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2022-23 Qualified teams to date

Our list of Qualified Teams will be updated weekly throughout the season as Qualifier tournaments and leagues are completed. The Heartland States Eligibility Committee will place all qualifying teams in the appropriate division, Club or "Feeder/School" and then - as number of entries allow - Gold or Silver within the division.

At Large Bids   Occasionally, the State Committee will grant a State qualification to a team based on its overall body of work throughout the regular season.  View At-Large application and bids granted season-to-date

Questions about Qualifying?  Contact Tournament Director Chase Gardiner via phone at 712-212-9243 ext. 4 or via email.

2021-22 Qualified Teams

February 12th-13th
Jordan Jaguars Girls Classic (Jordan, MN)
3rd Girls Champs- Wayzata
3rd Girls 2nd Place- 952 Jordan
4th Girls Champs- Belle Plaine Red
4th Girls 2nd Place- Jordan Maroon
4th Girls 3rd Place- Northfield Maroon
5th Girls Champs- Jordan Maroon
5th Girls 2nd Place- Tri City United
5th Girls 3rd Place- Chaska
6th Girls Champs- Jefferson Blue
6th Girls 2nd Place- Jordan Maroon
6th Girls 3rd Place- Northfield
7th Girls Champs- Rogers
7th Girls 2nd Place- Jordan Maroon
7th Girls 3rd Place- Jefferson Blue
8th Girls Champs- Waconia
8th Girls 2nd Place- Eastview Silver

February 12th-13th
New Ulm Boys Basketball Tournament (New Ulm, MN)
3rd Boys Purple Champs- *
3rd Boys Purple 2nd Place- *
3rd Boys White Champs- Blue Earth
3rd Boys White 2nd Place- TCU
4th Boys Gold Champs- *
4th Boys Gold 2nd Place- *
4th Boys White Champs- *
4th Boys White 2nd Place- *
4th Boys Purple Champs- Mankato White
4th Boys Purple 2nd Place- Blue Earth
5th Boys Gold Champs- Sleepy Eye
5th Boys Gold 2nd Place- St. Peter White
5th Boys Gold 3rd Place- Cedar Mountain
5th Boys Purple Champs- Belle Plaine
5th Boys Purple 2nd Place- St. Peter Blue
5th Boys White Champs- Mankato West Red
5th Boys White 2nd Place- M.L.E.
6th Boys Gold Champs- New Prague
6th Boys Gold 2nd Place- Lakeview
6th Boys Gold 3rd Place- St. Peter
6th Boys Purple Champs- Mankato West Red
6th Boys Purple 2nd Place- Marshall Black
6th Boys White Champs- Okoboji
6th Boys White 2nd Place- New Ulm White
6th Boys White 3rd Place- New Ulm Purple
7th Boys Gold Champs- *
7th Boys Gold 2nd Place- *
7th Boys Gold 3rd Place- *
7th Boys Purple Champs- St. Peter
7th Boys Purple 2nd Place- Marshall Black
7th Boys White Champs- Willmar
7th Boys White 2nd Place- Blue Earth
8th Boys Purple Champs- *
8th Boys Purple 2nd Place- *
8th Boys Purple 3rd Place- *
8th Boys White Champs- LCWM
8th Boys White 2nd Place- Fairmont
8th Boys White 3rd Place- St. Peter

February 12th-13th
Stillwater Boys Invitational (Oak Park Heights, MN)
4th A Champs- St. Paul Gold
4th A 2nd Place- Eagan
4th B Champs- Orono Red
4th B 2nd Place- Fridley Gold
4th B 3rd Place- Stillwater White
4th C Champs- Orono White
4th C 2nd Place- Rosemount
4th C 3rd Place- St. Paul Blue
5th A Champs- Orono Blue
5th A 2nd Place- STMA
5th B Champs- Monticello Black
5th B 2nd Place- Orono Red
5th B 3rd Place- Stillwater Red
5th C Champs- STMA
5th C 2nd Place- Centennial
5th C 3rd Place- St. Croix Prep
6th A Champs- Orono Blue
6th A 2nd Place- St. Cloud
6th A 3rd Place- STMA
6th B Champs- St. Paul Gold
6th B 2nd Place- Stillwater Red
6th B 3rd Place- Eastview Blue
6th C Champs- Orono Red
6th C 2nd Place- St. Paul Blue
6th C 3rd Place- STMA
7th A Champs- STMA
7th A 2nd Place- Stillwater Black
7th A 3rd Place-  Monticello Black
7th B Champs- Inver Grove Heights
7th B 2nd Place- Stillwater Red
7th B 3rd Place- Fridley Gold
7th C Champs- Eastview Silver
7th C 2nd Place- Orono White
7th C 3rd Place- STMA
8th A Champs- St. Paul Gold
8th A 2nd Place- New Richmond
8th A 3rd Place- Orono Blue
8th B Champs- *
8th B 2nd Place- *
8th B 3rd Place- *
8th C Champs- *
8th C 2nd Place- *
8th C 3rd Place- Blaine White

February 5th-6th
For Love of the Game (Hiawatha, IA)
3rd Boys Champs- Bulldogs
3rd Boys 2nd Place- Team Iowa Blue
3rd Boys 3rd Place- Eastside Storm 2031
4th Girls Champs- Team Iowa Blue Star
4th Girls 2nd Place- Liberty Lightning
4th Girls 3rd Place- Iowa Intensity 2030
4th Boys Champs- AIA Coralville
4th Boys 2nd Place- Iowa Prep
4th Boys 3rd Place- Prairie Heat
5th Girls Champs- Linn-Mar Lions
5th Girls 2nd Place- Iowa Ball Stars
5th Boys Champs- Bulldogs
5th Boys 2nd Place- Team Iowa Blue
6th Girls Champs- Bulldogs
6th Girls 2nd Place- Iowa Intensity 2028
6th Boys Sun Champs- PV Spartans
6th Boys Sun 2nd Place- AIA Coralville Red
6th Boys Sat Champs- Sabers
6th Boys Sat 2nd Place- AIA Coralville Black
6th Boys Sat 3rd Place- Bolts Basketball
7th Girls Champs- Liberty Lightning
7th Girls 2nd Place- Bulldogs
7th Boys Champs- Bettendorf Bulldogs
7th Boys 2nd Place- PV Spartans
7th Boys 3rd Place- Kennedy Cougars Link
8th Girls Champs- Sabers
8th Girls 2nd Place- Team Iowa Red
8th Boys Champs- AIA Coralville Black
8th Boys 2nd Place- AIA Coralville Red
8th Boys 3rd Place- Liberty Bolts

