red Champs- Penn Valley
8th Boys D3 Red 2nd Place- Lenape Valley
8th Girls D1 Champs- HVAA
8th Girls D1 2nd Place- Springford
8th Girls D2 Champs- Perk Valley
8th Girls D2 2nd Place- Montgomery
8th Girls D3 Champs- WRA
8th Girls D3 2nd Place- Hatboro Horsham

November 26-27, 2022
Shoot 360 Thanksgiving Tourney(Pittsburgh) 
4th Boys Champs- Gateway
4th Boys 2nd Place- Peters Township White
4th Girls Champs- Chartiers Valley
4th Girls 2nd Place- McGuffey
6th Boys A Champs- Chartiers Valley
6th Boys A 2nd Place- South Fayette Lions
6th Boys B Champs- Baldwin
6th Boys B 2nd Place- Thomas Jefferson
6th Girls B Champs- SP
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Thomas Jefferson 
7th Boys A Champs- Chartiers Valley
7th Boys A 2nd Place- Shady Side
7th Boys B Champs- Elizabeth Forward
7th Boys B 2nd Place- Thomas Jefferson
8th Boys A Champs- Thomas Jefferson
8th Boys A 2nd Place- Elizabeth Forward

Competitive Edge Sports Turkey Jam(King of Prussia) 
*Some teams are exclusively qualifiers for the NJ State Tourney
3rd/4th Boys Champs- PVJSA Blue
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place- CBAA
5th Boys Champs- BYRD Elite
5th Boys 2nd Place- PVJSA
5th Girls Champs- TYA Storm
5th Girls 2nd Place- Hot Shots
6th Boys Navy Champs- CBAA
6th Boys Navy 2nd Place- Parts Unknown
6th Boys Orange Champs- BYRD Elite
6th Boys Orange 2nd Place- Philly Triple Threat Red
6th Girls Orange Champs- LAA Spiders
6th Girls Orange 2nd Place- St. Andrews
6th Girls Navy Champs- Langhorne Spiders
6th Girls Navy 2nd Place- HVAA
7th Boys Navy Champs- Philly Triple Threat
7th Boys Navy 2nd Place- PBLHak
7th Boys Orange Champs- Central Bucks Chaos
7th Boys Orange 2nd Place- SHYBA
8th Boys Navy Champs- PBL 2027
8th Boys Navy 2nd Place- Philly Triple Threat Black
8th Boys Orange Champs- Philly Triple Threat
8th Boys Orange 2nd Place- Deep Run Kuntz

November 19-20, 2022
New Castle Turkey Shootout(New Castle) 
4th Boys Champs- Mt. Lebanon
4th Boys 2nd Place- Mars
5th Boys Champs- Erie Knights
5th Boys 2nd Place- Mars Blue
6th Boys Champs- Sharon Tigers
6th Boys 2nd Place- North Allegheny 
7th Boys Champs- Mattas Matorsport
7th Boys 2nd Place- South Fayette

November 12-13, 2022
Lady Mac Hoops Tip Off Classic(Canonsburg) 
4th Girls Champs- Chartiers Houston Lady Bucs
4th Girls 2nd Place- Pine Richland 
5th Girls Champs- Thomas Jefferson
5th Girls 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley
6th Girls Champs- South Fayette Green
6th Girls 2nd Place- Norwin
7th Girls Champs- Norwin
7th Girls 2nd Place- Canon Mac
8th Girls Champs- Norwin
8th Girls 2nd Place- Peters Red

South Fayette Tip-Off Tournament(McDonald) 
5th Boys A Champs- West Allegheny
5th Boys A 2nd Place- South Fayette
5th Boys B Champs- North Allegheny
5th Boys B 2nd Place- Peters Township 
6th Boys A Champs- South Fayette
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Norwin
6th Boys B Champs- South Park
6th Boys B 2nd Place- Mars
7th Boys A Champs- South Fayette
7th Boys A 2nd Place- Peters Township
7th Boys B Champs- West Alleghney
7th Boys B 2nd Place- South Fayette
8th Boys A Champs- Mt. Lebanon 
8th Boys A 2nd Place- Chartiers Valley

