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2021-22 Qualified teams to date

State Qualified teams will be listed here as Qualifier tournaments and leagues are completed. The State Eligibility Committee will place all qualifying teams in the appropriate division, "Club" or "School/Community" and then - as number of entries allow - Gold or Silver within the division.

At Large Bids   Occasionally, the State Committee will grant a State qualification to a team based on its overall body of work throughout the regular season.  View At-Large application and bids granted season-to-date

Check out our Facebook page with a growing collection of Qualifier photos.

Questions about Qualifying?  Contact Tournament Director, Pauline Kibathi, via email or phone 316-448-3284 ext. 707

Next Up:

February 12, 2022
MAYB Manhattan 
2nd/ 3rd Boys Champs- Derby Panthers
2nd/ 3rd Boys 2nd Place- CM3T
4th/ 5th Boys Champs- GABL Future 2030
4th/ 5th Boys 2nd Place- WCS Wolf Pack
4th/5th Girls Champs- Sparks
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place- Rock Creek Lady Stangs
5th Boys Champs- *
5th Boys 2nd Place- *
6th Boys Champs- *
6th Boys 2nd Place-  *
6th Girls Champs- Tribe 2028
6th Girls 2nd Place-  Blitz
7th/8th Girls Champs-  SSA Gameball
7th /8th Girls 2nd Place-  785 Athletics

February 12, 2022
MAYB Cheney 
4th Boys Champs- Cardinals
4th Boys 2nd Place- Cloudy City Warriors
4th/5th Girls Champs- Running Rebels
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place- Wildcats
5th Boys Champs- Andover Bucks
5th Boys 2nd Place- *
6th Boys Red Champs- Wichita Blue Devils
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-  Owls
6th Boys Black Champs- *
6th Boys Black 2nd Place-  *
7th Boys Champs-  Pratt Ballers
7th Boys 2nd Place-  Cardinals
7th/8th Girls Champs-  Wellington 8th
7th /8th Girls 2nd Place-  2point0
8th Boys Champs-  Andale 
8th Boys 2nd Place-  Sterling Black Bears

February 12, 2022
MAYB Wichita 
3rd/4th Girls Champs- Prevailers Elite
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place- *
4th/5th Boys Champs- Kansas Stars
4th/5th Boys 2nd Place- Derby Panthers - Railburn
5th/6th Girls White Champs- Lady Eagles
5th/6th Girls White 2nd Place- Hesston
5th/6th Girls Red Champs- Kansas United 2029
5th/6th Girls Red 2nd Place- Lady Wildcats
6th Boys Champs-  Team Peace
6th Boys 2nd Place-  Hays Herd

February 5-6, 2022
Fort Scott Tournament  
3rd Boys Champs-  *
3rd Boys Champs-  *
3rd/4th Girls Champs-  *
3rd/ 4th Girls 2nd Place-  *
4th Boys Champs- *
4th Boys 2nd Place- *
5th Boys Champs- *
5th Boys 2nd Place - *
5th/6th Girls Champs A- *
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place- *
5th/6th Girls Champs B- *
5th/6th Girls Champs - *
6th Boys Champs- *
6th Boys 2nd Place-  *
7th/8th Girls Champs-  *
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-  *

February 5-6, 2022
WCS No Zone Tournament  
3rd Boys Champs-  Salina Flyers - Spraque
3rd Boys Champs-  Salina Nets 
3rd/4th Girls Champs-  WCS Lee
3rd/ 4th Girls 2nd Place-  WCS Blue Williams
4th Boys Champs- Topeka Matrix
4th Boys 2nd Place- Salina Flyers
5th Boys Champs- ICT Venom
5th Boys 2nd Place - Salina Flyers
5th/6th Girls Champs A- WCS 5th Lee
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place- NLT
5th/6th Girls Champs B- Concordia Cats
5th/6th Girls Champs - Chapman
6th Boys Champs- WCS Dragons
6th Boys 2nd Place-  SES Jets
7th/8th Girls Champs-  WCS OE Black 8
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-  Chargers

February 5, 2022
KYBT Great Bend  
3rd/4th Boys Champs-  Buhler
3rd/4th Boys Champs-  GC Buffs
3rd/4th Girls Champs-  Larned Indians 
3rd/ 4th Girls Champs-  Hoisington Cardinals
5th/6th Boys Champs- Kansa United 2029
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place- Runnin Rebels
5th/6th Girls Champs- Buhler
5th/6th Girls Champs - Kansas United 28

February 5, 2022
MAYB Wichita 
3rd Girls Champs- Lady Prime
3rd Girls 2nd Place- Hot Shots
4th Boys Black Champs- RDC Patriot 4th
4th Boys Black 2nd Place- Agilign Fair
4th Boys Red Champs- KS - Haven Wildcats
4th Boys Red 2nd Place- Cloud City Warriors
4th/5th Girls Champs- Running Rebels
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place- Eagles
5th Boys Champs- Andover Jaguars
5th Boys 2nd Place- Derby Panthers - Railburn
5th/6th Boys Champs- Andover Bucks
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place- Tarhawks
5th/6th Girls Champs- Lady Eagles
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place- NLE 2028 Bailey
6th Boys Red Champs- Owls
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-  ICT Suns
6th Boys Black Champs- RDC Patriot 6
6th Boys Black 2nd Place-  Wildcats
6th/7th Boys White Champs-  WCS Stealers
6th/7th Boys White 2nd Place-  Hesston Red
6th/7th Boys Black Champs-  Pratt Ballers
6th/7th Boys Black 2nd Place-  RDC Patriot 7
7th Girls Red Champs-  Buhler Crusaders
7th Girls Red 2nd Place-  WCS OE White
7th Girls Black Champs-  2point0
7th Girls Black 2nd Place-  Wichita Raptors
8th Boys Champs-  Hoisington Cardinals
8th Boys 2nd Place-  Andale 
8th Girls Champs-  Hot Shots
8th Girls 2nd Place-  WCS OE Black

January 29, 2022
Little Apple Classic 
3rd  Girls Champs-  Topeka Insanity
3rd Girls 2nd Place-  Rivals
5th Boys Purple Champs- Wamego Jr Raiders
5th Boys Purple 2nd Place- Rock Creek Mustangs Black
5th Boys White Champs- Manhattan Storm
5th Boys White 2nd Place- Chapman
5th Girls Champs- Midwest Mavericks
5th Girls 2nd Place- Lady Stars
6th Boys Champs- Swish
6th Boys 2nd Place- KC Hustle

January 29, 2022

MAYB Lindsborg 
2nd/3rd  Boys Champs-  McPherson Bullups 2031
2nd/3rd Boys Champs-  Great Bend Panthers
3rd/4th Girls Champs- Lady Prime
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place- Larned Lady Indians
4th Girls Champs- Eagles
4th Girls 2nd Place- Wichita Stars
4th/5th Girls Champs- Lady Prime
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place- Larned Lady Indians
5th Boys Champs- Mid Kansas 2029
5th Boys 2nd Place- McPherson Bullups
6th Boys Champs- Wichita Blue Devils
6th Boys 2nd Place-  Tribe 2028
6th/7th Girls Champs-  Lady Stangs
6th/7th Girls 2nd Place-  Tribe 2028

January 29, 2022
MAYB Kingman 
3rd/4th Boys Champs-  Team ICT 2031
3rd Boys Champs-  Wichita Wolfpack
5th/6th Girls Champs-  KS - Chaos
5th/ 6th Girls 2nd Place-  Buhler Crusaders  
6th Boys Black Champs- Team ICT 2028
6th Boys Black 2nd Place-  ICT Suns
6th Boys Black 2nd Place-  Runnin' Rebels
6th Boys Red Champs- Sedgwick Cardinals
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-  Augusta Orioles
7th/8th Boys Champs-  Pratt Ballers
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place-  Monarchs
7th/8th Girls Champs-  2Point0
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-  Buhler Crusaders

January 29, 2022
MAYB Wichita 
3rd/4th Boys Champs-  Agilign Fair
3rd/4th Boys Champs-  Augusta Jets
4th/5th Boys Champs- Derby Panthers - Railburn
4th/5th Boys 2nd Place- Raiders
5th Boys Champs- Andover Bucks
5th Boys 2nd Place- Kansas Defenders 2029 McCray
7th/8th Girls Champs-  Hot Shots
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-  Wellington Queens

January 22, 2022
Clay Center Youth Basketball 
3rd  Boys Champs-  RC Mustangs
3rd Boys 2nd Place-  Riley County Falcons
3rd  Girls Champs-  Rivals
3rd Girls 2nd Place-  Linn Bulldogs
4th Boys Champs- Topeka Matrix
4th Boys 2nd Place- Chapman
4th Girls Champs- Lady Pups 2030
4th Girls 2nd Place- MHK Ballers
5th Boys Champs- Rock Creek Black
5th Boys 2nd Place- Jr. Raiders
5th Girls Champs-  Lady Pups 29
5th Girls 2nd Place-  Riley County Falcons
6th Boys Champs- Dawgs
6th Boys 2nd Place-  RC Mustangs
6th Girls Champs-  Swish
6th Girls 2nd Place-  Lady Pups 2028

January 22, 2022
MAYB Wichita 
3rd  Boys Champs-  Bulls
3rd Boys Champs-  Wishockem 
4th/5th Boys Champs- Wichita Crusaders 
4th/5th Boys 2nd Place- Cloud City Warriors
4th/5th Girls Champs- NLE Loy 2030
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place- Kobras
5th Boys Champs- ICT Venom 
5th Boys 2nd Place- Hays Tribe Funk 
5th Girls Champs-  Lady Eagles 
5th Girls 2nd Place-  Running Rebels 
6th Boys Black Champs- Team Peace
6th Boys Black 2nd Place-  Owls
6th Boys Red Champs- McPherson Bullups
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-  TarHawks
6th Girls Champs-  Tribe 2028
6th Girls 2nd Place-  SSA Gameball Black
7th/8th Girls Champs-  Lady PGU
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-  Larned Indians

January 16, 2022
3rd  Girls Champs- Topeka Insanity 
3rd Girls Champs-  Concordia Panthers
4th Girls White Champs-  Lady Raiders 
4th Girls White 2nd Place-  Clifton Clyde
4th Girls Red Champs- Top Gunners 
4th Girls Red 2nd Place-  Manhattan Swish
5th Girls White Champs- Lady Raiders
5th Girls White 2nd Place- Hot Shots
6th Girls White Champs- Surge - Topeka
6th Girls White 2nd Place-Lady Raiders
6th Girls Red Champs- Osage City Indians
6th Girls Red 2nd Place- *
7th/8th Girls Red Champs- Lady Stangs - Frazee
7th/8th Girls Red 2nd Place- Riley County
7th/8th Girls White Champs- Chapman
7th/8th Girls White 2nd Place- Wamego - Hargitt