February 4th-6th
Arena February Frenzy (Sioux City, IA)
3rd Girls Bomgaars Champs- Arena - Rogan
3rd Girls Bomgaars 2nd Place- United - Wagner
3rd Girls Scheels Champs- SBL Warriors
3rd Girls Scheels 2nd Place- Lawton Bronson
4th Girls Hesse Foundation Champs- Arena - Haskell
4th Girls Hesse Foundation 2nd Place- United - Wolfe
4th Girls Ideal Meat Champs- Akron
4th Girls Ideal Meat 2nd Place- Ponca
5th Girls Jolly-time Champs- Avera Select Purple - Nick
5th Girls Jolly-time 2nd Place- Newell Fonda Blue
5th Girls Old Chicago Champs- Ponca
5th Girls Old Chicago 2nd Place- Westside
5th Girls SC Ford Champs- Chaos Black
6th Girls Champs- United - Smith
6th Girls 2nd Place- United - Jager
6th Girls 3rd Place- Arena White - Osten
6th Girls Automatic Champs- United - Adams
6th Girls Automatic 2nd Place- Arena Blue - Osten
7th Girls Old Chicago Champs- United Red - Billings
7th Girls Old Chicago 2nd Place- Arena - Osten
7th Girls Wheelhouse Champs- United White - Billings
8th Girls CNOS Champs- United - Moon
8th Girls CNOS 2nd Place- Avera Select Purple - Nick
8th Girls Wheelhouse Champs- Raiders
8th Girls Wheelhouse 2nd Place- United Bestgen
3rd Boys Champs- Arena Raiders
3rd Boys 2nd Place- HYA Gold
3rd Boys 3rd Place- SBL
3rd Boys CMBA Architects Champs- MOC-FV Dutch
3rd Boys CMBA Architects 2nd Place- Stars - Bratvold
3rd Boys Craft Autobody Champs- Arena - Kleinhesslink
3rd Boys Craft Autobody 2nd Place- Arena - Fletcher
3rd Boys WITCC Champs- Homer
3rd Boys WITCC 2nd Place- Raiders Black
4th Boys Applebees Champs- Sioux Falls Showtime
4th Boys Applebees 2nd Place- Yankton Lightning
4th Boys Blankenship Meyer Painting Champs- Emmerson Hubbard Wolfpack
4th Boys Blankenship Meyer Painting 2nd Place- Purple Panthers - Burns
4th Boys Burger King Champs- Wildcats - Kingsbury
4th Boys Burger King 2nd Place- KPWC
4th Boys Chick-fil-a Champs- MVAO
4th Boys Chick-fil-a 2nd Place- SBL Black
4th Boys Kern Photography Champs- Lawton Bronson
4th Boys Kern Photography 2nd Place- Purple Panthers - Johnson
4th Boys Long Lines Champs- Jays
4th Boys Long Lines 2nd Place- Purple Panthers - Pearman
5th Boys City Hall Champs- OSA Gold (Hahn)
5th Boys City Hall 2nd Place- Arena White – Miller
5th Boys Cone Park Champs- Arena Blue - Miller
5th Boys Cone Park 2nd Place- OSA Gold (Keller)
5th Boys Expo Center Champs- Boyden Hull
5th Boys Expo Center 2nd Place- Hinton Blackhawks
5th Boys Municipal Auditorium Champs- Purple Panthers - Stokes
5th Boys Municipal Auditorium 2nd Place- Redbirds
5th Boys Orpheum Champs- Lawton Bronson
5th Boys Orpheum 2nd Place- Stars – Rhoades
5th Boys Tyson Event Center Champs- Woodbury Central
5th Boys Tyson Event Center 2nd Place- Homer
6th Boys Bandits Champs- Runnin Rebels
6th Boys Bandits 2nd Place- United  
6th Boys Chargers Champs- ATC
6th Boys Chargers 2nd Place- Yankton Ballerz  
6th Boys Explorers Champs- PK’s Elite
6th Boys Explorers 2nd Place- Arena Raiders – Wagner
6th Boys Globetrotters Champs- Raiders
6th Boys Globetrotters 2nd Place- NW Iowa Force
6th Boys Metros Champs- HYA Blue
6th Boys Metros 2nd Place- SBL Warriors
6th Boys Muskateers Champs- War Path
6th Boys Muskateers 2nd Place- Purple Panthers - VanGinkel
6th Boys Mustangs Champs- Sac County Bandits
6th Boys Mustangs 2nd Place- West Lyon
7th Boys Central Champs- Arena - Doble
7th Boys Central 2nd Place- OSA Gold (Backman)  
7th Boys Downtown Champs- SBL
7th Boys Downtown 2nd Place- HYA Gold
7th Boys Eastside Champs- Black Raiders - Castro
7th Boys Eastside 2nd Place- Sioux Center Warriors
7th Boys Northside Champs- Arena - Lazzo
7th Boys Northside 2nd Place- OSA Gold (Mohning)
7th Boys Westside Champs- SBL - Hoskins
7th Boys Westside 2nd Place- HYA Blue
8th Boys Hilton Garden Inn Champs- Warpath
8th Boys Hilton Garden Inn 2nd Place- OSA Black (Koehn)
8th Boys Comfort Inn Champs- Arena – Maher
8th Boys Holiday Inn Champs- HYA Blue
8th Boys Holiday Inn 2nd Place- Ridgeview Raptors
8th Boys Marriot Downtown Champs- Arena Warriors - Buss
8th Boys Marriot Downtown 2nd Place- Harrisburg Tigers  
8th Boys Wingate Champs- Bulldogs
8th Boys Wingate 2nd Place- LeMars Blue Jays

January 29th-30th
Battle of Programs (Hiawatha, IA)
3rd Girls Champs- Kingdom Hoops Navy
3rd Girls 2nd Place- Kingdom Hoops Red
3rd Boys Pool A Champs- Team Iowa Blue
3rd Boys Pool B Champs- Iowa Prep
3rd Boys Pool C Champs- Excel Red
3rd Boys Pool D Champs- Waukee Force
4th Girls Champs- Iowa Prep
4th Girls 2nd Place- Court 45 Clippers
4th Boys Red Champs- Kingdom Hoops Navy
4th Boys Red 2nd Place- Iowa Prep
4th Boys Blue Champs- Martin Bros
4th Boys Blue 2nd Place- Rosemount Irish Boys
5th Girls Champs- Martin Bros
5th Girls 2nd Place- QC Shockers
5th Boys Red Champs- Team Iowa Blue
5th Boys Red 2nd Place- 5 Star
5th Boys Blue Champs- Martin Bros
5th Boys Blue 2nd Place- Iowa Prep Red
6th Girls Red Champs- Beyond Ball 24K
6th Girls Red 2nd Place- Kingdom Hoops Navy
6th Girls Blue Champs- Splash Sisters
6th Girls Blue 2nd Place- 212
6th Boys Pool A Champs- Martin Bros
6th Boys Pool B Champs- Team Iowa Blue
6th Boys Pool C Champs- 212 Blue
6th Boys Pool D Champs- PV Spartans
7th Girls Champs- Team Iowa Blue Star
7th Girls 2nd Place- 212
7th Boys Red Champs- Excel Red
7th Boys Red 2nd Place- 212 Blue
7th Boys Blue Pool A Champs- Martin Bros
7th Boys Blue Pool B Champs- 212 Black
7th Boys Blue Pool C Champs- Team Iowa Blue
7th Boys Blue Pool D Champs- Kingdom Hoops Elite
8th Girls Champs- Team Iowa Blue Star
8th Girls 2nd Place- 212 Blue
8th Boys Red Champs- 212 Blue
8th Boys Red 2nd Place- Team Iowa Red
8th Boys Blue Champs- Martin Bros
8th Boys Blue 2nd Place- Kingdom Hoops Elite

January 29th-30th
AC Patriot Classic (Hastings, NE)
3rd Boys Gold Champs- Rise Hoops
3rd Boys Gold 2nd Place- Cross County
3rd Boys Gold 3rd Place- Hawks
3rd Boys Gold 2 Champs- KBA White – Richey
3rd Boys Gold 2 2nd Place- Adams Central Red
4th Boys Gold Champs- AC Hoops
4th Boys Gold 2nd Place- Norris Red
4th Boys Silver Champs- Crete Cardinals
4th Boys Silver 2nd Place- Dusters
4th Boys Silver 3rd Place- STC Hawks
5th Boys Gold Champs- AC Hoops A
5th Boys Gold 2nd Place- Hastings RISE Tigers
5th Boys Silver Champs- Hawks
5th Boys Silver 2nd Place- Norris White
5th Boys Bronze Champs- Kearney KBA - Weaver
5th Boys Bronze 2nd Place- York Duke Gold
6th Boys Gold Champs- Sandy Creek
6th Boys Gold 2nd Place- Hastings Rise Hoops
6th Boys Silver Champs- North Platte Pride
6th Boys Silver 2nd Place- STC Hawks White
6th Boys Bronze Champs- Grand Island - Gernstein
6th Boys Bronze 2nd Place- AC Hoops - Blue
7th Boys Gold Champs- Central Nebraska Hoops Academy
7th Boys Gold 2nd Place- AC Hoops
8th Boys Gold Champs- Norris
8th Boys Gold 2nd Place- KBA Black
8th Boys Gold 3rd Place- Cozad
8th Boys Silver Champs- KBA White
8th Boys Silver 2nd Place- KBA Blue
8th Boys Silver 3rd Place- Overton
3rd Girls Gold Champs- Doniphan-Trumbull
3rd Girls Gold 2nd Place- Superior Wildcats
3rd Girls Gold 3rd Place- AC Blue
4th Girls Gold Champs- Valor Black
4th Girls Gold 2nd Place- AC Hoops Red
4th Girls Gold 3rd Place- KBA Blue
4th Girls Silver Champs- Valor Black
4th Girls Silver 2nd Place- Loomis Wolves
4th Girls Silver 3rd Place- Minden
5th Girls Gold Champs- BC Cardinals
5th Girls Gold 2nd Place- Central Force Blue
5th Girls Gold 3rd Place- AC Hoops Blue
5th Girls Silver Champs- Amherst Broncos
5th Girls Silver 2nd Place- STC
5th Girls Silver 3rd Place- Central Force White
6th Girls Gold Champs- Sandy Creek
6th Girls Gold 2nd Place- AC Hoops Red
6th Girls Silver Champs- Norris Red
6th Girls Silver 2nd Place- STC Hawks
7th Girls Gold Champs- Sidney Lady Raiders
7th Girls Gold 2nd Place- Valor
7th Girls Gold 3rd Place- FC
7th Girls Silver Champs- Seward Jays
7th Girls Silver 2nd Place- St. Paul Wildcats
7th Girls Silver 3rd Place- AC Hoops
8th Girls Gold Champs- Hastings Hot Shots
8th Girls Gold 2nd Place- STC
8th Girls Silver Champs- KBA Blue
8th Girls Silver 2nd Place- TC Titans
8th Girls Bronze Champs- Central Force
8th Girls Bronze 2nd Place- Doniphan-Trumbell