November, 2022
All Day Hoops Fall League(Altoona) 
8th Boys- Spherion
8th Boys - Johnstown
8th Girls- Penn Cambria
8th Girls - 5Star

Last Season's Qualified Teams (2021-22)

February 19th-20th, 2022
Chocolatetown USA Tournament(Hershey) 
4th Boys Champs- Montgomery
4th Boys 2nd Place- Northern Lebanon 
5th Boys Finalist- Wilson Red
5th Boys Finalist- CV Red
5th Boys Semifinalist- Cedar Crest Blue
5th Boys Semifinalist-  Northern Lebanon 
6th Boys Finalist- Palmyra
6th Boys Finalist- Perkiomen Valley
6th Boys Semifinalist- Chambersburg
6th Boys Semifinalist- Lower Dauphin 
7th Boys Champs- Wilson
7th Boys 2nd Place- Hershey 
8th Boys Champs- Cumberland Valley
8th Boys 2nd Place- Central Dauphin 

Franklin Regional Panther Hoops Classic (Murrysville) 
4th Boys A Champs- Plum
4th Boys A 2nd Place- Penn Trafford
4th Boys B Champs- Derry
4th Boys B 2nd Place- Franklin Regional 
5th Boys A- Mars
5th Boys A - Laurel Highlands 
5th Boys B Champs- Latrobe
5th Boys B 2nd Place- North Hills
6th Boys A Champs- Penn Trafford
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Thomas Jefferson
6th Boys B Champs- Latrobe
6th Boys B 2nd Place- Franklin Regional White
7th Boys A Champs- Upper St. Clair
7th Boys A 2nd Place- Armstrong

February 2022
East Hills MVP Hoops League(Johnstown)
5th Boys Champs- Richland 
5th Girls Champs- Richland 
6th Boys Champs- Somerset
6th Boys 2nd Place- Westmont Red
6th Boys 3rd Place- Portage Moose 
6th Girls Champs- Youngbloods
6th Girls 2nd Place- Richland
6th Girls 3rd Place- Westmont 
7th Boys Champs- Forest Hills
7th Boys 2nd Place- Richland
8th Boys Champs- Forest Hills
8th Boys 2nd Place- The Hill

February 12th-13th, 2022
NABA Tournament(Pittsburgh) 
4th Boys A Champs- Fox Chapel
4th Boys A 2nd Place- South Fayette
4th Boys B Champs- North Allegheny 
4th Boys B 2nd Place- Montour 
4th Girls A Champs- Pine Richland
4th Girls A 2nd Place- USC
4th Girls B Champs- USC
4th Girls B 2nd Place- Shaler
5th Boys A Champs- Pine Richland
5th Boys A 2nd Place- USC
5th Boys B Champs- North Allegheny 
5th Boys B 2nd Place- Mars
5th Girls A Champs- Norwin
5th Girls A 2nd Place- Pine Richland
5th Girls B Champs- Shaler
5th Girls B 2nd Place- Mt. Lebanon 
6th Boys A Champs- Norwin
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Penn Trafford
6th Boys B Champs- Peters Township
6th Boys B 2nd Place- Norwin
6th Girls A Champs- North Hills
6th Girls A 2nd Place- North Allegheny 
6th Girls B Champs- Purchase Line
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Karns City

February, 2022
Cove League/Jr Cove League (Southern Huntingdon) 
4th Boys A Champs- Southern Huntingdon Rockets 
4th Boys A 2nd Place- Central Fulton Spartans
6th Boys A Champs- Southern Huntingdon Rockets
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Central Fulton Spartans
6th Boys A 3rd Place- Everett Warriors 

