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**Important Venues Update for 7th and 8th boys**

We’ve been notified of a new NCAA rule that prohibits 7th and 8th grade boys from performing on the campus of a D-1 university such as the UW's "The Nick", one of our tournament locations.  The NCAA considers these students as PSA, or "Prospective Student Athletes". The entire NCAA code is below.

What does this mean?   To avoid NCAA violations, it means driving a few more minutes to reach a tournament host location.  We have secured two off-campus venues for 7/8th boys: SEA Verona for Friday and Saturday games, and SEA Stoughton for Sunday games.  Both are 4-court hardwood facilities.  The 7th and 8th grade boys divisions are loaded with fresh competition and teams will enjoy a four-game guarantee.  Thank you for your understanding and we’ll do all we can to make your 2022 Championship weekend the best of the season.

Here is the NCAA section code:

NCAA Bylaw Non-scholastic Practice or Competition -- Men's Basketball. An institution [including any institutional department (e.g., athletics, recreational/intramural)] shall not host, sponsor or conduct a non-scholastic basketball practice or competition in which men's basketball prospective student-athletes (see Bylaw participate on its campus or at an off-campus facility regularly used by the institution for practice and/or competition by any of the institution's sport programs. 

NCAA Bylaw Definition of "Prospective Student-Athlete" for Tryout-Rule Purposes -- Men's Basketball and Softball. In men's basketball and softball, for purposes of the tryout rule, the phrase "prospective student-athlete" shall include any individual who has started classes for the seventh grade and is not enrolled in the member institution at the time of the practice or test therein described. 

State Championship Venues

All tournament games in the 2022 Wisconsin Middle School Basketball Championship will be played in Madison on the weekend of March 11th-13th.

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Nicholas Recreation Center ("The Nick"
797 W. Dayton St, Madison, 53706
(4-6 courts)

Located in the heart of the University of Wisconsin campus, the Nicholas Recreation Center (“The Nick”) opened in September of 2020.  The name of the facility honors the late Albert “Ab” Nicholas, his wife Nancy, and the Nicholas family. It is home to 30,000 square feet of fitness space, eight courts, five studios, an Olympic-size pool, and more.  Walk from your downtown hotel to this amazing venue!

Sports Enhancement Academy (Verona)
411 Prairie Heights Dr., Verona 53593
(4 courts) 
The core of The Verona Athletic Center is a 4 court gymnasium (operated by Sports Enhancement Academy), which hosts basketball tournaments and multiple other sporting events monthly. In addition to the gym the building also encompasses two dance studios, a massage therapist, a 24-7 Anytime Fitness facility, Athletic Republic (the nation’s premier sports training facility for junior and high school sports)

Sports Enhancement Academy (Stoughton) - 4 Courts
2300 US-51
Stoughton, WI  53589



Madison College
Redsten Gymnasium

1701 Wright St., Madison 53704
(3 courts) 

Ranked in the top 15% of all colleges in the nation by, Madison College is #1 in student transfers to UW-Madison.  Home to the Wolfpack, the Redsten Gymnasium offers our basketball families a small college environment on a campus known for it's high-tech amenities.


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