January 29th-30th
Apple Valley Girls Classic (Apple Valley, MN)
3rd Girls Champs- Chanhassen
3rd Girls 2nd Place- Lakeville South Gold
3rd Girls 3rd Place- Eagan
4th Girls B Champs- White Bear Orange
4th Girls B 2nd Place- Lakeville South Red
4th Girls C Champs- Owatonna Blue
4th Girls C 2nd Place- Monticello Black
4th Girls C 3rd Place- White Bear Black
5th Girls B Champs- Roch Mayo Gold
5th Girls B 2nd Place- White Bear Orange
5th Girls B 3rd Place- New Prague Red
5th Girls C Champs- Monticello Black
5th Girls C 2nd Place- Cottage Grove Green
5th Girls C 3rd Place- Lakeville South White
6th Girls B Champs- Roch Century Navy
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Roch Mayo Gold
6th Girls B 3rd Place- Jefferson Blue
6th Girls C Champs- Roch JM Red
6th Girls C 2nd Place- Hastings Blue
6th Girls C 3rd Place- Monticello Black
7th Girls A/B Pool 1 Champs- Cottage Grove Green
7th Girls A/B Pool 2 Champs- White Bear Orange
7th Girls A/B Pool 3 Champs- Roch Mayo Gold
7th Girls C Champs- New Prague Red
7th Girls C 2nd Place- Faribault
7th Girls C 3rd Place- Roch Mayo Green
8th Girls A/B Champs- Roch Century
8th Girls A/B 2nd Place- Monticello Black
8th Girls A/B 3rd Place- Owatonna Blue
8th Girls C Champs- St Mike’s
8th Girls C 2nd Place- Lakeville North Black
8th Girls C 3rd Place- Lakeville South White

January 22nd-23rd
Rogers Blizzard Breaker (Rogers, MN)
4th Girls A Champs- Waconia Purple
4th Girls A 2nd Place- Spring Lake Park Red
4th Girls B Champs- Alexandria Red
4th Girls B 2nd Place- STMA Blue
4th Girls B 3rd Place- Sartell Blue
5th Girls A Champs- Delano Orange
5th Girls A 2nd Place- Spring Lake Park Red
5th Girls B Champs- Becker Blue
5th Girls B 2nd Place- Alexandria Red
5th Girls C Champs- STMA Blue
5th Girls C 2nd Place- Buffalo Purple
5th Girls C 3rd Place- Minneapolis Lakers Blue
6th Girls A Champs- STMA Gold
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Sartell
6th Girls A 3rd Place- Elk River Black
6th Girls B Champs- Albany
6th Girls B 2nd Place- STMA Blue
6th Girls B 3rd Place- Buffalo Black
6th Girls C Champs- Minneapolis Lakers Blue
6th Girls C 2nd Place- Elk River Red
6th Girls C 3rd Place- Champlin Park
7th Girls A Champs- Alexandria Red
7th Girls A 2nd Place- Spring Lake Park Red
7th Girls A 3rd Place- STMA Gold
7th Girls B Champs- Rogers
7th Girls B 2nd Place- OMGBA
7th Girls C Champs- Rogers
7th Girls C 2nd Place- Minneapolis Lakers Gold
7th Girls C 3rd Place- Elk River Red
8th Girls A Champs- STMA Gold
8th Girls A 2nd Place- Elk River Black
8th Girls B Champs- Rogers
8th Girls B 2nd Place- Elk River Red
8th Girls B 3rd Place- Spring Lake Park Red
8th Girls C Champs- STMA Blue
8th Girls C 2nd Place- Rogers

January 23rd
Orono Spartan Classic Girls (Long Lake, MN)
4th Girls 4B-1 Champs- Wayzata
4th Girls 4B-1 2nd Place- Blaine White
4th Girls 4B-2 Champs- Delano Orange
4th Girls 4B-2 2nd Place- Eden Prairie Red
5th Girls A Champs- OMGBA
5th Girls A 2nd Place- Wayzata
5th Girls C Champs- Jefferson
5th Girls C 2nd Place- Blaine White
5th Girls C 3rd Place- Wayzata
6th Girls A Champs- Brainerd Blue
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Delano Orange
6th Girls B Champs- Wayzata
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Jefferson
6th Girls B 3rd Place- OMGBA
6th Girls C Champs- Wayzata
6th Girls C 2nd Place- OMGBA
7th Girls A Champs- OMGBA
7th Girls A 2nd Place- Orono Blue
7th Girls A 3rd Place- Blaine White
7th Girls B Champs- Northfield Raiders
7th Girls B 2nd Place- Jefferson
7th Girls C Champs- Wayzata
7th Girls C 2nd Place- Blaine Carolina
7th Girls C 3rd Place- Hutchinson HYBA
8th Girls A Champs- Wayzata
8th Girls A 2nd Place- Orono Blue
8th Girls A 3rd Place- Eden Prairie
8th Girls B Champs- Orono Red
8th Girls B 2nd Place- Holy Angels Stars
8th Girls C Champs- Wayzata
8th Girls C 2nd Place- OMGBA

January 22nd
Forest Lake FREEZE Boys Tournament (Forest Lake, MN)
4th Boys A Champs- Delano Orange
4th Boys A 2nd Place- Mounds View
4th Boys B Champs- Centennial
4th Boys B 2nd Place- White Bear Orange
4th Boys B 3rd Place- Mounds View 2
4th Boys C Champs- Blaine
4th Boys C 2nd Place- East Ridge White
4th Boys C 3rd Place- East Ridge Black
5th Boys A Champs- Mounds View
5th Boys A 2nd Place- Centennial
5th Boys A 3rd Place- Mahtomedi
5th Boys B Champs- OMGBA
5th Boys B 2nd Place- Minneapolis Lakers Gold
5th Boys B 3rd Place- White Bear Orange
5th Boys C Champs- Minneapolis Lakers Blue
5th Boys C 2nd Place- East Ridge White
5th Boys C 3rd Place- Mahtomedi Gold
6th Boys A Champs- Champlin Park
6th Boys A 2nd Place- White Bear Orange
6th Boys A 3rd Place- Mahtomedi Blue
6th Boys B Champs- Mounds View
6th Boys B 2nd Place- Centennial
6th Boys B 3rd Place- Forest Lake Maroon
6th Boys C Champs- Cambridge-Isanti
6th Boys C 2nd Place- Mounds View White
6th Boys C 3rd Place- East Ridge Grey
7th Boys A Champs- Spring Lake Park
7th Boys A 2nd Place- Delano Orange
7th Boys A 3rd Place- Mahtomedi Blue
7th Boys B Champs- Mounds View
7th Boys B 2nd Place- White Bear Black
7th Boys B 3rd Place- Spring Lake Park
7th Boys C Champs- Hermantown
7th Boys C 2nd Place- Minneapolis Lakers White
7th Boys C 3rd Place- Centennial
8th Boys A Champs- Spring Lake Park
8th Boys A 2nd Place- Mounds View
8th Boys A 3rd Place- Delano Orange
8th Boys B Champs- Fridley Gold
8th Boys B 2nd Place- Inver Grove Blue
8th Boys B 3rd Place- Spring Lake Hoffmeyer
8th Boys C Champs- Spring Lake Park
8th Boys C 2nd Place- OMGBA
8th Boys C 3rd Place- Minneapolis Lakers White