January 15, 2022
3rd  Boys Champs- Kansas Ice
3rd Boys 2nd Place-  Rock Creek Mustangs
4th Boys Red Champs-  The Dawgs
4th Boys 2nd Place-  Riley County - Steiner
5th Boys Champs- Emporia Jr. Spartans
5th Boys 2nd Place- Wamego (McDiffett)
5th Boys Red Champs-   SuperSonics
5th Boys Red 2nd Place-  Wamego Jr Raiders
6th Boys Blue Champs- Dawgs (Rossville)
6th Boys Blue 2nd Place-  Topeka Lightning
6th Boys White Champs- Wamgeo (Johnson)
6th Boys White 2nd Place- Panthers
6th Boys Red Champs- Topeka Vikings
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-Kansas Kings

January 15, 2022
MAYB Lawrence 
2nd/3rd  Boys Champs- St. Joseph Legacy
2nd/ 3rd Boys Champs-  Swarming Sasquatches 
3rd/4th Girls Champs-  *
3rd/4th Girls Champs-  *
4th/5th Boys Champs- GABL Future 5th 2029
4th/5th Boys 2nd Place- Wolfpack Gray
5th Boys Blue Champs- Wolfpack 4th
5th Boys Blue 2nd Place- St. Joseph Legacy
5th Boys Red Champs- Swarming Sasquatches
5th Boys Red 2nd Place- GABL Future 2030
5th/6th Girls Champs-  Eclipse 6th Black 
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-  Harrisonville Lady Wildcats
6th Boys Blue Champs- Wolfpack 5th 
6th Boys Blue 2nd Place- KC Hustle
6th Boys Red Champs- MBC Billberry
6th Boys Red 2nd Place- KS United 5th/6th
6th Girls Champs-  Dominators
6th Girls 2nd Place-  KC Hustle
6th/7th Boys Champs- MBC Milliren 
6th/7th Boys 2nd Place- Wolfpack 6th
8th Girls Champs-  Kansas Elite
8th Girls 2nd Place-  Savannah Swish

January 15, 2022
MAYB Wichita 
2nd/3rd  Girls Champs-  Hot Shots
2nd/ 3rd Girls Champs-  Lady Prime
3rd  Boys Champs-  Team ICT 2031
3rd Boys Champs-  Derby Panthers
4th Boys Champs- Wichita Basketball Society
4th Boys 2nd Place- Agilign Fair
4th Girls Champs- Pistols
4th Girls 2nd Place- Wishockem Lady Ballers 2030
5th Boys Red Champs- Derby Panthers Enochs
5th Boys Red 2nd Place- Kansas Rebels
5th Boys Black Champs- Hesston
5th Boys Black 2nd Place- Salina Flyers
5th Boys Gold Champs- Kansas United 2029
5th Boys Gold 2nd Place- Kansas Defenders 2029 McCray
5th Girls Champs-  Team Swish
5th Girls 2nd Place-  Wellington Queens
5th/6th Girls Champs-  WCS Blue Team Lee
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-  KS- Wichita Express 2029 Evans
6th Boys Red Champs- Hays Herd
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-  ICT Suns 
6th/7th Boys Champs- Wichita Players
6th/7th Boys Black 2nd Place-  Team ICT 2028
6th Girls Champs-  Hesston
6th Girls 2nd Place-  Lady Wildcats
7th Girls Red Champs-  Wishockem Lady Ballers
7th Girls Red 2nd Place-  Buhler Crusaders
7th Girls Black Champs-  Kansas United 2028
7th Girls Black 2nd Place-  Wichita Raptors
8th Girls Red Champs-  Wellington Queens
8th Girls Red 2nd Place- Cyclones
8th Girls Black Champs-  Wheaton State Elite 2026 Nicholson
8th Girls Black 2nd Place-  Wichita Storm

January 9, 2022
Brawl in the Burg 
3rd  Boys Champs-  Chaos
3rd Boys  2nd Place-  Pittsburg Warriors
3rd  Girls Champs-  CJ Fire
3rd  Girls  2nd Place-  Sparks 
4th Boys Champs-  Girard Bulls
4th Boys 2nd Place-  Defenders
4th Girls  Champs- SEK Sparks
4th Girls 2nd Place- Fort Scott Tigers
5th Boys Champs-  Collinsvillve DirtyBirds
5th  Boys 2nd Place-  CJ Bulldogs
5th Girls Champs-  Pitt Dream
5th Girls 2nd Place-  Comets Academy
6th Boys  Champs-  Pittsburg Youth
6th Boys 2nd Place-  Pittsburg Miners
6th Girls Champs-  Diamonds
6th Girls 2nd Place- Raiders

January 8-9, 2022
KYBT Pratt 
3rd/4th Boys Champs-  *
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-  *
3rd/4th Girls Champs-  *
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place-  *
5th/6th Boys Champs- *
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place- *


January 8, 2022
MAYB Salina 
3rd  Boys Black Champs-  McPherson Bullups 2031
3rd Boys Black Champs-  El Sueno
3rd  Boys Red Champs-  Derby Panthers
3rd Boys Red Champs-  Great Bend Panthers
3rd/4th Boys Champs-  Wichita Wolfpack
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-  Team ICT 2031
4th Girls Black Champs- Lady Stars 2030
4th Girls Black 2nd Place- Wichita Stars
4th Girls Red Champs- Tribe 2028
4th Girls Red 2nd Place- Hays Herd
5th Boys Champs-  Hesston
5th  Boys 2nd Place-  Salina Flyers
5th Girls Champs-  Running Rebels
5th Girls 2nd Place-  NLE Loys 2029
6th Boys Black Champs-  Team ICT 2028
6th Boys Black 2nd Place-  Wildcats
6th Boys Red Champs-  Hays Herd
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-  Tribe 2028
6th Girls Champs-  Tribe 2028
6th Girls 2nd Place- NLE Bailey 2028
7th/8th  Girls Champs- Hays Herd
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place- Wamego Red Raiders

January 8, 2022
MAYB Wichita 
4th/5th Boys Champs- Kansas Stars
4th/5th Boys 2nd Place- Force
5th Boys Champs- Kansas Defenders
5th Boys 2nd Place- Cardinals
5th/6th Boys Champs- Andover Shockers 2029
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place- Topeka SuperSonics
5th/6th Girls Champs- Wishockem Lady Cheetahs 
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place- Buhler Crusaders
6th Boys Red Champs- *
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-  *
6th Boys Black Champs- Wichita Players
6th Boys Black 2nd Place-  Wichita Blue Devils
7th/8th Girls Champs-  Next Level McCorry 2026
7th/8th  Girls 2nd Place-  Wishockem Lady Ballers

JCPRD Winter League Session 1 
3rd Boys Champs - Bandits 
3rd Boys 2nd Place-  Livin' The Dream
2nd/3rd Girls Champs - Flying Monkeys 
2nd/3rd Girls 2nd Place-  Hot Shots 
4th Boys Champs-  Basehor Bobcats
4th Boys 2nd Place-  Maranatha Eagles 
4th Girls Champs- KC Queens
4th Girls 2nd Place- Shock
5th Boys Champs A- KC Thunder 
5th Boys 2nd Place A- Metro Mavericks
5th Boys Champs B- F3 Desoto
5th  Boys 2nd Place B- Giants Black
5th Girls Champs- Livin' The Dream
5th Girls 2nd Place- Kennedy Raptors 
6th Boys Champs 1- LV Kings
6th Boys 2nd Place 1- Lightning
6th Boys Champs 2- Metro Mavericks
6th Boys 2nd Place 2- SBA Silver
6th Boys Champs 3- KC Storm
6th Boys 2nd Place 3- SBA Black
6th/7th Girls Champs- Livin' The Dream
6th/7th Girls 2nd Place- KC Attack
7th Boys Champs - Soldiers 2
7th Boys 2nd Place - Lions
8th Boys Champs - KC Thunder
8th Boys 2nd Place - Soldiers 1

December 18, 2021
Comets Academy 
3rd/4th Boys Champs-  *
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place- Net Rippers
5th/6th Boys Champs- PITT Youth
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place- Comets Academy
5th/6th Girls Champs- Uniontown
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place- Indy Orange

December 18, 2021
MAYB Lawrence 
4th Boys Champs-  GABL Future
4th Boys 2nd Place-  MBC Evans
4th Girls Champs- Topeka 
4th Girls 2nd Place- Wolfpack
5th Boys Champs- Wolfpack
5th Boys 2nd Place- MBC Wilkinson
5th/6th Girls Champs- Blitz
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place- Tornadoes
6th Boys Blue Champs- MBC Phifer
6th Boys Blue 2nd Place- LTD Blue
6th Boys Red Champs- LTD White
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-  KS United 5th/6th
6th/7th Girls Champs- Lady Stangs
6th/7th Girls 2nd Place- Tribe 2028
7th/8th Boys Champs-  KC Threat
7th/8th  Boys 2nd Place-  HoopStarz


December 18, 2021
MAYB Wichita 
3rd/4th Boys Champs-  Team ICT 2031
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-  Agilign Fair
4th/5th Boys Champs- Andover Bucks
4th/5th Boys 2nd Place- Kansas Stars
5th/6th Boys Champs- Kansas Defenders
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place- Sterling
5th/6th Girls Champs- Lady Eagles
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place- SSA/Gameball Black
6th Boys Champs- Alphas
6th Boys 2nd Place-  Wildcats
7th/8th Boys Champs-  Kansas Hoop Dreams 27
7th/8th  Boys 2nd Place-  Mavs
8th Boys Champs-  Team ICT 2026
8th Boys 2nd Place-  Andover Ducks

December 18, 2021
MAYB Hutchison 
3rd/4th Boys Champs-  Wichita Wolfpack
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-  Mustangs
3rd/4th Girls Champs- Wichita Stars
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place- St. John Tigers
5th Boys Champs-  Mid Kansas 2029
5th  Boys 2nd Place-  Andover Jaguars
5th Girls Champs-  Running Rebels 
5th Girls 2nd Place-  Wildcats
6th Boys Black Champs-  Kansas United 2029
6th Boys Black 2nd Place-  Hays Herd
6th Boys Red Champs-  Tarhawks
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-  Hesston
6th Girls Champs-  Buhler Crusaders
6th Girls 2nd Place- Ellsworth Bearcats
8th  Boys Champs- 316 Swoosh
8th Boys 2nd Place- Westside Warriors