February, 2022
All Day Hoops Winter League(Altoona) 
5th Boys Champs- WH Kelly
5th Boys 2nd Place- Johnston Plumbing 
6th Boys Champs- *
6th Boys 2nd Place- *
6th Girls Champs- Youngbloods
6th Girls 2nd Place- 5 Star 
7th Boys Champs- Spherion 
8th Boys Champs- Altoona
8th Boys 2nd Place- *
8th Girls Champs- Penn Cambria 
8th Girls 2nd Place- Altoona

January 27th-30th, 2022
Chartiers Valley Girls Tournament (Bridgeville)
4th Girls A Champs- Elizabeth Forward
4th Girls A 2nd Place- Peters Township Red
4th Girls B Champs- Chartiers Valley(Hoover)
4th Girls B 2nd Place- Penn Trafford
5th Girls A Champs- Chartiers Valley
5th Girls A 2nd Place- Armstrong Riverhawks
5th Girls B Champs- Chartiers Valley
5th Girls B 2nd Place- Shaler
6th Girls A Champs- South Fayette
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Peters
6th Girls B Champs- Penn Trafford
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Fox Chapel
7th Girls B Champs- Keystone Oaks
7th Girls B 2nd Place- Blackhawk
8th Girls A Champs- South Fayette
8th Girls A 2nd Place- CM Gold
8th Girls B Champs- Southern Squad
8th Girls B 2nd Place- Mt. Lebanon 

January 29th, 2022
Clearfield Invite (Clearfield)
6th Boys Champs- Happy Valley Thunder
6th Boys 2nd Place- St. Mary's Cavaliers
6th Boys 3rd Place- Mattas Motorsports 

January 22nd-23rd, 2022
Homer City Tournament(Homer City)
6th Boys Champs- Derry
6th Boys 2nd Place- Homer City 
6th Girls Champs- Purchase Line
6th Girls 2nd Place- Indiana

Best of the West Girls(Imperial)
4th Girls A Champs- Pine Richland  
4th Girls A 2nd Place- Blackhawk
4th Girls B Champs- Norwin
4th Girls B 2nd Place- Peters Township
5th Girls A Champs- Norwin 
5th Girls A 2nd Place- West A
6th Girls A Champs- North Hills
6th Girls A 2nd Place- USC
6th Girls B Champs- South Side
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Avonworth Red 
7th/8th Girls Champs- Blackhawk
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place- West A

January 7-9th, 2022
Indiana Elementary Tournament(Indiana)
4th Boys Champs-Red Shamrock Ballers
4th Boys 2nd Place-Thomas Jefferson
4th Girls Champs-Kiski Cavs
4th Girls 2nd Place-Indiana
5th Boys Champs-Latrobe
5th Boys 2nd Place-Spring Cove
5th Girls Champs-Purchase Line
5th Girls 2nd Place-Indiana
6th Boys Champs-Franklin Regional Blue
6th Boys 2nd Place-Westmont
6th Girls Champs-Penn Cambria
6th Girls 2nd Place-Indiana

January 6-9th, 2022
Chartiers Valley Boys Tournament(Bridgeville)
4th Boys A Champs-Chartiers Valley
4th Boys A 2nd Place-Fox Chapel
4th Boys B Champs-Norwin
4th Boys B 2nd Place-Norwin
5th Boys A Champs-Upper St. Clair
5th Boys A 2nd Place-Norwin
6th Boys A Champs-Canfield
6th Boys A 2nd Place-Chartiers Valley
6th Boys B Champs-Peters
6th Boys B 2nd Place-Chartiers Valley White
7th Boys A Champs-Upper St. Clair
7th Boys A 2nd Place-Pine-Richland
8th Boys A Champs-Peters
8th Boys A 2nd Place-Chartiers Valley
8th Boys B Champs-West Allegheny 
8th Boys B 2nd Place-Peters Township 