January 23rd
Forest Lake FREEZE Girls Tournament (Forest Lake, MN)
4th Girls Champs- St Francis Blue
4th Girls 2nd Place- Mahtomedi
4th Girls 3rd Place- Forest Lake Maroon
5th Girls A Champs- Champlin Park Rebels
5th Girls A 2nd Place- Roch Mayo Gold
5th Girls A 3rd Place- Centennial
5th Girls B Champs- Forest Lake Maroon
5th Girls B 2nd Place- Mahtomedi
5th Girls C Champs- St Francis Blue
5th Girls C 2nd Place- Irondale Maroon
5th Girls C 3rd Place- Mahtomedi
6th Girls A Champs- Becker Blue
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Centennial Black
6th Girls B Champs- Chisago
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Anoka Maroon
6th Girls B 3rd Place- Andover Black
6th Girls C Champs- Rochester Mayo Gold
6th Girls C 2nd Place- Fridley Gold
6th Girls C 3rd Place- MVBA
7th Girls A/B Champs- Mahtomedi
7th Girls A/B 2nd Place- Andover Gold
7th Girls A/B 3rd Place- Forest Lake Maroon
7th Girls C Champs- Hermantown Blue
7th Girls C 2nd Place- MVBA
7th Girls C 3rd Place- Chisago
8th Girls A Champs- Forest Lake Maroon
8th Girls A 2nd Place- Lakeville North
8th Girls A 3rd Place- Mahtomedi
8th Girls B/C Champs- Andover Gold
8th Girls B/C 2nd Place- Irondale Maroon
8th Girls B/C 3rd Place- Hermantown

January 22nd
St. Mary’s Booster Club Youth Girls Tournament (Bismarck, ND)
4th Girls Champs- Dakota Krush
4th Girls 2nd Place- Little Saints
5th Girls Champs- *
5th Girls 2nd Place- *
6th Girls Champs- *
6th Girls 2nd Place- *
7th Girls Champs- Black Storm
7th Girls 2nd Place- Mandan Thunder White
7th Girls 3rd Place- *
8th Girls Champs- Thunder
8th Girls 2nd Place- Sparkz

January 22nd
Legends of the Court (Hull, IA)
5th Boys Pool 1 Champs- Dell Rapids
5th Boys Pool 12nd Place- Sioux Center Orange
5th Boys Pool 2 Champs- Wolfpack White
5th Boys Pool 2 2nd Place- Rock Valley Black
6th Boys Champs- Jr Knights Navy
6th Boys 2nd Place- Okoboji
7th Boys Pool 1 Champs- Jr Knights Navy
7th Boys Pool 1 2nd Place- Central Lyon
7th Boys Pool 2 Champs- MMCRU
7th Boys Pool 2 2nd Place- Spirit Lake
8th Boys Pool 1 Champs- Jr Knights Navy
8th Boys Pool 1 2nd Place- West Lyon
8th Boys Pool 2 Champs- Rock Valley
8th Boys Pool 2 2nd Place- Dutch

January 15th-16th
Lakeville South Girls Cougar Classic (Lakeville, MN)
3rd Gold Champs- Minnetonka
3rd Gold 2nd Place- Chanhassen
4th Gold Champs- Lakeville South Gold
4th Gold 2nd Place- Eastview Blue
4th Gold 3rd Place- Lakeville North
4th Red Champs- Eagan
4th Red 2nd Place- Lakeville South Red
4th White Champs- Hastings
4th White 2nd Place- Rochester
4th White 3rd Place- Eagan
5th A Champs- Lakeville South Gold
5th A 2nd Place- Lakeville North
5th A 3rd Place- Edina
5th B Champs- Owatonna
5th B 2nd Place- Edina
5th B 3rd Place- Stewartville
5th C Champs- New Prague Red
5th C 2nd Place- Woodbury White
5th C 3rd Place- Edina
6th A Gold Champs- Lakeville South Gold
6th A Gold 2nd Place- Minnetonka
6th A Gold 3rd Place- Edina
6th A Red Champs- Lakeville North
6th A Red 2nd Place- Farview
6th B Gold Champs- Prior Lake
6th B Gold 2nd Place- Edina
6th B Gold 3rd Place- Owatonna
6th B Red Champs- Burnsville
6th B Red 2nd Place- New Prague Black
6th C Champs- Hastings
6th C 2nd Place- Eagan
6th C 3rd Place- Edina
7th A Champs- Hudson White
7th A 2nd Place- Lakeville North
7th A 3rd Place- Prior Lake
7th B Champs- Eagan
7th B 2nd Place- Edina
7th B 3rd Place- Wayzata
7th C Champs- Prior Lake
7th C 2nd Place- Stillwater
7th C 3rd Place- Woodbury White
8th A Champs- Waconia
8th A 2nd Place- Wayzata
8th A 3rd Place- Eastview
8th B Champs- Rochester Lourdes
8th B 2nd Place- Owatonna
8th B 3rd Place- Lakeville South Red
8th C Champs- Eastview Silver
8th C 2nd Place- Edina
8th C 3rd Place- St. Michael Catholic

January 16th
Newton Blizzard Bash (Newton, IA)
4th Boys Champs- Adel Tigers
4th Boys 2nd Place- Newton Redbirds
6th Boys Champs- Newton Redbirds Red
6th Boys 2nd Place- JBC - Purple
8th Boys Champs- Ankeny Centennial Black
8th Boys 2nd Place- Newton Redbirds Red
8th Girls Champs- Woodward - Granger
8th Girls 2nd Place- Urbandale J-Hawks

January 14th-16th
Arena New Years Bash (Sioux City, IA)
3rd Girls Champs- OSA Black - Hahn
3rd Girls 2nd Place- Westwood Rebels
3rd Girls 3rd Place- Bago Thunder
3rd Boys Black Champs- Yankton Bucks
3rd Boys Black 2nd Place- Arena – Kleinhesslink
3rd Boys Gold Champs- Homer
3rd Boys Gold 2nd Place- Westwood
3rd Boys White Champs- Westerners
3rd Boys White 2nd Place- Purple Panthers - Storm
3rd Boys Blue Champs- Arena Raiders
3rd Boys Blue 2nd Place- MVAO
3rd Boys Orange Champs- Hinton - Burgad
3rd Boys Orange 2nd Place- SBL
4th Girls Blue Champs- OSA Gold - Yordt
4th Girls Blue 2nd Place- Ponca
4th Girls Orange Champs- OSA Black - Brown
4th Girls Silver Champs- Heelan - Hegarty
4th Girls Silver 2nd Place- Heelan - Berger
4th Boys Blue Champs- Yankton
4th Boys Gold Champs Place- Lennox Orioles
4th Boys Red Champs- Thunder
4th Boys Red 2nd Place- KPWC
4th Boys Silver Champs- SBL Black
4th Boys Silver 2nd Place- Hinton Blackhawks - Black
4th Boys White Champs- Jays
4th Boys White 2nd Place- Purple Panthers - Burns
5th Girls Red Champs- OSA Platinum Bush
5th Girls Red 2nd Place- Arena Haskell
5th Girls White Champs- OSA Gold - Davis
5th Girls White 2nd Place- Ponca
5th Boys Black Champs- Sioux Falls Sanford Power
5th Boys Black 2nd Place- Arena Blue - Miller
5th Boys Gold Champs- Purple Panthers - Stokes
5th Boys Gold 2nd Place- SBL Warriors - Tague
5th Boys Silver Champs- Lawton Bronson
5th Boys Blue Champs- Arena White - Miller
5th Boys Blue 2nd Place- War Path
5th Boys Red Champs- Ponca
5th Boys Red 2nd Place- OSA Black - Teetor
5th Boys White Champs- Westwood
5th Boys White 2nd Place- HYA Gold
6th Girls Black Champs- Sanford Power - Phillips
6th Girls Black 2nd Place- Arena Blue – Osten
6th Girls Blue Champs- United Jager
6th Girls Red Champs- East Raiders
6th Boys Black Champs- Raiders - Wagner
6th Boys Gold Champs- SBL Warriors
6th Boys Red Champs- Ponca Wildcats
6th Boys Blue Champs- Yankton Thunder
6th Boys Blue 2nd Place- Sac County Bandits
6th Boys Orange Champs- Sanford Pentagon Power - Walker
6th Boys Orange 2nd Place- BV Ambush
6th Boys Silver Champs- HYA Blue
6th Boys Silver 2nd Place- ATC
7th Girls Black Champs- Arena - Osten
7th Girls Black 2nd Place- OSA Gold - Anderson
7th Boys Black Champs- OI Heels
7th Boys Black 2nd Place- Arena Lazzo
7th Boys Red Champs- SSC Redbirds
7th Boys Orange Champs- Sioux City East Black Raiders
7th Boys Blue Champs- Black Raiders - Castro
7th Boys Blue 2nd Place- Sioux Center
8th Girls White Champs- Arena Raiders - Blum
8th Girls Blue Champs- OSA Gold - Wisnieski
8th Girls Red Champs- OSA Black - Lohmeier
8th Girls Red 2nd Place- United - Bestgen
8th Boys Blue Champs- SD Wolves
8th Boys Blue 2nd Place- Arena - Maher
8th Boys Silver Champs- LM Jays
8th Boys Silver 2nd Place- Ridgeview Raptors
8th Boys Red Champs- LeMars
8th Boys Red 2nd Place- Arena - Maher
8th Boys Orange Champs- MOC-FV
8th Boys White Champs- SC North