December 12, 2021
Frontenac Fast Break 

3rd Boys Champs- Pittsburg Warriors
3rd Boys 2nd Place- Raiders 
4th Girls Champs- Salina Warriors Oklahoma 
4th Girls 2nd Place- Sparks
5th Boys Champs- Independence Warriors
5th Boys 2nd Place- Chanute Comets
6th Boys Champs- Carl Junction 
6th Boys 2nd Place- Raiders
6th Girls Champs- Pittsburg Diamonds
6th Girls 2nd Place- Pitt Dream


December 11, 2021
Salina Holiday Classic 
3rd Boys Champs- Salina Flyers
3rd Boys 2nd Place- *
4th Boys Champs- Salina Flyers
4th Boys 2nd Place- Warriors 2030
5th Boys Champs- *
5th Boys 2nd Place- *
6th Boys Champs- SEC Jets
6th Boys 2nd Place- Salina Flyers
6th Girls Champs- Tribe 2028
6th Girls 2nd Place- *

December 11, 2021
MAYB Topeka
4th/5th Boys Champs- *
4th/5th Boys 2nd Place- *
6th Boys Champs- Burlington Cats
6th Boys 2nd Place- *
6th/7th Boys Champs- Emporia Warriors
6th/7th Boys 2nd Place- *

December 11, 2021
MAYB Wichita 
5th Boys Champs- Andover Bucks
5th Boys 2nd Place- Ark City Flatheads
5th/6th Girls Champs- Wildcats
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place- NLE Carbonell 2029 
6th Boys Champs- Spartans
6th Boys 2nd Place- Tigers
6th/7th Boys Champs- Mulvane Wildcats
6th/7th 2nd Place- Owls
7th/8th Boys Red Champs- Westside Warriors
7th/8th  Boys Red 2nd Place- Spartans
7th/8th Boys Black Champs- Wichita ABE
7th/8th Boys Black 2nd Place- Andover Bucks

December 11, 2021
MAYB McPherson 

3rd Boys Champs- McPherson Bullups 2031
3rd Boys 2nd Place- Kansas Ice
3rd Girls Champs- WCS Blue Team Lee 
3rd Girls 2nd Place- Panthers
3rd/4th Boys Champs- Kansas Defenders 2031
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place- Wichita Wolfpack
4th Girls Champs- Lady Pups 2030
4th Girls 2nd Place- WCS Red Team Williams
5th Girls Champs- Running Rebels
5th Girls 2nd Place- McPherson Lady Pups
5th/6th Boys Champs- Hesston
5th/6th  Boys 2nd Place- Hoisington Cardinals
6th Girls Champs- Buhler Crusaders
6th Girls 2nd Place- Lady Pups
7th/8th  Boys Champs- McPherson Bullpups 8th
7th/8th  Boys 2nd Place- Hutch Heat 2026

December 11, 2021
MAYB Hays 

2nd/3rd Girls Champs- Hays Tribe 2031
2nd/3rd Girls 2nd Place- Hays Tribe
3rd/4th Boys Champs- Hays Tribe 2030
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place- Hays Herd 2030
4th/5th Girls Champs- Hays Tribe 2029
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place-  Hoisington Cardinals 5th
5th Boys Champs- Hays Tribe Funk
5th Boys 2nd Place- Hays Tribe
6th Boys Black Champs- Kansas United 2029
6th Boys Black 2nd Place- Cagers
6th Boys Red Champs- Hays Herd
6th Boys Red 2nd Place- Kansas United

December 4-5, 2021
Abilene Basketball Association
4th Boys Champs- Young Jays
4th Boys 2nd Place- Bulls 
5th Boys Champs- Wamego
5th Boys 2nd Place- Wildcats
5th Girls Champs- Lawrence Magic
5th Girls 2nd Place- Riley County Falcons
6th Boys Champs- Bulls 
6th Boys 2nd Place- WCS Dragons
6th Girls Champs- Manhattan Blitz 
6th Girls 2nd Place- Abilene Cowgirls

December 4, 2021
MAYB Wichita 
2nd/3rd Boys Champs- Derby Panthers
2nd/3rd Boys 2nd Place- CM3T
2nd/3rd Girls Champs- WCS Blue Team Lee
2nd/3rd Girls 2nd Place- Prevailers Elite
3rd Girls Champs- Dribble Dive Lady Elite
3rd Girls 2nd Place- Hot Shots
3rd/4th Boys Champs- Team ICT 2031
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place- Cloud City Warriors
4th Boys Champs- Kansas Stars
4th Boys 2nd Place- Force 
4th Girls Champs- Wishockem Lady Ballers
4th Girls 2nd Place- Eagles
4th/5th Girls Champs- Lady Stars 2030
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place- Kansas United 2030
5th Boys Champs- Springfield Lions
5th Boys 2nd Place- Hesston
5th/6th Boys Champs- Andover Bucks 
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place- Kansas Defenders  
5th Girls Black Champs- Kansas United 2029
5th Girls Black 2nd Place- BTR White 2029
5th Girls Red Champs- Wishockem Lady Cheetahs
5th Girls Red 2nd Place- WCS Blue Team Lee
6th Boys Black Champs- Cagers
6th Boys Black 2nd Place- Team Peace
6th Boys Red Champs- Burlingotn Cats 
6th Boys Red 2nd Place- Tigers
6th Boys Blue Champs- Sedgwick Cardinals 
6th Boys Blue 2nd Place- ICT Suns
6th Girls Champs - JYD Crimson 
6th Girls 2nd Place- Cheney Cardinals 
6th/7th Girls Champs- Kansas United 
6th/7th Girls 2nd Place- JYD Chartreuse
7th Boys Red Champs- Spartans 
7th Boys Red 2nd Place- Wichita Express
7th/8th Boys Red Champs- KS Players 2027
7th/8th Boys Red 2nd Place- Wichita Padres Keim 
7th/8th Boys Black Champs- Wichita Padres Jared
7th/8th Boys Black 2nd Place- Burlington Bobcats 
8th Boys Black Champs- Powerhouse Hoops 2026 
8th Boys Black 2nd Place-  Team ICT 2026
8th Boys Red Champs- McPherson Bullpups 
8th Boys Red 2nd Place- OK - FAE

December 4, 2021
Basehor-Linwood Bobcats Tournament  
4th Boys Champs- LTD  
4th Boys 2nd Place- Bobcats
5th Boys Champs- Bobcats - Schwisow
5th Boys 2nd Place- KC Nets
6th Boys Champs- Liberty Bearcats
6th Boys 2nd Place- Dominators 2028
6th Girls Champs- Dominators
6th Girls 2nd Place- Northland Elite
7th Boys Champs- Thunder Blue
7th Boys 2nd Place- Soldiers 2
8th Boys Champs-  KC Spurs
8th Boys 2nd Place- KC Thunder

November 21th, 2022
Olathe Turkey Shootout 
5th Boys Champs- Giants
5th Boys 2nd Place- Sky Goats

November 20th, 2021
MAYB Lawrence
2nd/3rd Boys Champs- Bulls
2nd/3rd Boys 2nd Place- Swarming Sasquatches
4th Girls Champs- Lady Stars 2030
4th Girls 2nd Place-  Lady Stars 3rd
4th/5th Boys Champs - Wolfpack
4th/5th Boys 2nd Place-Swarming Sasquatches
5th Boys Champs- MBC Wilkinson
5th Boys 2nd Place- Wolfpack
5th/6th Girls Champs- KC Hustle
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place- Swish
6th Boys Champs - KC Grit & Grind
6th Boys 2nd Place- MBC Phifer
6th/7th Boys Champs- MBC Milliken
6th/7th Boys 2nd Place- Wolfpack
7th/8th Girls Champs- Millard North Lady Mustangs Blue
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place- Phenom
7th Boys Champs-  MBC Gordon
7th Boys 2nd Place- RC Mustangs
8th Boys Champs- Abilene Defenders
8th Boys 2nd Place- MBC Perry

November 20th, 2021
MAYB Wichita
3rd/4th Boys Champs- Team ICT 2031 
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place- Wichita Wolfpack
3rd/4th Girls Champs- Pistols 
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place-  Dr. Tyler Miller Wishockem Lady Ballers 
4th/5th Boys Champs- Kansas Defenders 
4th/5th Boys 2nd Place- Kansas Stars
5th Girls Champs- Next Level Eclipse Loy 2029
5th Girls 2nd Place- Running Rebels 
5th/6th Girls Champs- Tribe 2028
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-  Lady Eagles
6th Boys Black Champs- Sedgwick Cardinals
6th Boys Black 2nd Place- Tigers
6th Boys Red Champs- Team ICT 2028
6th Boys Red 2nd Place- Wildcats
7th/8th Boys Champs-  Force
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place- Wichita ABE
8th Boys Champs-  Team ICT 2026 
8th Boys 2nd Place- Andover Bucks 

November 13th, 2021
MAYB Salina
3rd Girls Champs-Topeka Insanity 
3rd/4th Boys Champs-Haven Wildcats
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-Salina Flyers
5th/6th Girls Champs-Chaos
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Tribe 2028
5th Boys Champs-ICT Venom
5th Boys 2nd Place-Andover Jaguars 
6th Boys Champs-Cagers
6th Boys 2nd Place-Wildcats
7th/8th Boys Champs-Cougars
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place-Mustang

November 13th, 2021
MAYB Wichita
4th/5th Boys Champs-Kansas Stars
4th/5th Girls Champs-Wichita Stars
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place-Eagles
5th Girls Champs-Wishockem Lady Cheetahs 
6th/7th Boys Champs-Mulvane Wildcats
6th/7th Boys 2nd Place-Wichita Wildcats
7th/8th Boys Champs-Wichita Thunder
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place-Primetime Express

2020-21 Qualified Teams below: 
February 20th, 2021
Holcomb Shootout
3rd/4th Boys Champs-SW Heat
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-GC Herd 
3rd/4th Boys 3rd Place-Run With Us
3rd/4th Girls Champs-Dodge City Lady Cagers
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place-Tiny Toons
5th/6th Boys Black Champs-Gruver Houndball
5th/6th Boys Black 2nd Place-Hugoton Lightning 
5th/6th Boys Orange Champs-Ulysses Tigers
5th/6th Boys Orange 2nd Place-UTown Tigers
5th/6th Boys Orange 3rd Place-Ulysses Jr. Tigers
5th/6th Girls Champs-Lakin 
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Stampede
5th/6th Girls 3rd Place-Ulysses Jr. Tigers 
7th/8th Girls Champs-Colby
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-Guymon Shooting Stars 

