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**Important Venues Information 7th and 8th boys

NCAA rules prohibit 7th and 8th grade boys from performing on the campus of a D-1 university such as the UM's "Mizzou Student Rec", one of our tournament locations.  The NCAA considers these students as PSA, or "Prospective Student Athletes". The entire NCAA code is below.

What does this mean?   To avoid NCAA violations and due to the explosive growth of our State tourney, we have moved all 7/8th grade boys games to Jefferson City to play at "The Linc".  An exception exists for all semifinal and championship games which will be played at the Columbia Sports Field House.  It is a 30 minute drive via US63-N between the two facilities.

The 7th and 8th grade boys divisions are loaded with fresh competition and teams will enjoy a four-game guarantee.  Thank you for your understanding and we’ll do all we can to make your Championship weekend the best of the season.

Here is the NCAA section code:

NCAA Bylaw Non-scholastic Practice or Competition -- Men's Basketball. An institution [including any institutional department (e.g., athletics, recreational/intramural)] shall not host, sponsor or conduct a non-scholastic basketball practice or competition in which men's basketball prospective student-athletes (see Bylaw participate on its campus or at an off-campus facility regularly used by the institution for practice and/or competition by any of the institution's sport programs. 

NCAA Bylaw Definition of "Prospective Student-Athlete" for Tryout-Rule Purposes -- Men's Basketball and Softball. In men's basketball and softball, for purposes of the tryout rule, the phrase "prospective student-athlete" shall include any individual who has started classes for the seventh grade and is not enrolled in the member institution at the time of the practice or test therein described. 

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