January 7th-9th
TNE I Have a Dream Classic (Council Bluffs, IA)
3rd Girls Champs- MN Lady Mustangs
3rd Girls 2nd Place- Arena Rogan
4th Girls Champs- Arena Haskell
4th Girls 2nd Place- Express United
5th Girls Champs- Lady Mustangs Blue
5th Girls 2nd Place- OSA Gold Davis
6th Girls Champs- Arena Osten Blue
6th Girls 2nd Place- Express United
7th Girls Champs- Arena Osten
7th Girls 2nd Place- OSA Gold Anderson
8th Girls Boycott Champs- Express United Black
8th Girls Boycott 2nd Place- OSA Gold Wisnieski

8th Girls Selma Champs- OSA Black Lohmeier
8th Girls Selma 2nd Place- Arena Peppers
3rd Boys Champs- Wildcats
3rd Boys 2nd Place- OSA Gold Phillips
4th Boys Birmingham Champs- OSA Platinum West
4th Boys Birmingham 2nd Place- Iowa Tar Heels

4th Boys Morehouse College Champs- 1 Movement Hoops
4th Boys Morehouse College 2nd Place- OSA Platinum Wisnieski
5th Boys Champs- OSA Platinum Govier
5th Boys 2nd Place- Arena Miller White
6th Boys Champs- OSA Platinum Snyder
6th Boys 2nd Place- Waukee JAM

6th Boys 3rd Place- Des Moines Gators
6th Boys 4th Place- Express United
7th Boys Birmingham Champs- OSA Platinum Sieg/Meyers
7th Boys Birmingham 2nd Place- Iowa Longhorns

7th Boys Peace Champs- Express United-Tarpley
7th Boys Peace 2nd Place- OSA Platinum Snyder

7th Boys Freedom Champs- Express United Todd
7th Boys Freedom 2nd Place- Jr. Titans Blue

7th Boys Selma Champs- Bennington West/Tobias
7th Boys Selma 2nd Place- Elkhorn Attack All-Stars (Shada)
8th Boys Champs- OSA Platinum Mosser
8th Boys 2nd Place- Express United-Mitchell

January 7th-8th
SESD: 2022 Throw Down (Harrisburg, SD)  
4th Boys Champs- Wolfpack
4th Boys 2nd Place- BV Fierce
4th Boys C Champs- BBA Force-Vangerpen
4th Boys C 2nd Place- SF Sonia Sotomayor
5th Boys Champs- Avera Select Black
5th Boys 2nd Place- 5tool Sports Tsunami
5th Boys B Champs- BV Ace-Beckman
5th Boys B 2nd Place- BBA Force-Bartlett
6th Boys B Champs- BBA Force-Burggraff
6th Boys B 2nd Place- SFC Chargers
6th Boys C Champs- West Central
6th Boys C 2nd Place- BBA Force-Habtemariam
7th Boys Champs- Tea Area Titans
8th Boys Champs- SD Network-Coach P
8th Boys 2nd Place- CYAL Rebels-Duffy
8th Boys B Champs- SD Network Coach P
8th Boys B 2nd Place- Avera Select Green
6th Girls Champs- Avera Select Purple
6th Girls 2nd Place- BBA Fierce-Berte
8th Girls Champs- Harrisburg
8th Girls 2nd Place- BV Ace

January 8th-9th
Battle of Schools (Hiawatha, IA)
3rd Girls Champs- CR Bulldogs Navy
3rd Girls 2nd Place- Cascade
3rd Boys Champs- Western Dubuque Bobcats
3rd Boys 2nd Place- Team Iowa Red (Xavier)
4th Girls Champs- Court 45 Clippers-Black
4th Girls 2nd Place- Liberty Lightning
5th Boys Champs- Saints
5th Boys 2nd Place- Prairie Hawks-Nove
5th Girls Champs- Cascade
5th Girls 2nd Place- North Linn
6th Girls Champs- Bulldogs
6th Girls 2nd Place- IC Warriors
6th Boys Champs- LM Lions-Becker
6th Boys 2nd Place- CR Warriors
7th Boys Red Champs- Iowa City Eagles
7th Boys Red 2nd Place- Mt Vernon
7th Boys Blue Champs- NL Thunder
7th Boys Blue 2nd Place- LMBA Lions
8th Girls Champs- Bulldogs
8th Girls 2nd Place- CR Prairie Hawks
8th Boys Sun Champs- Prairie Hawks (Miller)
8th Boys Sun 2nd Place- Linn-Mar
8th Boys Sat Champs- Dubuque Rams
8th Boys Sat 2nd Place- Liberty Bolts

January 8th-9th
Wayzata Girls Classic Tournament (Wayzata, MN)
4th A Champs- Chanhassen Blue
4th A 2nd Place- Wayzata 1
4th B Blue Champs- East Ridge Gold
4th B Blue 2nd Place- Wayzata 2
4th B Yellow Champs- St Louis Park Black
4th B Yellow 2nd Place- Wayzata 3
4th C Champs- New Ulm
4th C 2nd Place- St Paul Gold
5th A Champs- Farview Wright
5th A 2nd Place- Wayzata 1
5th B Champs- OMGBA
5th B 2nd Place- Wayzata 2
5th B/C Champs- New Ulm
5th B/C 2nd Place- Mahtomedi Blue
5th C Champs- St Louis Park Black
5th C 2nd Place- Wayzata 3
6th A Champs- Wayzata 1
6th A 2nd Place- Blaine White
6th A/B Champs- Orono Blue
6th A/B 2nd Place- Wayzata 2
6th B Blue Champs- St Paul Gold
6th B Blue 2nd Place- Rosemount
6th B Yellow Champs- Roch Mayo Gold
6th B Yellow 2nd Place- Wayzata 3
6th C Champs- Fridley Gold
6th C 2nd Place- Chaska
7th A Blue Champs- Wayzata 1
7th A Blue 2nd Place- Chanhassen Blue
7th A Yellow Champs- Blaine White
7th A Yellow 2nd Place- Park Center
7th B Blue Champs- East Ridge Black
7th B Blue 2nd Place- Wayzata 2
7th B Yellow Champs- Buffalo Black
7th B Yellow 2nd Place- Farmington Orange
7th C Blue Champs- Minnetonka
7th C Blue 2nd Place- Wayzata 3
7th C Yellow Champs- Orono Red
7th C Yellow 2nd Place- Champlin Park C
8th A Champs- Wayzata 1
8th A 2nd Place-Orono Blue
8th A/B Champs- STMA Gold
8th A/B 2nd Place- Mahtomedi Blue
8th B Champs- East Ridge Black
8th B 2nd Place- Wayzata 2
8th B/C Champs- Shakopee Black
8th B/C 2nd Place- St Paul Gold
8th C Champs- Orono Red
8th C 2nd Place- Roseville Black

January 8th-9th
Eastview Lightning Girls Classic (Apple Valley, MN)
4th A Champs- Eastview Blue
4th A 2nd Place- White Bear Orange
4th B Champs- Cottage Grove Green
4th B 2nd Place- Woodbury Blue
4th C Champs- White Bear Black
4th C 2nd Place- New Prague Black
5th A Champs- Lakeville South Gold
5th A 2nd Place- Lakeville North Red
5th B Champs- Lakeville North Black
5th B 2nd Place- Prior Lake Gold
5th C Champs- Mendota Heights Red
5th C 2nd Place- Woodbury White
6th A Champs- Lakeville South Gold
6th A 2nd Place- Eastview Blue
6th B Champs- Roch Century Navy
6th B 2nd Place- Prior Lake Gold
6th C Champs- Inver Grove
6th C 2nd Place- Richfield
7th A Champs- Lakeville North Red
7th A 2nd Place- Eagan
7th B Champs- Delano Orange
7th B 2nd Place- Woodbury Blue
7th C Champs- Prior Lake Gold
7th C 2nd Place- Inver Grove
7th C2 Champs- Eastview Blue
7th C2 2nd Place- New Prague Red
8th A Champs- Eagan
8th A 2nd Place- Eastview Blue
8th B Champs- Prior Lake Blue
8th B 2nd Place- Cottage Grove Green
8th B2 Champs- Eagan
8th B2 2nd Place- Delano Orange
8th C Champs- New Prague Black
8th C 2nd Place- Farmington White

