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2021-22 Qualified teams

State Qualified teams will be listed here as Qualifier tournaments and leagues are completed.

Division Assignment rules
- Teams representing 5A and 6A high schools in Oregon must register for, and compete in, the Gold (upper) Division at State.  Any exceptions must be approved through a formal appeal to the State Committee.  Click here for a Division Appeal form.  The deadline to submit an appeal is February 21, 2022 (Girls) and February 28, 2022 (Boys).
- Teams representing 1A-4A high schools plus “B” teams of 5A-6A high schools will compete in the Silver division at State, unless a team chooses to play in the Gold Division.

State Committee At-Large Selections. Occasionally, the Committee will grant a State qualification to a team based on its overall body of work throughout the regular season.  Click Here to view At Large Application.

Questions about Qualifying or did not receive your qualification notice?  Contact Tournament Director, Andy Siverly, at 541-647-2134 ext. 3 or 

Qualified Teams 2021-22

Next Up:
January 28-30, 2022
I-5 Shootout (Vancouver, WA) hosted by HoopSource Basketball
- OR school teams qualify for Oregon State Tournament in Bend/Redmond/Prineville
- OR club teams and all WA teams  qualify for Washington State Tournament in Spokane.  See List

Banks Classic Tournament (Boys & Girls)

McMinnville Boys Tourney

January 22-23, 2022
Kelso Jan Slam
5th Girls Champs-Oregon City
5th Boys Silver Champs-OC Pioneer Elite
6th Boys Silver Champs-OC Pioneer Elite
6th Girls Champs-Astoria Fish
7th Boys Platinum 2nd place-Scappoose
8th Girls Champs-HV Prep
8th Boys Silver Champs-Sherwood Silver
8th Boys Gold Champs-Sherwood Gold

January 15-16, 2022
Energy Hoops Classic hosted by Energy Youth Basketball Club (Redmond, OR)
-WA School and WA Club teams qualfy for WA
4th/5th Boys Silver Champs-Basin Timberwolves
4th/5th Boys Silver 2nd place-Trinity
4th/5th Girls Champs-Kennewick Crush
4th/5th Girls 2nd place-Boise Ignite
4th/5th Girls-Summit
4th/5th Girls-Madras
5th Boys Gold Champs-HV Prep (Floyd)
5th Boys Gold 2nd place-Crane
6th Boys Gold Champs-KBC Braves
6th Boys Gold 2nd place-Lobos
6th Boys Silver Champs-Cascade Christian
6th Boys Silver 2nd place-Bend Lava Bears
6th Girls Champs-Cougar Elite
6th Girls 2nd place-Caldera Prep
7th Boys Champs-Cascade Christian
7th Boys 2nd place-Caldera Prep
7th Boys 3rd place-Trinity
7th Girls Champs-Crane
7th Girls 2nd place-Clutch - RED (6th)
7th Girls-Energy Panthers Red 6th
8th Girls Champs-Clutch - MAROON
8th Girls-Energy Panthers
8th Girls 2nd place-Kennewick Crush
8th Boys Champs-Summit Green
8th Boys 2nd place-Churchill

Canby Girls Winter Basketball Tournament
8th Girls Gold Champs-Camas
8th Girls Silver Champs-Mountainside 
8th Girls Silver 2nd place-Woodburn
7th Girls Silver Pool A Champs-Grant
7th Girls Silver Pool A 2nd place-Oregon City (Wadsworth)
7th Girls Silver Pool B 2nd place-UNDRGRND (Harlan)
6th Girls Silver Champs-Regis
5th Girls Silver Champs-Tualatin (Freepons)
5th Girls Silver 2nd place-West Linn (Schoonover)
4th Girls Silver Champs-Wilsonville (Van Meter)
4th Girls Silver 2nd place-McMinnville (Brisbin)

Clatskanie Tiger Tournament
-OR School teams qualify for OR
-WA School & Club teams Qualify for WA

4th Boys Champs-Jr. Jacks
4th Boys 2nd place-Ilwaco
4th Boys 3rd place-Warrenton
5th Boys Champs-Scappoose
5th Boys 2nd place-Ilwaco
6th Boys Champs-PAC Express
6th Boys 2nd place-Warriors (Ilwaco)
7th Boys Champs-Battle Ground
7th Boys 2nd place-St. Helens
8th Boys Champs-Molalla
8th Boys 2nd place-Battle Ground
8th Boys 3rd place-Knappa
8th Boys 4th place-Tigers
7th/8th Girls Champs-Sunset
7th/8th Girls 2nd place-Longview

January 8-9, 2021
River City Showdown (Clackamas, OR) hosted by HoopSource Basketball
- OR school teams qualify for Oregon State Tournament in Bend/Redmond/Prineville
- OR club teams and all WA teams  qualify for Washington State Tournament in Spokane.  See List

8th Boys D2 2nd place-HV Prep (Reese)
8th Boys D3-Grant (Grey) 
7th Boys D2 Champs-HV Prep (Barhoum)
7th Boys D3 Champs-Lincoln Red
7th Boys D3 2nd place-Gorge Elite (6)
6th Boys D3 Champs-GBA (J. Bays) 
6th Boys D3 2nd place-West Salem Silver
5th Boys D3 Champs-North Bend Warriors 
4th Boys D2 Champs-Gresham
4th Boys D2 2nd place-SWEAT Basketball (Blue) 
8th Girls D2 Champs-Future Titans
8th Girls D3 Champs-Wilsonville Wildcats
8th Girls D3 2nd place-GBA (Mellema)
7th Girls D3 2nd place-Tualatin
6th GIrls D3 2nd place-Roosevelt Black