February 20th, 2021
2nd/3rd Boys Champs-Hays Tribe 2030
2nd/3rd Boys 2nd Place-Phillipsburg All-Stars
3rd/4th Girls Champs-Salina Storm 2029
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 2029
4th Boys Champs-Hoisington Cardinals
4th Boys 2nd Place-Hays Tribe- Funk
5th Boys Champs-Runnin Rebels
5th Boys 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 2028
5th Girls Champs-Hays Tribe 2028
5th Girls 2nd Place-Hays Herd
6th Boys Champs-Hays Herd
6th Boys 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 2027
6th Girls Champs-Hays Tribe 2027
6th Girls 2nd Place-Salina Storm
7th Girls Champs-KS Dream Team
7th Girls 2nd Place-Colby Hot Shots
7th/8th Boys Champs-Pratt Defenders 
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place-Monarchs 
8th Girls Champs-Blend
8th Girls 2nd Place-KS Dream Team 

February 20th, 2021
MAYB Wichita
2nd/3rd Boys Champs-Topeka Matrix
2nd/3rd Boys 2nd Place-Team ICT 2031
4th Boys Champs-Andover Jaguars
4th Boys 2nd Place-Hesston
5th Boys Champs-Team ICT 2029
5th Boys 2nd Place-Team Peace
5th/6th Girls Champs-Chaos
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Buhler Crusaders 
6th Boys Champs-Hutch Heat
6th Boys 2nd Place-Little Cats
6th/7th Boys Champs-Sterling Black Bears
6th/7th Boys 2nd Place-Hesston Black
7th Girls Champs-Cheney
7th Girls 2nd Place-Wichita Storm
8th Boys Champs-Cheney
8th Boys 2nd Place-Andale
8th Girls Champs-SSA/Gameball 
8th Girls 2nd Place-Cheney
8th Girls 3rd Place-Team Price 

February 20th, 2021
MAYB Wellington
3rd/4th Boys Champs-ETP 2029
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-WS Warriors 
4th/5th Girls Champs-Next Level Eclipse 
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Wildcats 
5th Boys Champs-KS Vikings
5th Boys 2nd Place-Owls
6th Boys Champs-Kansas Kings
6th Boys 2nd Place-SES Swish 
6th/7th Girls Champs-Wellington 7th 
6th/7th Girls 2nd Place-VC Hornets 
8th Girls Champs-Wellington 
8th Girls 2nd Place-ETP25

February 13-14th, 2021
MAYB Hesston
4th/5th Girls Champs-Next Level Eclipse
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place-Ottawa Tornadoes 
5th Boys Champs-Hays Tribe 2028
5th Boys 2nd Place-Tarhawks
6th Boys Black Champs-Pratt Ballers
6th Boys Black 2nd Place-Wamego Warriors
6th Boys Red Champs-RC Mustangs
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-Hesston
6th Girls Champs-Sugar Racers
6th Girls 2nd Place-Hesston
7th Boys Champs-Hesston
7th Boys 2nd Place-Garden Plain
7th/8th Girls Champs-Halstead
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-VC Hornets 
8th Boys Champs-Cheney
8th Boys 2nd Place-Andale
8th Girls Champs-Hesston
8th Girls 2nd Place-Buhler Crusaders

February 13th, 2021
Hugoton Jr. Blue and Red Classic
3rd/4th Boys Champs-Panhandle Elite
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-Perryton Rangers 
5th/6th Boys Champs-Gruver Houndball
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place-Hugoton
5th/6th Girls Champs-TC Thunder
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-*

February 12-13th, 2021
MAYB Wichita
2nd/3rd Boys Champs-Raiders
2nd/3rd Boys 2nd Place-WS Warriors
2nd/3rd Girls Champs-*
2nd/3rd Girls 2nd Place-*
4th Boys Black Champs-ICT Venom
4th Boys Black 2nd Place-Andover Jaguars 
4th Boys Red Champs-Cardinals
4th Boys Red 2nd Place-Derby Panthers 
4th Girls Champs-Lady Eagles
4th Girls 2nd Place-Next Level Eclipse 
4th/5th Boys Champs-Team ICT 2029
4th/5th Boys 2nd Place-Owls 
5th Boys Champs-Team ICT
5th Boys 2nd Place-Wildcats 
6th Boys Black Champs-Kansas United 2027
6th Boys Black 2nd Place-Wichita Grizzlies Elite 2027
6th Boys Red Champs-Eagles
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-Wildcats Elite
6th Girls Black Champs-Kansas United 2027
6th Girls Black 2nd Place-Wichita Express 
6th Girls Red Champs-Wellington Queens
6th Girls Red 2nd Place-Lady Pups
7th Girls Champs-Express 2026 Miller
7th Girls 2nd Place-Hot Shots 

February 6-7th, 2021
MAYB Wichita
3rd/4th Girls Champs-Team Swish
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place-Top Gunners
4th Boys Black Champs-Andover Jaguars
4th Boys Black 2nd Place-Hesston
4th Boys Red Champs-KS United 2029
4th Boys Red 2nd Place-ICT Venom
5th Boys Champs-Team ICT 2029
5th Boys 2nd Place-Tarhawks
5th Girls Champs-Manhattan Blitz
5th Girls 2nd Place-Hays Herd 
6th Boys Black Champs-Hays Herd
6th Boys Black 2nd Place-SES Swish
6th Boys Blue Champs-WCS Stealers
6th Boys Blue 2nd Place-McPherson Bullpups
6th Boys Red Champs-Kansas Kings
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-Mulvane Knights
6th Girls Red Champs-NLE 2027 Gray
6th Girls Red 2nd Place-Andale Slammers
6th/7th Girls Champs-Kansas Swish
6th/7th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Stangs
7th/8th Girls Black Champs-Wichita Stars
7th/8th Girls Black 2nd Place-Cheney
7th/8th Girls Red Champs-NLE 2027 Orange
7th/8th Girls Red 2nd Place-Wellington Queens

February 6th, 2021
KBAF Great Bend
3rd/4th Boys Semifinalist-Kansas United 2030
3rd/4th Boys Semifinalist-Southwest Heat
3rd/4th Boys Semifinalist-Hoisington
3rd/4th Boys Semifinalist-GC Herd 
3rd/4th Girls-Lady Red
3rd/4th Girls-Lady Cagers 
5th/6th Boys Semifinalist-Pratt Ballers
5th/6th Boys Semifinalist-Kansas United 2029
5th/6th Boys Semifinalist-DC Cagers
5th/6th Boys Semifinalist-Pratt Ballers 
5th/6th Girls Champs-Wishockem Lady Ballers
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Hays Herd 

January 30-31st, 2021
MAYB Wichita
2nd/3rd Boys Champs-Wichita Grizzlies Elite
2nd/3rd Boys 2nd Place-Mustangs
3rd/4th Boys Champs-Wichita Grizzlies 2029
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 
3rd/4th Girls Champs-Wellington Queens
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place-Larned Lady Indians 
4th/5th Girls Black Champs-Lady Pups 2028
4th/5th Girls Black 2nd Place-Riley County Falcons
4th/5th Girls Red Champs-Hays Tribe 2028
4th/5th Girls Red 2nd Place-Manhattan Blitz 
5th Boys Black Champs-Hays Herd
5th Boys Black 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 2028
5th Boys Red-ICT Youngballers
5th Boys Red-Owls
6th Boys Black Champs-Hutch Heat
6th Boys Black 2nd Place-Topeka Press
6th Boys Red-RC Mustangs
6th Boys Red-Kansas Kings 
6th Girls Champs-Hays Tribe 2027
6th Girls 2nd Place-Salina Sharks 
6th/7th Boys-Wichita Grizzlies Elite 2027
6th/7th Boys-KS United 2027
7th Girls Champs-Hot Shots 
7th Girls 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 2026
8th Boys Champs-Andale
8th Boys 2nd Place-Cheney
8th Girls Champs-KS United
8th Girls 2nd Place-Barton County Coyotes 

January 23rd, 2021
MAYB Great Bend
2nd/3rd Boys-Hays Tribe 2030
2nd/3rd Boys-GC Herd
4th Boys Champs-Ulysess Jr. Tigers
4th Boys 2nd Place-Hays Herd
4th/5th Girls Champs-Hays Herd
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place-Buhler Crusaders 
5th Boys Champs-Panthers
5th Boys 2nd Place-Runnin Rebels
6th Boys Black -Hays Herd
6th Boys Black -Hays Tribe 2027
6th Boys Red Champs-Larned Indians
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-Panthers 
6th/7th Girls Champs-Lightning 
6th/7th Girls 2nd Place-Larned Indians 

January 23rd, 2021
MAYB Wichita
3rd/4th Boys Champs-WS Warriors
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-KS Defenders 2029
5th Boys Champs-U-Town Tigers
5th Boys 2nd Place-Tarhawks
5th/6th Boys Champs-Little Cats
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place-Wichita Wildcats 
5th/6th Girls Champs-KS Bluejays
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Burlington Voltage
7th Girls Champs-Cheney
7th Girls 2nd Place-Salina Lady Cougars 
8th Girls Champs-KS Bluejays
8th Girls 2nd Place-Cheney

January 16th, 2021
MAYB Appreciation in Wichita
2nd/3rd Girls Champs-KS United 2030
2nd/3rd Girls 2nd Place-Wichita Stars
2nd/3rd Girls 2nd Place-Hot Shots 
3rd Boys Champs-WS Warriors
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Wichita Wolfpack
4th Boys Black Champs-ETP 2029
4th Boys Black 2nd Place-Kansas Rebels
4th Boys Red Champs-ICT Venom
4th Boys Red 2nd Place-Andover Jaguars 
4th Girls Champs-Lady Hustle 
4th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Eagles 
5th Boys Black Champs-Kansas United 2029
5th Boys Black 2nd Place-Mavericks 
5th Boys Black 3rd Place-Owls 
5th Boys Red Champs-Hays Tribe 2028
5th Boys Red 2nd Place-U-Town Tigers 
5th Boys Red 3rd Place-Concordia Bulls 
5th/6th Girls Champs-Hays Tribe 2028
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Next Level Eclipse 
6th Boys Black Champs-Kansas United 2027
6th Boys Black 2nd Place-Wamego Warriors 
6th Boys Black 3rd Place-McPherson Bullpups 
6th Boys Red Champs-Hays Tribe 2027 
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-RC Mustangs
6th Boys Red 3rd Place-Kansas Kings 
6th Girls Champs-Lady Pups
6th Girls 2nd Place-Wellington Queens 
7th/8th Boys Champs-Wildcats
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place-Swish 
7th/8th Girls Champs-Wellington Queens
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-RC Lady Stangs 
8th Girls Champs-Kansas United 2025
8th Girls 2nd Place-Team Price 