December 27-29th, 2021
Bulldog Holiday Challenge(Allentown)
5th/6th Girls Champs-East Penn Express
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Harleysville
7th/8th Girls Champs-East Penn Express
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Cougars 

December 26-30th, 2021
Charger Nation Christmas Tourney(Morrisville)
4th Boys Champs-Plymouth Whitemarsh
4th Boys 2nd Place-Torresdale 
5th Boys Champs-CBAA
5th Boys 2nd Place-Torresdale 
5th/6th Girls Champs-Bustleton Bengals 
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Langhorne 
6th Girls Champs-HVAA
6th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Falcons 
7th Boys Champs-Torresdale
7th Boys 2nd Place-Falcons Elite 
7th/8th Girls Champs-Lenape Valley 
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-Bensalem Chargers 
8th Boys -Team Final
8th Boys -D Boyz
8th Boys -St. Charles
8th Boys -Rebels 

December 19th, 2021
East Hills MVP Hoops League(Johnstown)
4th Boys Champs-Subway 
4th Boys 2nd Place-Moore Dentistry 
4th Boys Smifinalist-Windber Moose
4th Boys Semifinalist- Shanksville 
4th Girls Champs-The Heartbeats 
4th Girls 2nd Place-DB Homes 
4th Girls Semifinalist-Windber
4th Girls Semifinalist- Rambler 
December 12th, 2021
ICBA King/Queen of the Court(Morrisville) 
4th Boys D1 Champs-Springford
4th Boys D1 2nd Place-CBAA
4th Boys D2 Champs-Deep Run
4th Boys D2 2nd Place-WRA
4th Boys D3 Champs-Hatboro Horsham 
4th Boys D3 2nd Place-Montgomery 
4th Girls D1 Champs-MARA
4th Girls D1 2nd Place-Perk Valley 
4th Girls D2 Champs-WRA
4th Girls D2 2nd Place-CBAA
5th Boys D1 Champs-WRA Storm
5th Boys D1 2nd Place-WRA Salvitti
5th Boys D2 Red Champs-UMNB
5th Boys D2 Red 2nd Place-HVAA
5th Boys D2 Blue Champs-Philadelphia Warriors 
5th Boys D2 Blue 2nd Place-Towamencin
5th Boys D3 Red Champs-Whitemarsh
5th Boys D3 Red 2nd Place-MARA
5th Boys D3 Blue Champs-Deep Run
5th Boys D3 Blue 2nd Place-MARA
5th Girls D1 Champs-HVAA
5th Girls D1 2nd Place-Lady Falcons 
5th Girls D2 Red Champs-Langhorne
5th Girls D2 Red 2nd Place-Council Rock
5th Girls D2 Blue Champs-Great Valley
5th Girls D2 Blue 2nd Place-Hatboro Horsham
5th Girls D3 Champs-Langhorne
5th Girls D3 2nd Place-WRA
6th Boys D1 Champs-CBAA
6th Boys D1 2nd Place-Whitemarsh
6th Boys D2 Red Champs-Doylestown
6th Boys D2 Red 2nd Place-Upper Dublin 
6th Boys D2 Blue Champs-Deep Run
6th Boys D2 Blue 2nd Place-Hatboro Horsham
6th Boys D3 Champs-WWBBA
6th Boys D3 2nd Place-Langhorne
6th Girls D1 Champs-Lady Falcons
6th Girls D1 2nd Place-WGBL
6th Girls D2 Champs-Perk Valley
6th Girls D2 2nd Place-CBAA
7th Boys D1 Champs-Roslyn
7th Boys D1 2nd Place-CBAA
7th Boys D2 Red Champs-Council Rock
7th Boys D2 Red 2nd Place-Deep Run
7th Boys D2 Blue Champs-Great Valley
7th Boys D2 Blue 2nd Place-WWBBA
7th Boys D3 Champs-Somerton
7th Boys D3 2nd Place-Whitemarsh
7th Girls D1 Champs-HVAA
7th Girls D1 2nd Place-CBAA
7th Girls D2 Champs-Great Valley
7th Girls D2 2nd Place-Perk Valley
7th Girls D3 Champs-Doylestown
7th Girls D3 2nd Place-Council Rock
8th Boys D1 Champs-MARA
8th Boys D1 2nd Place-SHYBA
8th Boys D2 Champs-Doylestown
8th Boys D2 2nd Place-WRA
8th Boys D3 Champs-UMBC
8th Boys D3 2nd Place-Council Rock 
8th Girls D1 Champs-CBAA
8th Girls D1 2nd Place-MLGBA
8th Girls D2- HVAA
8th Girls D2- Doylestown 
8th Girls D3 Champs-WGBL
8th Girls D3 2nd Place-WRA

