2017-18 State Tournament Reps - Colorado

Our State Executive Committee is pleased to announce its 2017-18 State Tournament Reps.  You'll find our Reps in the gym attending State Qualifier tournaments to award golden ticket State invites to the top finishing teams.  You can't miss them wearing their bright orange #SeeYouAtState tshirts.  Please say "hello"!

Kyle Taylor (Parker)
Kyle was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado where he attended Aurora Central High School and transferred to Sheridan High School to finish out.  Kyle has always had a passion for all sports and in particular basketball was his true love.  Starting in 6th Grade, Kyle made a commitment to the game and above all, a commitment to live a healthy lifestyle as well as develop leadership and teamwork.

Kyle was a four year varsity letterman and honor student, was awarded 2nd team All-State, and helped advance his team to their first State Tournament in five years.  Kyle continued his journey to The University of Northern Colorado where he played in the University's first ever All-Star Game in Men's & Co-ed basketball. Kyle is currently Pursuing a degree in Business & Sports Management, and is working on giving back to the community and developing young kids on being active, leadership and overall success as Student-Athletes.

Roman Lee (Broomfield)
Roman Lee graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a concentration in Probability and Statistics in college. He picked up an interest in playing basketball when he was in the 6th grade, where he played organized basketball for the very first time at a YMCA league in Boulder Colorado. In junior high school, he attended Peak to Peak K-12 Charter School in Lafayette, CO where he first played on a team during the 8th grade. He was named a starter for entire season due to his defensive ability and court vision. Roman displayed great leadership on and off the court, leading his 8th grade team to a 6-2 regular season record. In high school, he played on the junior varsity team his freshmen and sophomore years. It wasn't until his sophomore year that he was named a junior varsity captain and promoted to a swinger position that would fill in for varsity games. He led his junior varsity team to an 11-8 regular season record and was highly praised by his coaches. After high school, he held a middle school coaching position at Moore Middle School where he coached a co-ed 7th and 8th grade basketball team. Despite facing many challenges coaches experience today, Roman acknowledges coaching made him understand different aspects of the game and one day he hopes to possibly return to the sidelines when his recreational playing days are over. During college, he also worked part time as a youth athletic supervisor for the City and County of Broomfield where he supervised youth athletic sports such as basketball, lacrosse, baseball, and softball. He not only supervised parents and gym facilities but he also took part as a referee from the 2014 to 2017 winter seasons. Additionally, Roman enjoys the adrenaline rush of being on the field and dealing with the theatrics of parents, coaches and players. Previously, Roman has played in the Hmong Colorado Basketball league, a league full of Hmong Asian American basketball players aged 18-40, where he led his Colorado Wizards team to a championship in the 2013 season. He no longer plays in recreational basketball leagues but still focuses on diet and weight training today. He hopes to stay engaged in the community and give back to youth athletic sports.  

Chris Williams (Parker)
Chris Williams is originally from Chicago, Illinois where he attended and played basketball at Mt. Carmel High School. He also played club basketball at Augustana College (Illinois) as well as refereed many levels of basketball throughout Illinois and Iowa.  Chris now lives in Parker, Colorado where he trains his brother and high school teammates on weekends.   As you can tell, “ball is life” for this guy.