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OR Official Game Rules

The State Basketball Championship will use  NFHS Rules (National Federation of State High School Associations), except for the following exceptions:

1) For 6th, 7th, and 8th grades,  two 16 minute stop-clock halves 
For 5th grade, two 14 minute stop-clock halves
 (except for during timeouts, when a team is leading by more than 20 points in the second half, the clock will run continuously until the lead is below 20 points at which time normal stop-clock timing rules apply)

2) 5-minute warm-up time

3) 3-minute halftime

4) 3 Timeouts per game.  1 additional timeout per overtime.

5) 5 Fouls per player

6) All Overtimes are 2 minutes.  Sudden Death after 2 OT's. *In a State Championship game teams will play in as many Overtimes as it takes to determine a winner, no sudden death. 

7) No pressing or trapping with a 25-point lead

Ball Size: 5th & 6th Boys will use 28.5, girls ball, unless by mutual agreement between coaches they choose to play with the regulation 29.5 ball.  7th and 8th boys will use a 29.5 ball.  All girls grades will use a 28.5 ball.

*Each team is required to bring a game ball to each of their games, officials will decide which ball will be used. 

Uniform Colors:  Teams listed on left of schedule (or listed on top of bracket) are Visitors and will wear dark.  Teams listed on right of schedule (or listed on bottom of bracket) are Home and will wear light.  

4-Game Guarantee: All tournament teams will play 4 games.


No-Show Forfeits
- As per NFHS rules, teams must start play with 5 players.
- If a team does not have 5 players on the floor within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time.  The final score will be recorded as 15-0.
- PLEASE NOTE:   Any No-Show Forfeits will also be invoiced for the prorated amount of team entry fee.   Any unpaid invoices may prevent team or any teams in same program from participating at State until payment is received.

In-game Forfeits
- As per NFHS rules, if a forfeit is ruled by officials during a game, then the final score shall be the score at the time of the forfeit (if the teams that wins by forfeit was is in the lead at the time of the forfeit), or the final score will be recorded as 2-0 if the teams that wins by forfeit was tied or trailing at the time of the forfeit. 

Pool Standing Tiebreakers

3-Team and 5-Team Pools Tiebreaker to determine place of finish:
1. Number of Wins
2. Head to Head result
3. Point Differential (Includes ALL pool play games, up to 15 points max per game)
4. Points Allowed (Includes ALL pool play games)
5. Points Scored (Includes ALL pool play games)
6. Coin Flip

4-Team Pools*  A 4-team pool can have no pool play ties as first game winners play each other and first game losers play each other. So the place of finish is determined by:

Winner of both games is 1st place
Winner of first game and loser of second game is 2nd place
Loser of first game and winner of second game is 3rd place
Loser of both games is 4th place.

* Note: 4-team pools within an 8 team division are different and use Round Robin play to determine pool finish. In the event of a tie in one of these pools then the 3-Team Pool Tiebreakers listed above are used.

Participant Conduct: The State Basketball Championship committee reserves the right to eject any player, coach, official or spectator from a facility for objectionable behavior.

Scorekeepers: State Basketball will provide staffing for the book and the clock.

Referee Complaints:  Coaches:  Please address any officiating disputes in a professional manner with your game's designated Court Supervisor and be a great role models for your players.   Parents: If you have an issue with a referee, you must direct it through your coach.