December 18-19, 2021
Newberg Girls Basketball HOLIDAY HOOPLA
5th Girls Champs-Southridge OBC
5th Girls 2nd place-HV Undergrnd
6th Girls Champs-Tigard
6th Girls 2nd place-Regis
7th Girls Champs-Sherwood 2027 A
7th Girls 2nd place-Forest Grove 
8th Girls Gold Champs-West Salem 
8th Girls Gold 2nd place-Southridge OBC
8th Girls Silver Champs-Yamhill-Carlton
8th Girls Silver 2nd place-Regis

MBA Hoops Winter Classic (Medford)
6th Boys Champs-Lakers
6th Boys 2nd place-North Medford
6th Boys 3rd place-Spartans
7th Boys Champs-Cascade Christian
7th Boys 2nd place-Ashland
7th Boys 3rd place-South Medford Blue
8th Boys Champs-Spartans
8th Boys 2nd place-South Medford
8th Boys 3rd place-North Medford

Clatskanie Tiger Tourney
-OR School teams qualify for OR
-WA School & Club teams Qualify for WA

5th Boys Champs-Knappa
6th Boys Champs-Hamer Electric
6th Boys 2nd place-St Helens
7th Boys Champs-Scappoose
7th Boys 2nd place-Barlow Bruins
8th Boys Champs-Scappoose
8th Boys 2nd place-Astoria Bandits
5th Girls Champs-Cyclones
5th Girls 2nd place-Scappoose
6th Girls Champs-Scappoose
7th Girls 1st place-Coastal Select
7th Girls 2nd place-Crushers

December 11-12, 2021
Lakeside Girls Tourney
4th Girls Silver Champs-West Linn (Ruppe)
4th Girls Silver 2nd place-Sherwood (Flann)
5th Girls Gold Champs-Canby
5th Girls Gold 2nd place-Lakeridge
5th Girls Silver Champs-UGB (Laier)
5th Girls Silver 2nd place-Abernethy
6th Girls Gold-West Linn (Beagley)
6th Girls Silver Champs-Canby (Carter)
6th Girls Silver 2nd place-Mountainside (Rice)
7th Girls Silver Champs-Sunset
7th Girls Silver-Putnam (Manson)
7th Girls Silver-Tigard (Gregory)
8th Girls Gold Champs-HV Prep (Beeler)
8th Girls Gold 2nd place-Tigard (Moehring)
8th Girls Silver Champs-Banks
8th Girls Silver 2nd place-Westview

Tigard Tip Off (Boys)
4th Boys Champs-Tigard (Watts)
5th Boys Champs-West Linn (Price)
5th Boys 2nd place-Tigard (Ellsworth)
6th Boys Champs-Tigard (Watts)
6th Boys-Mountainside (Amano)
6th Boys-Sherwood (O'Connell)
7th Boys A-Mountainside (Thune) 
7th Boys B Champs-West Linn (Hopkins)
7th Boys B 2nd place-Canby East (Collison)
8th Boys A Champs-West Linn (Lee) 
8th Boys A 2nd place-Tigard (Bailey)
8th Boys B Champs-West Linn (Mittlestrass)

December 4-5, 2021
Holiday Hoops Classic (Hermiston, OR)
5th Girls Champs-Hermiston

Tip Off Classic (presented by HoopSource Basketball)
- OR school teams qualify for Oregon State Tournament in Bend/Redmond/Prineville
- OR club teams and all WA teams  qualify for Washington State Tournament in Spokane.  See List

5th Boys D3 2nd place- Sherwood Black
6th Boys D3 Champs-Lincoln 
6th Boys D1 2nd place-West Linn (Toney)
8th Boys North 2nd place-Sherwood (Williams)
8th Boys South Champs-Canby (Gold)
8th Boys D3 Champs-All Saints
5th Boys D1 2nd place- Aloha Ball Club
5th Girls D2- Canby Gold
6th Girls D2/D3 2nd place- Astoria
7th Girls North Champs-Oregon City 2027/2028
7th Girls South Champs-Sherwood 2027
7th Girls South 2nd place-Oregon City 7A
8th Girls D2 2nd place-Tigard TCH

November 27-28, 2021
Kelso Turkey Shootout hosted by Hilander Hoop Club
6th Girls 2nd place-Astoria Fish

November 12-14
Southern Oregon Hoopfest (Central Point)
5th Girls-Grants Pass
5th Girls-Cascade Christian
6th Girls-Grants Pass
6th Girls-Eagle Point
6th Girls-Crater
7th Girls-Crater
7th Girls-North Medford
8th Girls-South Medford
8th Girls-Crater

November 13-14
Autumn Kickoff Classic (Hermiston) - OR and WA teams 
5th Girls Champs-Hermiston 

Programs with 2022 Auto-Qualified teams that had registered for the COVID-canceled 2020 Boys State tourney
Program Directors: Contact Andy Siverly at 541-647-2134 ext. 3 to obtain your discount code for FREE entry to the 2022 State Championship.  Any aged-out teams may transfer their free entry to another team within their program.

All Auto-Qualified teams must sign up their team and roster again for 2022 by going to our Register Team page!
Astoria Bandits
Barlow Bruins
CC Cowboys (Crook County)
East Mo Lions (Cleveland)
Falcons (St. Mary)
Future Celts (McNary)
Future Foxes (Silverton)
Future Spartans (Corvallis)
Grants Pass
Hillsboro Spartans
Junction City
Lake Oswego
Madeleine Bulldogs
Mountain View
Newport Storm
North Marion
North Medford
North Salem
Oregon City
Pleasant Hill
South Medford
South Salem
Sunset Apollos
West Albany Bulldogs 
West Linn
West Salem
Wilson Trojans 

Qualifying team photos are posted on our Facebook page each weekend!


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