January 9th-10th, 2021
KYBT Pratt
3rd/4th Boys-Heat
3rd/4th Boys-Kansas United
3rd/4th Boys-Great Bend
3rd/4th Boys-Buhler
3rd/4th Girls Champs-Wichita Express
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Red
5th/6th Boys-Running Rebels
5th/6th Boys-DC Xplode
5th/6th Boys-Larned
5th/6th Boys-Kansas United
5th/6th Girls Champs-Med Lodge Heat
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Cheetahs 

January 9th, 2021
MAYB Wichita
2nd/3rd Boys Champs-Wichita Wolfpack
2nd/3rd Boys 2nd Place-Mustangs 
3rd Boys Champs-WS Warriors
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Force
3rd/4th Girls Champs-Lady Stars Red 
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place-Hoisington Cardinals 
4th Boys Champs-ICT Venom
4th Boys 2nd Place-Hesston
4th/5th Girls Champs-Kansas United 2029
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Stars Blue 
5th Boys Champs-Topeka Bulls Back 
5th Boys 2nd Place-Panthers 
5th/6th Boys Champs-RC Mustangs 
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place-Hutch Heat 
5th/6th Girls Champs-Hays Tribe 2028
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Hoisington Heat 
6th Boys Red Champs-Kansas United 207
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-Wamego Warriors 
6th Boys Red 3rd Place-McPherson Bullpups
6th Boys Black Champs-Hays Tribe 2027
6th Boys Black 2nd Place-Pratt Ballers 
6th Boys Black 3rd Place-Comets 
6th Girls Black Champs-Wellington Queens
6th Girls Black 2nd Place-Hays Herd
6th/7th Girls Red Champs-Lady Pups
6th/7th Girls Red 2nd Place-Sugar Racers 
Middle School Girls Champs-SSA/Gameball Elite 
Middle School Girls 2nd Place-Wichita Stars 

January 2nd, 2021
MAYB Wichita
2nd/3rd Boys Champs-Team ICT 2031
2nd/3rd Boys 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 2030
2nd/3rd Girls Champs-Topeka Sparks
2nd/3rd Girls 2nd Place-Hot Shots 
3rd Boys Champs-Force 
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Salina Flyers 
4th/5th Boys Champs-Concordia Bulls
4th/5th Boys 2nd Place-Hornets 
4th/5th Girls Champs-Hays Herd
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place-Next Level Eclipse 
5th Girls Champs-Hays Tribe 2028
5th Girls 2nd Place-Swish 
5th/6th Boys Champs-Team ICT 2029
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place-Wichita Wildcats 
6th Boys Black Champs-Mulvane Knights
6th Boys Black 2nd Place-Kansas Kings 
6th Boys Red Champs-WCS Stealers 
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-Caney 
6th Girls Champs-Hays Tribe 2027
6th Girls 2nd Place-Larned Indians 
7th/8th Boys Champs-Salthawks
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place-Swish 
8th Boys Champs-WW Rage
8th Boys 2nd Place-McPherson Pups 

December 19th, 2020
MAYB Wichita
3rd Boys Champs-Buhler Crusaders 
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Team ICT 2031
4th Boys Champs-Team ICT 2029
4th Boys 2nd Place-ICT Venom
4th/5th Girls Champs-Lady Eagles
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place-Buhler Crusaders 
5th Boys Black Champs-Wichita Wildcats
5th Boys Black 2nd Place-Panthers 
5th Boys Red Champs-Owls
5th Boys Red 2nd Place-Wildcats 
5th/6th Girls Champs-Wellington Queens
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Sugar Racers 
6th Boys Black Champs-RC Mustangs
6th Boys Black 2nd Place-McPherson Bullpups
6th Boys Red Champs-Central Kansas Chaos
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-Mulvane Knights 
7th Boys Champs-Andover Bucks
7th Boys 2nd Place-316 Swoosh
8th Boys Champs-NDO
8th Boys 2nd Place-Agilign Fair 

December 12th, 2020
MAYB Wichita
3rd/4th Boys Champs-Hesston
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-Andover Jaguars
5th Boys Champs-Owls
5th Boys 2nd Place-Andover Shockers 2028
5th/6th Girls Champs-Sugar Racers
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Pups 
6th Boys Champs-Wichita Express 
6th Boys 2nd Place-WCS Stealers 
6th/7th Boys Champs-Agilign
6th/7th Boys 2nd Place-Wildcats 
7th Boys Champs-316 Swoosh 
7th Boys 2nd Place-Andover Bucks
8th Boys D1 Champs-NDO
8th Boys D1 2nd Place-JC Elite Jr. Jays 
8th Boys D2 Champs-Abilene Longhorns 
8th Boys D2 2nd Place-Valley Center Hornets 

December 12th, 2020
3rd/4th Boys Champs-Hays Tribe - Funk
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-Pratt Greenbacks 
4th/5th Girls Champs-Hays Herd
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place-Larned Lady Indians
5th Boys Champs-Hays Herd
5th Boys 2nd Place-Hays Tribe
5th/6th Girls Champs-Hays Tribe 2028
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 2027 
6th Boys Champs-Hays Herd
6th Boys 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 2027 

December 5th-6th, 2020
MAYB Wichita Winter Kickoff
3rd Boys Champs-Wichita Grizzlies Elite 2030
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Dynasty 
3rd/4th Girls 8.5ft Champs-Wellington Queens
3rd/4th Girls 8.5ft 2nd Place-Team Swish
3rd/4th Girls 10ft Champs-Kansas United 2029
3rd/4th Girls 10ft 2nd Place-Wichita Runnin' Rebels 
4th Boys Champs-KS United 2030
4th Boys 2nd Place-ICT Venom 
5th Girls D2 Champs-Hays Tribe 2028
5th Girls D2 2nd Place-Cheney Cardinals 
5th Girls D1 Champs-Wishockem Lady Ballers 
5th Girls D1 2nd Place-OKPWP 2028
5th/6th Boys D3 Champs-Team Peace 
5th/6th Boys D3 2nd Place-Owls 
5th/6th Boys D2 Champs-Express 2028 A
5th/6th Boys D2 2nd Place-Little Cats 
5th/6th Boys D1 Champs-Drive 5 Power Elite 2028
5th/6th Boys D1 2nd Place-Dynasty 
6th Boys D3 Champs-WCS Stealers 
6th Boys D3 2nd Place-Hays Herd 
6th Boys D2 Champs-OKPWP Red 2027
6th Boys D2 2nd Place-Mustangs 
6th Boys D1 Champs-Drive 5 Power Elite 2027
6th Boys D1 2nd Place-Wichita Grizzlies Elite 2027 
6th/7th Girls D3 Champs-Salina Sharks
6th/7th Girls D3 2nd Place-Larned Indians 
6th/7th Girls D2 2nd Place-Wellington Queens
6th/7th Girls D1 Champs-OK PWP 2027
6th/7th Girls D1 2nd Place-OK Xtreme
7th Boys D2 Champs-Andover Bucks
7th Boys D2 2nd Place-Kansas Defenders 2026
7th Boys D1 Champs-Drive 5 Power Elite 2026 
7th Boys D1 2nd Place-Team Buddy Buckets 
8th Boys D3 Champs-Valley Center Hornets 
8th Boys D3 2nd Place-Wellington 
8th Boys D2 Champs-Rising Stars 2025 Black
8th Boys D2 2nd Place-316 Super Sonics 
8th Boys D1 Champs-PivotLife Hawks
8th Boys D1 2nd Place-Drive 5 Power Elite 2025 

November 28th, 2020
MAYB Wichita
5th Boys Champs-KS United 4th
5th Boys 2nd Place-Wichita Wildcats 
8th Boys Champs-NDO
8th Boys 2nd Place-McPherson Pups

November 20th-22nd, 2020
Turkey Shootout Tournament hosted by Olathe Parks & rec
3rd Boys Champs-Swarriors 
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Wrecking Balls 
4th Boys Champs-The Giants
4th Boys 2nd Place-South KC Jays 
4th Girls Champs-The Hornets
4th Girls 2nd Place-KC Future 

November 21st, 2020
MAYB Wichita
3rd/4th Red Boys Champs-Team ICT 2029
3rd/4th Red Boys 2nd Place-Kansas United 2030
3rd/4th Blue Boys Champs-ICT Venom
3rd/4th Blue Boys 2nd Place-Hesston
4th/5th Girls Champs-Swish
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Eagles 
5th/6th Boys Champs-Kansas United 2029
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place-Agilign Fair 
6th Girls Champs-Wichita Express
6th Girls 2nd Place-Salina Sharks 
7th/8th Boys Champs-Butler Starz
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place-Agilign Fair

November 21st, 2020
MAYB Lawrence
4th/5th Boys Champs-KC Grit N Grind 
4th/5th Boys 2nd Place-Legacy 
6th Boys Champs-MBC Anthony 
6th Boys 2nd Place-Northland Defenders Red 
8th Boys Champs-MBC Burch
8th Boys 2nd Place-JC Elite Jr. Jays 

Last Season's Qualifying Teams  (2019-20)

February 23rd, 2020
Wamego Basketball Association February Tourney
3rd Boys Champs-Topeka Cyclones 
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Wamego
4th Boys Champs-Dawgs
4th Boys 2nd Place-Warriors
5th Boys Red Champs-Wamego Warriors
5th Boys Red 2nd Place-Topeka Mavericks 
6th Boys Champs-MHK Thunder
6th Boys 2nd Place-Wamego
7th Girls Champs-Powerhouse Hoops Pink
7th Girls 2nd Place-Rock Creek Lady Stangs

February 22nd, 2020
MAYB Andover/Wichita
2nd/3rd Boys Champs-Hays Tribe 2029
2nd/3rd Boys 2nd Place-ETP 2029
3rd/4th Girls Champs-Wichita Runnin Rebels
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place-AC Tigers
4th Boys Champs-Grizzly Gang
4th Boys 2nd Place-Sedgwick Cardinals
5th Boys Champs-Eagles
5th Boys 2nd Place-Kansas Kings
6th Boys Champs-316 Swoosh
6th Boys 2nd Place-Kansas Defenders
6th Girls Champs-Hot Shots
6th Girls 2nd Place-KS Bluejays
7th Boys Champs-WW Rage
7th Boys 2nd Place-Cheney
8th Boys Champs-Team 2024
8th Boys 2nd Place-Mid-KS Jets