January 8th-9th
Jordan Hubmen Boys Classic (Jordan, MN)
4th Champs- Jordan Maroon
4th 2nd Place- Eagan 2
5th Champs- Belle Plaine Red
5th 2nd Place- TCU Titans
6th Champs- Stewartville Maroon
6th 2nd Place- Chanhassen Gold
7th Champs- Jordan Maroon
7th 2nd Place- Eagan 2
8th Champs- Belle Plaine Red
8th 2nd Place- Faribault

January 8th
Hawley Hot Shot Tournament (Hawley, MN)
3rd Girls Champs- Hawley Nuggets Gold
3rd Girls 2nd Place- Hawley Nuggets Maroon
4th Boys Champs- Cowboys
4th Boys 2nd Place- Park Christian Falcons
4th Girls Champs- *
4th Girls 2nd Place- *
5th Girls Champs- Hawley Gold
5th Girls 2nd Place- Hawley Maroon
6th Boys Champs- Kindred Vikings
6th Boys 2nd Place- Wahpeton Piranhas
6th Girls Champs- *
6th Girls 2nd Place- Grovers
7th Boys Champs- Hawley Nuggets
7th Boys 2nd Place-
7th Girls Champs- Hawley
7th Girls 2nd Place- DGF

January 8th-9th
Phenom Winter Jam (Bismarck, ND)
3rd Boys Champs- *
3rd Boys 2nd Place- *
4th Boys Champs- *
4th Boys 2nd Place- *
5th Boys Champs- *
5th Boys 2nd Place- *
6th Boys Champs- *
6th Boys 2nd Place- *
6th Boys 3rd Place- *
6th Boys 4th Place- *
3rd Girls Champs- *
3rd Girls 2nd Place- *
4th Girls Champs- *
4th Girls 2nd Place- *
5th Girls Champs- *
5th Girls 2nd Place- *
6th Girls Champs- *
6th Girls 2nd Place- *
8th Girls Champs- *
8th Girls 2nd Place- *

December 17th-19th
Holiday Hoops Fest (Sioux City, IA)
3rd Girls Champs- Westwood Rebels 3rd-2
3rd Girls 2nd Place- Bago Thunder
3rd Girls Blue Champs- Lawton Bronson
4th Girls Champs- Avera Purple
4th Girls 2nd Place- Hinton Heat
4th Girls 3rd Place-Ponca
5th Girls Champs- Avera Girls
5th Girls 2nd Place- Chaos Black
6th Girls Blue Champs- Avera Black
6th Girls Blue 2nd Place- Sioux City Flight
6th Girls Silver Champs- Hinton
6th Girls Silver 2nd Place- West Monona
7th Girls Champs- Sioux Center Orange
7th Girls 2nd Place- Pentagon-Phillips
8th Girls Champs- Avera Black
8th Girls 2nd Place- Raiders-Blum
3rd Boys Blue Champs- Hinton-Burgad
3rd Boys Blue 2nd Place- Arena Raiders
3rd Boys Orange Champs- Spartans
3rd Boys Orange 2nd Place- Homer
3rd Boys White Champs- Yankton Bucks
3rd Boys White 2nd Place- Purple Panthers-Storm
3rd Boys Green Champs- SBL
3rd Boys Green 2nd Place- MVAO
3rd Boys Silver Champs- MOC-FV Dutch
3rd Boys Silver 2nd Place- Raiders-Orange
4th Boys Champs- Woodbury Central
4th Boys 2nd Place- SBL Orange
4th Boys 3rd Place- Westwood
4th Boys 4th Place- ATC
5th Boys Champs- Redbirds
5th Boys 2nd Place- Ponca
5th Boys 3rd Place- Vermillion Red
5th Boys Silver Champs- War Path
6th Boys Green Champs- Raiders-Peters
6th Boys Green 2nd Place- Okoboji
6th Boys White Champs- War Path
6th Boys White 2nd Place- Bucketmakers
6th Boys Red Champs- HYA Blue
6th Boys Red 2nd Place- Ridge View
6th Boys Silver Champs- Raiders-Wagner
6th Boys Silver 2nd Place- Sac County Bandits
6th Boys Yellow Champs- The Squad
6th Boys Yellow 2nd Place- Rim Rockers
7th Boys Blue Champs- WVC Playmakers
7th Boys Blue 2nd Place- Avera Purple
7th Boys Silver Champs- HYA Blue
7th Boys Silver 2nd Place- Lawton Bronson Scott
7th Boys Red Champs- SBL-Hoskins
7th Boys Red 2nd Place- East Raiders
7th Boys White Champs- MOC FV
7th Boys White 2nd Place- TC Elite
8th Boys Blue Champs- LM Jays
8th Boys Blue 2nd Place- MOC-FV
8th Boys Silver Champs- Hinton Blackhawks
8th Boys Silver 2nd Place- Pender Pendragons
8th Boys Red Champs- SBL Warriors
8th Boys Red 2nd Place- HYA Blue
8th Boys White Champs- SC North
8th Boys White 2nd Place- Bulldogs

December 18th-19th
Chanhassen Strom Basketball Tournament (Chanhassen, MN)
4th Boys A Champs- Chan Blue
4th Boys A 2nd Place- Prior Lake Blue
4th Boys A/B Champs- Waconia Purple
4th Boys A/B 2nd Place- Eagan
4th Boys B/C Champs- Edina Green
4th Boys B/C 2nd Place- Edina Black
4th Boys C Champs- Westonka
4th Boys C 2nd Place- Tonka
5th Boys A Champs- Chaska
5th Boys A 2nd Place- Edina
5th Boys A/B Champs- Prior Lake Blue
5th Boys A/B 2nd Place- Delano
5th Boys B Champs- EP-2
5th Boys B 2nd Place- Chan Gold
5th Boys C Champs- Westonka
5th Boys C 2nd Place- Chan White
6th Boys A Champs- Prior Lake Blue
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Chaska
6th Boys A/B Champs- Chan Blue
6th Boys A/B 2nd Place- Lakeville North
6th Boys B Champs- Chan Gold
6th Boys B 2nd Place- Shakopee
6th Boys B/C Champs- Waconia Gold
6th Boys B/C 2nd Place- Tonka Blue
6th Boys C Champs- Tonka White
6th Boys C 2nd Place- Mahtomedi
7th Boys A Champs- Prior Lake Blue
7th Boys A 2nd Place- Chaska
7th Boys A/B Champs- Edina
7th Boys A/B 2nd Place- Delano Tigers
7th Boys B Champs- EP Red
7th Boys B 2nd Place- Lakeville North
7th Boys C Blue Champs- Wayzata White
7th Boys C Blue 2nd Place- Tonka White
7th Boys C Gold Champs- Shakopee
7th Boys C Gold 2nd Place- Mahtomedi
8th Boys A Champs- Wayzata
8th Boys A 2nd Place- Eagan
8th Boys A/B Champs- Shakopee
8th Boys A/B 2nd Place- Chaska
8th Boys B Champs- Edina
8th Boys B 2nd Place- EP
8th Boys C Blue Champs- EP
8th Boys C Blue 2nd Place- Lakeville North Black
8th Boys C Gold Champs- Tonka White
8th Boys C Gold 2nd Place- Lakeville North Red
4th Girls A Champs- Chan Blue
4th Girls A 2nd Place- Chaska
4th Girls B Champs- Waconia Purple
4th Girls B 2nd Place- Wayzata
4th Girls C Champs- Waconia Gold
4th Girls C 2nd Place- Wayzata
5th Girls A Champs- Chan Blue
5th Girls A 2nd Place- Waconia Purple
5th Girls B Champs- *
5th Girls B 2nd Place- *
5th Girls C Champs- Armstrong Red
5th Girls C 2nd Place- Tonka
6th Girls A Champs- Wayzata
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Chaska
6th Girls B Champs- Mahtomedi
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Prior Lake Gold
6th Girls C Champs- Edina
6th Girls C 2nd Place- Chaska
7th Girls A Champs- *
7th Girls A 2nd Place- *
7th Girls B Champs- Tonka
7th Girls B 2nd Place- Chaska
7th Girls C Champs- Tonka
7th Girls C 2nd Place- Chan White
8th Girls A Champs- EP
8th Girls A 2nd Place- Farmington Black
8th Girls B Champs- Tonka
8th Girls B 2nd Place- Chan Blue
8th Girls C Champs- Wayzata
8th Girls C 2nd Place- Tonka

