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School Division Assignment Appeals

4A represented programs with 1 team at a specific grade level or individual teams representing 4A high schools in Washington must register for, and compete in, the Gold (upper) Division at State.  Any exceptions must be approved through a formal appeal to the State Committee.  

Teams representing 1A-3A high schools plus true “B” teams of 4A high schools (the 2nd tier team at that specific grade level for your program), may compete in the Silver division at State, unless a team desires to register for the Gold Division.

Please Note:   The State Committee reserves the right to assign non-4A schools to Gold Division for competitive balance purposes.

Occasionally, the State Committee may grant a Division Assignment rule exception to a team based on it's overall body of work during the regular season.  Appeal approvals are not guaranteed.

The State Committee reserves the right to move previous season champions up a division for competitive balance reasons.

Division Assignment rules

- Appeals may be submitted beginning February 1st, to allow more time for a team to accumulate a sufficient body of work to be considered in State Committee appeal reviews.  This also allows for a high majority of tournaments and leagues to have results that the State Committee reviews during the appeal process.

- If there is a true "A" team and  a true "B" team that qualify at a specific grade level within a 4A represented program, the "A" team must register for and compete in Gold.

- 4A represented teams who have two teams qualify and are evenly split at a specific grade level within their program, must have both register for and compete in Gold.

- If your appeal is denied and that impacts your participation at State, a full refund is offered up through the end of the registration deadline.

The deadline to submit an appeal is on February 28th, 2020.