4th Boys Champs-Hays Tribe 2028
4th Boys 2nd Place-Hays Herd
4th/5th Girls Champs-Hays Tribe 2027
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place-Hays Herd
5th/6th Boys Champs-Panthers Black
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 2026
6th Girls Champs-Hays Tribe 2026
6th Girls 2nd Place-Southwest Express
7th/8th Girls Champs-Hays Tribe 2025
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-Russell Storm
8th Boys Champs-Leopards 
8th Boys 2nd Place-Western Cyclones 

MAYB Lawrence
3rd Boys Champs-KC Grizzlies 2029
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Topeka Supersonics 
4th Boys Blue Champs-Wolfpack
4th Boys Blue 2nd Place-KS United Select
4th Boys Red Champs-Ndalab
4th Boys Red 2nd Place-KS United 
4th/5th Girls Champs-Eclipse Black
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place-Destroyers 
5th Boys Blue Champs-KC Grizzlies 2027 Navy
5th Boys Blue 2nd Place-Rising Sons
5th Boys Red Champs-Hutch Heat
5th Boys Red 2nd Place-Ndalab
5th/6th Girls Champs-KC Crush
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Running Rebels
6th Boys Champs-KC Grizzlies 2027 White
6th Boys 2nd Place-Powerhouse Hoops Green

Wamego Basketball Association February Tourney
4th Boys Champs-Topeka Vikings
4th Boys 2nd Place-Rock Creek Mustangs
4th Girls Champs-Wamego Lady Raiders
4th Girls 2nd Place-Surge
5th Girls Red Champs-KS Swish
5th Girls Red 2nd Place-Lady Stangs
5th Girls White Champs-Purple Lightning
5th Girls White 2nd Place-MHK Blitz
6th Girls Champs-MHK Elite
6th Girls 2nd Place-*
7th Girls Champs-Driven
7th Girls 2nd Place-Momentum 

February 15th, 2020
MAYB Cheney
3rd/4th Boys Champs-United 2029/30
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-Cardinals
3rd/4th Girls Champs-Andale
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Eagles
4th Boys Champs-Team ICT 2029
4th Boys 2nd Place-Wichita Grizzlies 
4th/5th Girls Champs-Chaos
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place-Wichita Thunder
5th Boys Champs-Cheney Cardinals
5th Boys 2nd Place-Buhler Crusaders 
5th/6th Girls Champs-Hot Shots 
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Cheney
7th Boys Champs-Cheney 
7th Boys 2nd Place-Andale Indians 
8th Boys Champs-Cheney Cardinals
8th Boys 2nd Place-ML Indians 

MAYB Salina
3rd Boys Champs-Salthawks
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Hesston
3rd Girls Champs-Salina Storm 2029
3rd Girls 2nd Place-Manhattan Blitz 2029
4th Boys Champs-Wildcats
4th Boys 2nd Place-TarHawks
4th Girls Champs-Hays Tribe 2028
4th Girls 2nd Place-Powerhouse Hoops Green 2028
5th Boys Blue Champs-Hutch Heat
5th Boys Blue 2nd Place-Rock Creek Wolfpack
5th Boys Red Champs-Hays Herd
5th Boys Red 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 2027
5th Girls Champs-Salina Storm
5th Girls 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 2027
6th Boys Champs-Team 2026
6th Boys 2nd Place-ICT YoungBallerz 2026
6th Girls Champs-McPherson Lady Pups
6th Girls 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 2026
7th/8th Boys Champs-Salina Saints
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place-Thunder
7th/8th Girls-Barton County Coyotes
7th/8th Girls-Christ Prep Academy
7th/8th Girls-Hoisington Heat
7th/8th Girls-Spark

MAYB Wellington
2nd/3rd Boys Champs-ICT Venom
2nd/3rd Boys 2nd Place-Dukes
3rd/4th Girls Champs-Wichita Express
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place-AC Tigers 
4th Boys Champs-Goddard
4th Boys 2nd Place-Basket Hounds
5th Boys Champs-Spartans
5th Boys 2nd Place-Valley Center Hornets
5th/6th Girls Champs-Wellington Queens 6
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Wellington Queens 5
6th Boys Champs-Wellington 
6th Boys 2nd Place-ICT Celts
Middle School Girls Champs-Mid America Hustle
Middle School Girls 2nd Place-Bad Hair Day Renegades 

February 8th, 2020
KYBT Great Bend 
3rd/4th Girls Champs-*
5th/6th Girls Champs-*
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-*
5th/6th Boys Champs-*
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place-*

MAYB Newton
4th Boys Champs-Panthers
4th Boys 2nd Place-Concordia Bulls
5th Boys Champs-Kansas Defenders 
5th Boys 2nd Place-Trinity Celtics 
6th Boys-Emporia Hornets
6th Boys-Panthers Black 
7th Boys Champs-Cheney
7th Boys 2nd Place-Newton Railers
8th Boys Champs-Beloit Ballers
8th Boys 2nd Place-Railers

MAYB Topeka
3rd/4th Boys Champs-KC Grit and Grind
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-Topeka Edge 
5th/6th Girls Champs-Powerhouse Hoops Pink
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-KC Phenom 
6th Boys Champs-Emporia Warriors
6th Boys 2nd Place-Powerhouse Hoops Green
7th Girls Champs-KC Phenom 
7th Girls 2nd Place-KC Sparks 
8th Girls Champs-Power House 
8th Girls 2nd Place-KS Flex Elite

MAYB Andover
3rd/4th Girls Champs-Kansas United 2029
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place-Great Bend Panthers
4th/5th Girls Champs-Manhattan Blitz
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place-NL Eclipse 
5th/6th Girls Champs-Lady Blazers
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Pups 
Middle School Girls Champs-Kansas United 2024
Middle School Girls 2nd Place-NL Eclipse Red 

February 8th-9th, 2020
Fort Scott Youth Basketball Tournament
3rd Girls Champs-*
3rd Girls 2nd Place-*
3rd/4th Boys Champs-Harrisonville
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-Frontenac Raiders 
4th Girls Champs-Pittsburg Diamonds 
4th Girls 2nd Place-Nevada
5th Boys Champs-Harrisonville
5th Boys 2nd Place-Nevada Tigers
5th Girls Champs-*
6th Girls Champs-Swish
6th Girls 2nd Place-Paola Power
6th Boys Champs-Nevada Tigers
6th Boys 2nd Place-Pitt Saints 

February 1st, 2020
MAYB Riley Co.
3rd Girls Champs-Rock Creek Lady Stangs
3rd Girls 2nd Place-Manhattan Blitz 2029
5th/6th Girls Champs-Chapman Irish
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Clay Center Tigers
7th Girls Champs-Raiders
7th Girls 2nd Place-Topeka Momentum 

MAYB Lindsborg
3rd Boys Champs-Salthawks
3rd Boys 2nd Place-McPherson Bullpups
3rd/4th Girls Champs-Lady Pups 2028
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place-Hays Herd
4th Boys Champs-Hays Herd
4th Boys 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 2028
4th Girls Champs-Swish
4th Girls 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 2028
5th Boys Champs-Hays Herd
5th Boys 2nd Place-Mcpherson Bullpups
5th/6th Girls Champs-Lady Pups
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Little River
6th Boys Champs-Hutch Heat
6th Boys 2nd Place-Team 2026
7th/8th Boys Champs-Trojans
7th/8th Girls Pool A Champs-Barton County Coyotes
7th/8th Girls Pool A 2nd Place-Hesston
7th/8th Girls Pool B Champs-Scott City Select
7th/8th Girls Pool B 2nd Place-Wichita Stars

MAYB Kingman
4th Boys Champs-Team ICT 2029
4th Boys 2nd Place-Wichita Grizzlies 
5th Boys Champs-Spartans
5th Boys 2nd Place-Kansas Defenders 2027
6th Boys Champs-Swoosh
6th Boys 2nd Place-Sterling Black Bears 
7th Boys Champs-Andale Indians
7th Boys 2nd Place-Team ICT 2026

MAYB Wichita
3rd Boys Champs-Andover Jaguars
3rd Boys 2nd Place-ETP 2029
5th/6th Boys Champs-Kansas Defenders
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place-Primetime Express
6th Girls Champs-Next Level Eclipse 
6th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Express
8th Boys Champs-MoKan Rage
8th Boys 2nd Place-Hesston
8th Girls Champs-SEK Vipers
8th Girls 2nd Place-Midwest United 1 

WCS "No Zone" Tournament 
3rd Boys Champs-WCS Buckets
4th Boys Champs-Central KS Mayhem
4th Boys 2nd Place-SES Jets
5th/6th Boys Champs-WCS Buckets
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place-Derby Panthers 
5th/6th Girls Champs-Manhattan Elite
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Salina Magic 

February 1st-2nd, 2020
Basehor-Linwood Bobcat Winter Classic
3rd Girls Champs-Destroyers
4th Boys Champs-Hoops Squad 2028 
4th Boys 2nd Place-LV Kings
5th/6th Boys Champs-Vipers
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place-Ball Hogs
6th Boys Champs-Bobcats
6th Boys 2nd Place-KC Thunder White

Frontenac Fast Break Tournament 
4th Boys Champs-Bulldogs
4th Boys 2nd Place-*
4th Girls Champs-*
4th Girls 2nd Place-*
5th Girls Champs-Skywalkers
5th Girls 2nd Place-SEK Elite
6th Boys Champs-*
6th Boys 2nd Place-*
6th Girls Champs-Skywalkers
6th Girls 2nd Place-Storm

January 25th, 2020
MAYB Wichita
4th/5th Boys Champs-Tarhawks
4th/5th Boys 2nd Place-KS Kings
6th Boys Champs-Team ICT
6th Boys 2nd Place-316 Swoosh
Middle School Boys Champs-Cheney
8th Girls Champs-SEK Vipers

Little Apple Classic hosted by Manhattan Basketball Association
3rd Boys Champs-Manhattan Wolves
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Manhattan Storm
3rd/4th Girls Champs-Power Hoops Green 2028
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place-TUS Lady Stars
4th Boys North Champs-Hanover Wildcats
4th Boys North 2nd Place-Clay Center Tigers
4th Boys South Champs-Wildcats
4th Boys South 2nd Place-Topeka Bulls Red
5th Boys Champs-Wamego Warriors
5th Boys 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 2027
5th Girls North Champs-Kansas Swish
5th Girls North 2nd Place-Lady Stangs
5th Girls South Champs-Salina Storm
5th Girls South 2nd Place- Salina Sharks
6th Boys West Champs-Hutch Heat 2026
6th Boys West 2nd Place-Powerhouse Hoops
6th Boys East Champs-Manhattan Rockets
6th Boys East 2nd Place-Council Grove
6th Boys Central Champs-Abilene Defenders
6th Boys Central 2nd Place-KS Triple Threat
6th Girls West Champs-Rivals
6th Girls West 2nd Place-Wichita Lady Express 2027
6th Girls East Champs-Shawnee Crush
6th Girls East 2nd Place-Blue River Elite