December 18th-19th
Power to Play (Hiawatha, IA)
3rd Boys Champs- Johnston Dragons
3rd Boys 2nd Place- Team Iowa Blue
3rd/4th Girls Champs- PV Sparks
3rd/4th Girls 2nd Place- 212 Blue
4th Boys Champs- LMBA
4th Boys 2nd Place- Iowa Prep
5th Girls Champs- 212
5th Girls 2nd Place- Hot Shots
5th Boys Champs- Team Iowa Blue
5th Boys 2nd Place- 212
6th Girls Champs- Bettendorf Bulldogs
6th Girls 2nd Place- Sigourney
6th Boys Red Champs- Iowa Prep Red
6th Boys Red 2nd Place- Court 45 Black
6th Boys Blue Champs- DC Mustangs
6th Boys Blue 2nd Place- Muskies Gold
7th Girls Champs- 212 Blue
7th Girls 2nd Place- Bettendorf Bulldogs
7th Boys Champs- NL Thunder
7th Boys 2nd Place- Clipper Basketball Club
8th Boys Sun Champs- 212
8th Boys Sun 2nd Place- Court 45
8th Boys Sat Red Champs- Pella Black
8th Boys Sat Red 2nd Place- Court 45 Black
8th Boys Sat Blue Champs- Team Iowa Blue
8th Boys Sat Blue 2nd Place- Kennedy Cougars

December 17th-18th
SESD: Holiday Hoops (Harrisburg, SD)
3rd Boys Champs- SD Network-Paul
4th Boys Champs- Avera Select Green
5th/6th Boys D Champs – CYAL Rebels
5th/6th Boys D 2nd Place - Tanks
6th Boys B Champs – Lakers
6th Boys B 2nd Place – BBA Force-Burggraff
6th Boys C Champs – BV Ambush
6th Boys C 2nd Place – BBA Force-Habtemariam
7th Boys Champs – Lennox-Holland
7th Boys 2nd Place – Yankton Spikes
7th Boys C Champs – BV Ambush
7th Boys C 2nd Place – Brookings
8th Boys Champs – FDNB Lynx
8th Boys 2nd Place – Lennox-Musser
5th Girls Champs – BBA Fierce-Blake
5th Girls 2nd Place – BBA Fierce-Wetzel
6th/7th Girls Champs – BV Ace
6th/7th Girls 2nd Place – BBA Fierce-Van Roekel
8th Girls Champs – BBA Fierce-Van Roekel

December 18th
Creston Youth Girls Basketball Tournament (Creston, IA)
3rd Girls Champs- The Ballers
4th Girls Champs- DCG-Todd
4th Girls 2nd Place- ACBC Maroon
5th Girls Champs- DCG Mustangs York
5th Girls 2nd Place- Waukee Wolves
6th Girls Champs- ACBC Black
6th Girls 2nd Place- Waukee Jam Orange
7th Girls Champs- Aftershock
7th Girls 2nd Place- Waukee Jam Blue

December 11th-12th
Ballin in the Basin (Williston, ND)
4th Girls Champs- Baker Spartans
4th Girls 2nd Place- HS Ballerz
5th Girls Champs- Herstory
5th Girls 2nd Place- Lady Karma
6th Girls Champs- Dakota Heat (Trudell)
6th Girls  2nd Place- Dickinson Wolves
8th Girls Champs- Baker Spartans
8th Girls 2nd Place- Williston Lightning
3rd Boys Champs- Minot Venom
3rd Boys 2nd Place- Magic City Knights
4th Boys Champs- Rangers
4th Boys 2nd Place- Ray Red Raiders
5th Boys Champs- Heat
5th Boys 2nd Place- Magic City Knights
6th Boys Silver Champs- Williston Ice
6th Boys Silver 2nd Place- Warriors
6th Boys Gold Champs- Ray Red Raiders
6th Boys Gold 2nd Place- Magic City Magi
7th Boys Champs- Northern Blue Devils
7th Boys 2nd Place- Williston Thunder
8th Boys Champs- Heat Seay
8th Boys 2nd Place- Lakers

December 11th
Pizza Corner Classic (Valley City, ND)
4th Girls Champs- Stingers - Bismarck
4th Girls 2nd Place- Blue Warriors A - Jamestown
5th Girls Champs- Blue Jays Blue - Jamestown
5th Girls 2nd Place- Hornets - Wahpeton
6th Girls A Champs- Lightning - Fargo
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Thunder - Grand Forks
6th Girls B Champs- VC Chill
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Blue Jays - Jam
4th Boys Champs- Blue Jays - Jamestown
4th Boys 2nd Place- Lil Cards - Carrington
5th Boys Champs- Flight - West Fargo
5th Boys 2nd Place- Wolfpack - West Fargo
6th Boys Champs- Swish - Langdon
6th Boys 2nd Place- Wolves - Kindred
7th Boys Champs- Other Guys - West Fargo
7th Boys 2nd Place- Wolves - Grand Forks
8th Boys Champs- The Guachos - Fargo
8th Boys 2nd Place- Firebirds – Devil

December 11th-12th
Newton Winter Shootout (Newton, IA)
3rd Boys Champs- ADM Tigers
3rd Boys 2nd Place- Wildcats
4th Boys Champs- Ankeny Magic
4th Boys 2nd Place- Ankeny Centennial Silver
5th Boys Gold Champs- Bandits
5th Boys Gold 2nd Place- DCG Mustangs
5th Boys Silver Champs-Waukee Jam Orange
5th Boys Silver 2nd Place- Newton Redbirds
6th Boys Gold Champs- Ankeny Magic Blue
6th Boys Gold 2nd Place- Pella Black
6th Boys Silver Champs- Ankeny Magic White
6th Boys Silver 2nd Place- Waukee Jam White
7th Boys Champs- Indians
7th Boys 2nd Place- Central Iowa Shooters
8th Boys Gold Champs- SEP Rams Black
8th Boys Gold 2nd Place- Waukee Jam Orange
8th Boys Silver Champs- Ankeny Centennial Silver
8th Boys Silver 2nd Place- SEP Rams Gold

December 10th-11th
SESD: And One Tournament (Sioux Falls, SD)
3rd Boys Champs- Sioux Empire Flight
3rd Boys 2nd Place- SD Network-Paul
4th Boys Champs- Rebels
4th Boys 2nd Place- Avera Select Purple
5th Boys A Champs- Avera Select Purple
5th Boys B Champs- 5tool Sports Tsunami
5th Boys B 2nd Place- OI Wolfpack
6th Boys B Champs- EPJ
6th Boys B 2nd Place- SBL Warriors-Dean
7th Boys A Champs- OI Heels
7th Boys A 2nd Place- WVC Playmakers
7th Boys B Champs- Tea Area Titans
7th Boys B 2nd Place- SF Premier
7th Boys C Champs- United
7th Boys C 2nd Place- Avera Select Green
8th Boys A Champs- Arena-Maher
8th Boys A 2nd Place- West Fargo Warriors
8th Boys AA Champs- SD Wolves
8th Boys AA 2nd Place- Avera Select Purple
8th Boys B Champs- Arena-Warriors-Buss
8th Boys B 2nd Place- Reliabank
8th Boys C Champs- BBA Force-Bartlett
8th Boys C 2nd Place- Trojans
4th Girls Champs- Moxie
5th Girls Champs- Brandon Lynx-Helgeson
5th Girls 2nd Place- Ballerz
7th Girls Champs- Dakota United
7th Girls 2nd Place- Avera Select Black

December 11th-12th
East Ridge Boys Raptor Classic (Woodbury, MN)
4th A Champs- Rosemount
4th A 2nd Place- Delano Orange
4th B Champs- Rosemount
4th B 2nd Place- St. Paul Gold
4th C Champs- Minnetonka
4th C 2nd Place- Edina Green
5th A Champs- East Ridge Black
5th A 2nd Place- Edina
5th B Champs- St. Paul Gold
5th B 2nd Place- Edina
5th C Champs- Wayzata White
5th C 2nd Place- East Ridge White
5th C 3rd Place- Minnetonka White
6th A Champs- Rosemount
6th A 2nd Place- East Ridge Black
6th B Champs- St. Paul Gold
6th B 2nd Place- Minnetonka Grey
6th B 3rd Place- Minnetonka Black
6th C Black Champs- Lakeville South
6th C Black 2nd Place- St. Paul Blue
6th C Gold Champs- Lakeville North
6th C Gold 2nd Place- Wayzata White
7th A Champs- OMGBA
7th A 2nd Place- Mounds View Green
7th B Champs- Lakeville North
7th B 2nd Place- Mounds View White
7th C Black Champs- Mounds View Black
7th C Black 2nd Place- Rosemount
7th C Gold Champs- Wayzata White
7th C Gold 2nd Place- Lakeville North Black
8th A Champs- Alexandria Red
8th A 2nd Place- Edina
8th A 3rd Place- St. Paul Gold
8th B Champs- OMGBA
8th B 2nd Place- Lakeville North
8th B 3rd Place- Lakeville South
8th C Black Champs- OMGBA
8th C Black 2nd Place- Lakeville Red
8th C Gold Champs- Minnetonka White
8th C Gold 2nd Place- East Ridge White