November 20th-21st, 2021
Lady Mac Hoops Tip Classic(Canonsburg) 
5th Girls Champs-South Fayette
5th Girls 2nd Place-Chartiers Valley
6th Girls Champs-Peters Township
6th Girls 2nd Place-South Fayette
7th Girls Champs-TJ Jaguars
7th Girls 2nd Place-Norwin
8th Girls Champs-South Fayette 
8th Girls 2nd Place-Thomas Jefferson

November 20th-21st, 2021
Turkey Shootout(New Castle) 
4th Boys Champs-South Fayette
4th Boys 2nd Place-Sharon
5th Boys Champs-Chartiers Valley
5th Boys 2nd Place-Poland
6th Boys A Champs-Chartiers Valley
6th Boys A 2nd Place-Canfield
6th Boys B Champs-Laurel
6th Boys B 2nd Place-Neshannock 
6th Girls Champs-Seneca Valley
6th Girls 2nd Place-Blackhawk Cougars

November 2nd-3rd, 2021
All Day Hoops Fall League Playoffs(Altoona) 
6th Girls Champs- Hollidaysburg
6th Girls 2nd Place- 5 Star
7th/8th Girls Champs-*
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-*
7th/8th Boys Champs- Mikes Court
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place- Johnstown

2021-2022 State Committee At-Large Selections to date: 
4th Boys - Erie Rams 
4th Girls- Thomas Jefferson
4th Girls- Colts Elite 
5th Boys - Springfield Cougars
5th Boys - Erie Rams 
5th Boys - Garnet Valley Jags
5th Girls - MARA
5th Girls - Hampton
5th Girls - Fox Chapel
5th Girls - Northern Lebanon 
5th Girls - MC Husky Hoops
6th Boys - Bayside Ballers
6th Boys - Happy Valley 
6th Boys - Central Bucks
6th Boys - MARA Warriors
6th Boys - North Allegheny 
6th Girls - Warrington Warriors 
6th Girls - MARA
7th Boys - Deep Run
7th Boys - Armstrong 
7th Boys - State College
7th Boys - Franklin Regional 
7th Boys - Mifflin County
7th Boys - Butler 
7th Girls - SHYBA
7th Girls - Hampton
7th Girls - Spring-Ford 
7th Girls - Mt. Lebanon 
7th Girls - Karns City
7th Girls - South Fayette
8th Boys - Chartiers Valley 
8th Boys - Minersville 
8th Boys - Deep Run
8th Boys - Upper Merion Vikings 
8th Boys - Schnecksville Playground Association 
8th Boys - Warrior Run
8th Boys - Mifflinburg
8th Boys - Hickory Hoops
8th Boys - Southern Columbia
8th Boys - Hatboro Horsham
8th Boys - Mifflin County Huskey Hoops 
8th Girls - Indiana 
8th Girls - TYA Storm
8th Girls - North Lebanon Vikings 
8th Girls - Upper St. Clair
8th Girls - Karns City
8th Girls - Penns Valley Lady Rams 

Qualifying team photos are posted on our Facebook page each weekend!

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