MAYB Great Bend
2nd/3rd Girls Champs-Hoisington Cardinals 
3rd Boys Champs-Hays Tribe 2029
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Derby Panthers 
3rd/4th Girls Champs-Great Bend Panthers 
4th Boys Champs-Panthers
4th/5th Girls Champs-Larned Indians
5th Boys Champs-Pratt Ballers
6th Boys Champs-Panther Black
6th Boys 2nd Place-SES Swish
6th/7th Girls Champs-Barton County Coyotes Black
6th/7th Girls 2nd Place-Barton County Coyotes Red

MAYB Lawrence
4th Boys Blue Champs-Wolfpack
4th Boys Blue 2nd Place-KC Hustle
4th Boys Red Champs-AK Jayhawks
4th Boys Red 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 2028
4th/5th Girls Champs-Powerhouse Hoops Green 2027
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place-Topeka Threat 
5th Boys Blue Champs-WCS Stealers
5th Boys Blue 2nd Place-Vikings
5th Boys Red Champs-KC Bulldogs
5th Boys Red 2nd Place-Warriors 
6th Boys Blue-Powerhouse Hoops Green
6th Boys Blue-Emporia Hornets 
6th Boys Red Champs-Force
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-Wichita Warriors 
6th Girls Champs-Elite
6th Girls 2nd Place-*
8th Girls Champs-Powerhouse Hoops
8th Girls 2nd Place-Defenders 

MAYB Wichita
2nd/3rd Girls Champs-Wichita Runnin Rebels
2nd/3rd Girls 2nd Place-Pride
3rd Boys Champs-Salthawks 
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Andover Jaguars 
3rd/4th Boys Champs-United 2029
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-Agilgn
4th Girls Champs-Wichita Lady Grizzlies 
4th Girls 2nd Place-Cheney Cardinals
5th Boys Gold Champs-Kansas Defenders 2027 Selmon
5th Boys Gold 2nd Place-Wichita Grizzlies Elite 2027
5th Boys Silver Champs-Wichita Elite 2028
5th Boys Silver 2nd Place-Mulvane Knights
5th Girls Champs-NLE 2027 - Orange
5th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Pups
6th Boys Gold Champs-Team 2026
6th Boys Gold 2nd Place-NLHA Andover
6th Boys Silver Champs-316 Swoosh
6th Boys Silver 2nd Place-Kansas Defenders 
6th Boys Bronze Champs-Wichita Express
6th Boys Bronze 2nd Place-Mulvane Gators 
6th Girls Gold Champs-NLE 2026
6th Girls Gold 2nd Place-Hot Shots 
6th Girls Silver Champs-Lady Shockers
6th Girls Silver 2nd Place-Cyclones 
7th Boys Champs-Team ICT 2026
7th Boys 2nd Place-Defenders 
7th Girls Champs-Wichita Stars
7th Girls 2nd Place-Team Price 
8th Girls Champs-Kansas United
8th Girls 2nd Place-Midwest United 

January 18th-19th, 2020
Arma Classic hosted by Northeast Jr. High
3rd Girls Champs-Riverton Rams
3rd Girls 2nd Place-Pitt Dream
4th Boys Champs-Frontenac Raiders
4th Boys 2nd Place-Arma Vikings
5th Boys Champs-Pittsburg SMC
5th Boys 2nd Plac-Nevada Tigers
5th Girls Champs-SEK Elite
6th Boys Champs-Pitt Hoopers
6th Boys 2nd Place-Pitt Saints
6th Girls Champs-Girard Trojans

January 11th, 2020
MAYB Salina
3rd Boys Champs-Hays Tribe 2029
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Marymount Spartans
3rd/4th Girls Champs-Hays Tribe 2028
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place-Great Bend Panthers 
4th Boys Champs-Hays Tribe 2028
4th Boys 2nd Place-Panthers
5th Boys Champs-SES Swish
5th Boys 2nd Place-Kansas Kings
5th Girls Champs-Sugar Racers
5th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Pups
5th/6th Girls Champs-Powerhouse Hoops Pink 2027
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 2026
6th Boys Champs-SES Swish
6th Boys 2nd Place-Panthers Black
7th Girls Champs-Rock Creek Lady Stangs
7th Girls 2nd Place-Barton County Coyotes 
8th Girls Champs-Mid America
8th Girls 2nd Place-Spark

MAYB Wichita
3rd/4th Boys Champs-Agilign
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-Kansas United 2029
5th/6th Boys Champs-Kansas Defenders 2027 Clark
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place-River Dawgs
6th Boys Champs-NLHA Andover
6th Boys 2nd Place-316 Swoosh


MAYB Garden City
4th Boys Champs-*
4th Boys 2nd Place-*
5th/6th Boys Champs-*
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place-*
5th/6th Girls Champs-*
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-*
7th/8th Girls Champs-*
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-*


January 11th-12th, 2020
Clay Center Youth Basketball Tournament 
3rd Boys Champs-Manhattan Storm
4th Boys Champs-Clay Center
4th Girls Champs-Abilene Dynamite 
4th Girls 2nd Place-Hanover
5th Girls Champs-Chapman
5th Girls 2nd Place-Riley County Faclons
6th Girls Champs-Rivals
6th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Running Rebels

KYBT Pratt
3rd/4th Boys Champs-Pratt Runnin Rebels
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-Kingman Eagles
5th/6th Boys Champs-Panthers Red
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place-Larned Indians
5th/6th Girls Champs-Lady Twisters
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-SWE

Wamego Basketball Association January Tourney
3rd Boys-Cyclones 
3rd Boys-Jr. Raiders
3rd Boys-Super Sonics
3rd Boys-Jr. Raiders(Winter)
3rd Girls-Hot Shots
3rd Girls-Synergy 
4th Boys Red Champs-Topeka Bulls Black
4th Boys Red 2nd Place-Wildacts
4th Boys White Champs-*
4th Girls Champs-Manhattan Blitz
4th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Raiders
5th Boys-Trojans
5th Boys-Rock Creek Wolfpack
5th Boys-OC Attack
5th Boys-Rock Creek Mustangs
5th Girls Champs-Lady Stangs
5th Girls 2nd Place-Seneca
6th Boys-Sixers
6th Boys-Ballers
6th Boys-Manhattan Rockets
6th Boys-SSA Elite
6th Girls Champs-KS Swish
6th Girls 2nd Place-Wamego Warriors
7th Girls-Driven
7th Girls-*
8th Girls Champs-Powerhouse Hoops
8th Girls 2nd Place-St. Mary's Lady Bears

January 4th, 2020
WCS New Year's Bash
3rd/4th Boys Champs-Central Kansas Mayhem
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-WCS Dragons
5th/6th Boys Champs-KC Thunder
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place-WCS Stealers

MAYB Dodge City
4th/5th Boys Champs-Hays Tribe 2028
4th/5th Boys 2nd Place-Gameball
6th Boys Champs-Hutch Heat
6th Boys 2nd Place-Hays Tribe
6th/7th Girls Champs-Barton Coyotes

MAYB Lindsborg
3rd Boys Champs-Hays Tribe 2029
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Kansas Rebels
4th Boys Champs-Panthers
4th Boys 2nd Place-Wichita Grizzlies
4th Girls Champs-Swish
4th Girls 2nd Place-Hays Tribe 2028
5th Boys Champs-Barton Bullets
5th Boys 2nd Place-Hays Herd
5th/6th Girls Champs-Manhattan Elite
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Running Rebels
6th Boys Champs-Sterling Black Bears
6th Boys 2nd Place-Panthers Black 
7th/8th Boys Champs-Trojans
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place-MoKan Rage 
7th/8th Girls Champs-MoKan Rage
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-MSCO Bulldogs

MAYB Winfield
5th Boys Champs-Spartans
5th Boys 2nd Place-Kansas Kings
6th Boys Champs-Sixers
6th Boys 2nd Place-316 Swoosh
6th/7th Girls Champs-ETP25
6th/7th Girls 2nd Place-Wellington Queens

January 4th-5th, 2020
Council Grove Youth Tournament
4th Boys Champs-*
4th Boys 2nd Place-*
4th Girls Champs-*
4th Girls 2nd Place-*
5th Boys Champs-Cougars
5th Boys 2nd Place-Osage City
5th Girls Champs-Hillsboro Trojans 
5th Girls 2nd Place-*
6th Boys Champs-Emporia Hornets
6th Boys 2nd Place-Gametime

Brawl in  the Burg
3rd Boys Champs-Carl Junction Bulldogs(MO)
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Raiders
3rd Girls Champs-Pitt Dream
3rd Girls 2nd Place-Fort Scott Tigers
4th Boys Champs-Carl Junction Bulldogs(MO)
4th Boys 2nd Place-Raiders
4th Girls Champs-Pittsburg Diamonds 
4th Girls 2nd Place-Knockouts
5th Boys Champs-SMC
5th Boys 2nd Place-Runnin Bulls
5th Girls Champs-Sugar Racers
5th Girls 2nd Place-Sky Walkers(MO)
6th Boys Champs-The Pack
6th Boys 2nd Place-SEK Running Rebels 
6th Boys Semifinalist-Nevada Tigers White(MO)
6th Boys Semifinalist-Sky Walkers(MO)
6th Girls Champs-Independence Orange
6th Girls 2nd Place-OK PWP Red 2026

December 28th-29th, 2019
Santa Shootout hosted by Olathe Parks & Rec
3rd Boys Champs-Giants
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Thunder

December 21st, 2019
MAYB McPherson
3rd/4th Boys Champs-Goddard
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place- Sedgwick Cardinals 
4th Boys Champs-Wildcats
4th Boys 2nd Place- Wichita Grizzlies
4th/5th Girls Champs-Lady Pups 2028
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place- Hesston 
5th Boys Black Champs-Hesston
5th Boys Black 2nd Place- Kansas Magic 2027
5th Boys Red Champs-Hays Tribe 2027
5th Boys Red 2nd Place- SES Swish 
5th/6th Girls Champs-Blue River Elite
6th/6th Girls 2nd Place- GB Swish
6th Boys Black Champs-Hutch Heat
6th Boys Black 2nd Place- Hoisington Cardinals 
6th Boys Red Champs-Team 2026
6th Boys Red 2nd Place- Salina Flight 

