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At Large Bids

Occasionally, the State Tournament Committee will grant a State qualification to a team that showed success in a non-automatic qualifying league or tournament.  If, in the view of the Committee, that team finished near the top against equal or better competition than a State qualifying league or tourney, then an At Large bid to State  may be granted.

Would you like your team to be considered for an invitation to the Michigan Middle School Basketball Championship?  If so, please submit the form below.

2023-24 State Committee At-Large Selections to date:  
8th grade boys: Huron Lakers
8th grade boys: Bates Academy
7th grade boys: North Branch Broncos 
7th grade boys: Mule Nation
7th grade girls: Thunder Bay Shooters 
6th grade girls: Jenison Wildcats
6th grade girls: Soo Lightning 
5th grade girls: Jenison Wildcats
5th grade boys: Jenison Wildcats 

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