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State Basketball Championship is a stay-to-play event requiring teams and families to book their lodging through the designated housing provider EventConnect. 

EventConnect has contracted accommodations on behalf of the State Basketball Championship and its traveling teams to ensure teams have accommodations near the tournament locations at the lowest possible rate. Through the EventConnect online booking platform, teams can create a complimentary room block for families to make individual reservations at the lowest guaranteed group rate. 

Q: Which teams are impacted?
A:  Teams traveling more than 50 miles for the event are required to book at least 5 rooms per team by families and friends.  Any teams that do not meet the minimum booked hotel rooms may be declared ineligible from competing in the tournament.. 

Q: When and how do we book rooms?
A:  Once your team registers for the tournament, the team manager/coach will receive an email from EventConnect with lodging information.

Q: How do teams request a stay-to-play exemption?
A:  Teams with extenuating circumstances can request a special exemption by emailing the Tournament Director, Chase Gardiner, at chase@statebasketballchampionship.com, no later than 15 days before the event.

Q: How can I get help booking rooms?
A: Easy! If you would like assistance creating a complimentary room block for your team, please contact events@EventConnect.io

2024 Playing Locations (Tentative, based on division sizes)

2024 Tentative Division Location Assignments* Girls grades Boys grades
Teams playing at The Nick all 3-8th grade divisions all 3-6th grade divisions
Teams playing at SEA Verona all 3-8th grade divisions all 3-6th grade divisions
Teams playing at SEA Stoughton --- all 7-8th grade divisions
* The State Committee reserves the right to re-assign a team's
Division Assignment (Gold/Silver) for competitive purposes/division sizes