MAYB Wichita
4th Boys Champs-Lil Owls
4th Boys 2nd Place- Team ICT 2029
5th Boys Champs-KS Players
5th Boys 2nd Place- Wichita Grizzlies Elite 2027
6th Boys Champs-Outlaws
6th Boys 2nd Place- NLHA Andover 
6th Girls Champs-Lady Express 2027
6th Girls 2nd Place- Hot Shots 

MAYB Topeka
5th Boys Champs-*
6th Boys Champs-Ballers

December 14th, 2019
4th Girls Champs-Hays Tribe 2028
4th Girls 2nd Place- Ellinwood Smoke
5th Girls Champs-Hays Tribe 2027
5th Girls 2nd Place- Hays Herd 
6th/7th Girls Champs-Colby
6th/7th Girls 2nd Place- GB Swish

MAYB Hutchinson
3rd/4th Boys Champs-Lil Owls
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place- TarHawks 
4th Girls Champs-Wichita Pride
4th Girls 2nd Place- Lady Pups 2028
5th Boys Champs-Kansas Defenders 2027
5th Boys 2nd Place- Spartans 
6th Boys Champs- Team 2026 
6th Boys 2nd Place-NLHA Andover
6th Girls Champs-Lady Shockers
6th Girls 2nd Place- Lady Tigers

MAYB Lawrence
3rd Boys Champs- KC Grizzlies 2029
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Topeka Supersonics
4th Boys Red Champs-Topeka Bulls Black
4th Boys Red 2nd Place- Topeka Edge
4th Boys Green Champs-LTD 
4th Boys Green 2nd Place- Topeka Bulls Red
5th Boys Red Champs-KC Grizzlies 2027
5th Boys Red 2nd Place- KC Bulldogs
5th Boys Green Champs-KC Grizzlies 2027 White
5th Boys Green 2nd Place- Rising Sons
5th/6th Girls Champs-Topeka Threat
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place- Powerhouse Hoops Pink 2027 
6th Boys Red Champs-Powerhouse Hoops
6th Boys Red 2nd Place- Topeka Matrix 
6th Boys Green Champs-Kan Do Hoops
6th Boys Green 2nd Place- Reign 
6th Boys Blue Champs -Kansas Sixers
6th Boys Blue 2nd Place- Ballers
7th Boys Champs-Clay Center
7th Boys 2nd Place- Topeka Cougars 

MAYB Wichita
5th Boys Champs-Agilign 
5th Boys 2nd Place- Kansas Kings
7th/8th Boys Champs-Abilene Longhorns 
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place- 316 Super Sonics 

December 14th-15th, 2019
KYBT Hutchinson 
3rd/4th Boys Champs-Runnin Rebels
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place- Hot Shots
3rd/4th Girls-Wichita Express
5th/6th Boys Champs-Hutch Heat 2026
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place- DC Explode
5th/6th Girls Champs-St. John
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place- Knuckleheads

December 7th-8th, 2019
Abilene Basketball Association Tournament
4th Boys Champs-Concordia Bulls
4th Boys 2nd Place-Rossville Bull Dawgs 
4th Girls Champs-MHK Blitz
4th Girls 2nd Place-Salina Swish
5th Boys Champs-Abilene Spurs
5th Boys 2nd Place-Rock Creek Wolf Pack
5th Girls Champs-Storm
5th Girls 2nd Place-Reds
6th Boys Champs-Abilene Defenders 
6th Boys 2nd Place-Lawrence Force 
6th Girls Champs-Rivals Rossvile 
6th Girls 2nd Place-Ellsworth 

Basehor-Linwood Bobcat Tournament
4th/5th Boys Champs-LS Bobcats 
4th/5th Boys 2nd Place-LV Kings 
5th Boys Champs-Thunder Blue 
5th Boys 2nd Place-Thunder Orange 
5th Girls Champs-Lady Cats
5th Girls 2nd Place-Blue Jays 
6th Boys Champs-Gametime
6th Boys 2nd Place-Topeka Ballers
6th Girls Champs-Warriors 
6th Girls 2nd Place-Lightning Crushers 
7th Boys Green Champs-Cardinals 
7th Boys Green 2nd Place-JC Hoops 
7th Boys Gold Champs-Bobcats 
7th Boys Gold 2nd Place-Knights 
8th Boys Champs-KC Bulldogs 
8th Boys 2nd Place-Bobcats 

MAYB Wichita Winter Kickoff
3rd(8.5 Feet) Boys Champs-Wichita Grizzlies Elite 2029
3rd(8.5 Feet) Boys 2nd Place-Andover Shockers 2029 
3rd(10 Feet) Boys Champs-United 2029
3rd(10 Feet) Boys 2nd Place-Team ICT 2029
3rd/4th(8.5 Feet) Girls Champs-Kansas United 2029
3rd/4th(8.5 Feet) Girls 2nd Place-Wichita Pride 
3rd/4th(10 Feet) Girls Champs-Wishockem Lady Ballers
3rd/4th(10 Feet) Girls 2nd Place-Wichita Lady Grizzlies Elite 2029
4th Boys Gold Champs-Wichita Elite
4th Boys Gold 2nd Place-OK Chaos 2028 Gold 
4th Boys Silver Champs-316ers
4th Boys Silver 2nd Place-BallSoHard
5th Boys Gold Champs-Wichita Grizzlies Elite 2027
5th Boys Gold 2nd Place-Drive 5 Power Elite 2027 
5th Boys Gold 3rd Place-Team ICT 2027
5th Boys Gold 4th Place-KS Players
5th Boys Silver Champs-Spartans
5th Boys Silver 2nd Place-Hays Herd
5th Boys Silver 3rd Place-Mustangs 
5th Boys Silver 4th Place-WCS Stealers  
5th Girls Champs-Lady Express 2027
5th Girls 2nd Place-NLE 2027-A
6th Boys Champs-Team ICT 2026
6th Boys 2nd Place-Drive 5 Power Elite 2026
6th Girls Champs-KC Gold 2026
6th Girls 2nd Place-Next Level Eclipse 2026
6th Girls 3rd Place-KC Sparks
6th Girls 4th Place-OKPWP 2026 Red 
7th Boys D1 Champs-AK Jayhawks 
7th Boys D1 2nd Place-Drive 5 Power Elite 2025 
7th Boys D2 Champs-JC Jr. Jays 
7th Boys D2 2nd Place-Hot Shotz 
7th/8th Girls Champs-KS Bluejays 
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-NL Eclipse Red
8th Boys Champs-Drive 5 Power Elite 2024
8th Boys 2nd Place-BallSoHard
8th Boys 3rd Place-Level Up Eagles 

November 22nd-24th, 2019
Turkey Shootout Tournament hosted by Olathe Parks & rec
3rd Boys Champs-Cyclones 
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Giants
3rd Girls Champs-Team KC Hoops 2029
3rd Girls 2nd Place-Hornets 
4th Boys Champs-Ndalab 
4th Boys 2nd Place-Grizzlies
5th Boys Champs-Ball Hawks 
5th Boys 2nd Place-Ball Hogs 
5th Girls Champs-Spring Hill Attack 
5th Girls 2nd Place-Dominators 
6th Boys Champs-Thunder
6th Boys 2nd Place-Timberwolves 

November 23rd, 2019
MAYB Wichita 
3rd/4th Boys Champs-Agilign 
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-Team ICT 2029
4th Girls Champs-Wichita Lady Grizzlies Elite 2028
4th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Pups 2028
5th Boys-Kansas Defenders 2027 
5th Boys-Wichita Grizzlies Elite 
5th Boys-Valley Center 
5th Boys-Wichita Express 2027
6th Girls Champs-Next Level Eclipse 2026
6th Girls 2nd Place-Independence Orange 
6th Boys-Trained 2 Go
6th Boys-316 Swoosh
6th Boys-Team 2026
6th Boys-Ribeyes 
7th Boys Champs-Team ICT 2026
7th Boys 2nd Place-Hornets 
8th Boys Champs-316 Gators
8th Boys 2nd Place-Abilene Longhorns 

November 16th, 2019
MAYB Lawrence  
3rd/4th Boys Champs-Kansas United
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-Wolfpack 
5th Boys Blue Champs-KC Bulldogs
5th Boys Blue 2nd Place-Topeka Blues
6th Boys Red Champs-Force
6th Boys Red 2nd Place-Lawrence Kings
6th Boys Blue Champs-Powerhouse Hoops Green
6th Boys Blue 2nd Place-KC Soldiers 
7th Boys Champs-KS United 
7th Boys 2nd Place-JB XTreme
8th Boys Champs-Powerhouse Hoops
8th Boys 2nd Place-NoTo Vikings

MAYB Nickerson  
5rd/6th Boys Champs-Sterling Black Bears
5rd/6th Boys 2nd Place-Hesston

MAYB Salina  
3rd/4th Boys Champs-Gameball
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-Wildcats
4th/5th Girls Champs-Powerhouse Hoops Green 2027
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place-Salina Elite 2027
5rd/6th Boys Champs-Hays Tribe 2026
5rd/6th Boys 2nd Place-Salina Flight 
5rd/6th Girls Champs-Topeka Threat
5rd/6th Girls 2nd Place-Gameball
7th Boys Champs-JC Jr. Jays
7th Boys 2nd Place-Clay Center

MAYB Wichita  
5rd/6th Boys Champs-Team ICT 2026
5rd/6th Boys 2nd Place-Team ICT 2027
7th/8th Boys Champs-Agilign 
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place-Butler Timberwolves

November 9th
MAYB Hillsboro
6th Girls-Wellington Queens Black
6th Girls-Lady Bearcats
5th Girls-Wellington Queens Red

November 9th 
MAYB Wichita
6th Boys Champs-Kansas Defenders
6th Boys 2nd Place-Hutch Heat
7th/8th Boys Champs-316 Gators
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place-Maize Eagles

November 2nd, 2019
MAYB Topeka  
4th/5th Boys Champs-  Mavericks
4th/5th Boys 2nd Place- Topeka Edge
6th Boys Champs- Matrix
6th Boys 2nd Place- Emporia Hornets 
7th Boys Champs- JC JR Jays
7th Boys 2nd Place- Top City Lakers
8th Boys Champs- 94x50 Elite
8th Boys 2nd Place- NoTo Vikings

MAYB Wichita  
6th/7th Boys Champs- ICT Young Ballers

Qualifying team photos are posted on our Facebook page each weekend!


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