December 3rd-4th
Queens of the Court (Sioux Falls, SD)
4th Champs- Rock Valley
4th 2nd Place- Arena - Haskell
5th Champs- Select Purple
5th 2nd Place- Select Green
6th Champs- Select Silver
6th 2nd Place- Arena Osten Blue
7th Champs- Network - Ladd
7th 2nd Place-Select Green
8th Champs- Network - Ladd
8th 2nd Place- Select 8G Purple

December 4th-5th
Fire & Ice (Hiawatha, IA)
3rd Boys Sun Champs- Iowa Prep
3rd Boys Sun 2nd Place- 212
3rd Boys Sat Champs- Team Iowa Blue
3rd Boys Sat 2nd Place- Iowa Prep
4th Girls Sun Champs- Iowa Prep
4th Girls Sun 2nd Place- 212
4th Girls Sat Champs- Court 45 Clippers
4th Girls Sat 2nd Place- AIA Coralville
4th Boys Sun Champs- 212 Blue
4th Boys Sun 2nd Place- Cedar Rapids Celtics
4th Boys Sat Champs- Excel Red
4th Boys Sat 2nd Place- IC Heat
5th Girls Sun Champs- 212
5th Girls Sun 2nd Place- QC Shockers
5th Girls Sat Champs- 212 Blue
5th Girls Sat 2nd Place- AIA Corallville
5th Boys Sun Champs- Iowa Prep Red
5th Boys Sun 2nd Place- CF Ballers
5th Boys Sat Champs- Dubuque Rams
5th Boys Sat 2nd Place- Iowa Intensity
6th Girls Sun Champs- Iowa Prep Red
6th Girls Sun 2nd Place- IC Liberty
6th Girls Sat Champs- Iowa Prep Red
6th Girls Sat 2nd Place- Iowa City Warriors
6th Boys Sun Champs- *
6th Boys Sun 2nd Place- *
6th Boys Sat Champs- Bolts Basketball
6th Boys Sat 2nd Place- Court 45
7th Girls Sun Champs- QC Shockers
7th Girls Sun 2nd Place- 212
7th Girls Sat Champs- 212 Blue
7th Girls Sat 2nd Place- Mississippi Magic
7th Boys Sun Champs- Iowa Prep Red
7th Boys Sun 2nd Place- Kennedy Cougars
7th Boys Sat Champs- *
7th Boys Sat 2nd Place- *
8th Girls Sun Champs- QC Shockers Orange
8th Girls Sun 2nd Place- AIA Coralville Black
8th Girls Sat Champs- Martin Bros
8th Girls Sat 2nd Place- AIA Coralville Red
8th Boys Sun Champs- 212 Black
8th Boys Sun 2nd Place- 212 Blue
8th Boys Sat Red Champs- Muskies
8th Boys Sat Red 2nd Place- Iowa Prep
8th Boys Sat Blue Champs- Kennedy Cougars
8th Boys Sat Blue 2nd Place- Team Iowa Blue

December 4th-5th
East Ridge Girls Raptor Classic (Cottage Grove, MN)
4th A Champs- Rogers B
4th A 2nd Place- Edina A
4th B Champs- Woodbury Blue
4th B 2nd Place- Stillwater Black
4th C Champs- Delano Orange
4th C 2nd Place- Minneapolis Lakers Gold
5th A Champs- Lakeville North Red
5th A 2nd Place- Rosemount
5th B Champs- Edina
5th B 2nd Place- Minneapolis Lakers Gold
5th C Champs- Jefferson Blue
5th C 2nd Place- Cottage Grove Green
6th A Champs- Rosemount
6th A 2nd Place- East Ridge Black
6th B Black Champs- Delano Orange
6th B Black 2nd Place- Rosemount
6th B Gold Champs- St Paul Gold
6th B Gold 2nd Place- East Ridge Gold
6th C Champs- Edina
6th C 2nd Place- Minneapolis Lakers Blue
7th A Champs- Rochester Mayo Gold
7th A 2nd Place- Roch JM Red
7th B Champs- Jefferson Blue
7th B 2nd Place- New Prague Red
7th C Champs- Rogers
7th C 2nd Place- St Paul Gold
8th A Champs- Waconia Purple
8th A 2nd Place- Wayzata
8th B Champs- Rosemount
8th B 2nd Place- Edina
8th C Champs- Minneapolis Lakers Gold
8th C 2nd Place- St Paul Gold

November 30th
Rock Valley Girls Tournament (Rock Valley, IA)
5th Girls Champs- Spirit Lake
5th Girls 2nd Place- Rock Valley Rockets
6th Girls Champs- Sioux Center Blue
6th Girls 2nd Place- Sioux Center Orange
7th Girls Champs- Sioux Center Orange
7th Girls 2nd Place- Hinton

November 20th
VCPR Youth Tournament (Valley City, ND)
6th Girls A Champs- Chill
6th Girls A 2nd Place- Heat
6th Girls B Champs- Jamestown Jays
6th Girls B 2nd Place- Firebirds
5th Boys Champs- Jammers-Jamestown
5th Boys 2nd Place- Eagles Elite-Aberdeen
6th Boys Champs- Defenders
8th Boys Champs- Swarm-Grand Forks
8th Boys 2nd Place- Edmantrout 8 Kindred

November 20th-21st
Turkey Delight (Hiawatha, IA)
4th Girls Champs- Ankeny Centennial Black
4th Girls 2nd Place- DCBA
4th Boys Champs- Linn Mar
4th Boys 2nd Place- QC Flyers
5th Girls Champs- Shockers
5th Girls 2nd Place- Team Iowa Blue Star 4th
5th Boys Champs- Team Iowa Blue
5th Boys 2nd Place- Nova Elite
6th Girls Champs- Bulldogs
6th Girls 2nd Place- Team Iowa Blue Star
6th Boys Champs- 212
6th Boys 2nd Place- DCBA
7th Girls Champs- QC Shockers
7th Girls 2nd Place- CR Prairie Hawks
7th Boys Sat Champs- IC Eagles
7th Boys Sat 2nd Place- DCBA
7th Boys Sun Champs- 212
7th Boys Sun 2nd Place- NL Thunder
8th Girls Champs- QC Shockers Orange
8th Girls 2nd Place- All Iowa Attack Coralville Red
8th Boys Champs- 212 Blue
8th Boys 2nd Place- Dubuque Eagles

November 20th-21st
Boys Winter Warmup (Rogers, MN)
4th A Champs- Wayzata Black
4th A 2nd Place- STMA Blue
4th B Champs- St Louis Park Orange
4th B 2nd Place- Alexandria Black
5th A Champs- Wayzata Black
5th A 2nd Place- OMGBA
5th B Champs- St Louis Park Orange
5th B 2nd Place- Alexandria Red
5th C Champs- Wayzata Silver
5th C 2nd Place- ST Louis Park Black
6th A Champs- Alexandria Red
6th A 2nd Place- STMA Blue
6th B Champs- OMGBA 2
6th B 2nd Place- Wayzata Gold
6th C Champs- Andover White
6th C 2nd Place- Wayzata Silver
7th A Champs- Alexandria Red
7th A 2nd Place- Wayzata Black
7th B Champs- St Louis Park Orange
7th B 2nd Place- OMGBA 2
7th C Champs- Chaska
7th C 2nd Place- St Louis Park Black
8th A Champs- Alexandria Red
8th A 2nd Place- Andover Gold
8th B Champs- OMGBA 2
8th B 2nd Place- Monticello Black
8th C Champs- STMA White
8th C 2nd Place- Spring Lake Park Packey

November 19th-21st
Kings of the Court (Sioux Falls, SD)
5th Boys Champs- Select Green
5th Boys 2nd Place- Arena Miller
6th Boys Champs- Select Black
6th Boys 2nd Place- SC Raiders
8th Boys B Champs- North
8th Boys B 2nd Place- 605 Gold
8th Boys A Champs- SD Wolves
8th Boys A 2nd Place- Junior T-Birds

November 20th-21st
Phenom Fall Frenzy (Bismarck, ND)
3rd Boys Champs- Minot Heat - Seay
3rd Boys 2nd Place- Bearstail Basketball
4th Boys Champs- Impact
4th Boys 2nd Place- Knights
5th Boys Champs- Vipers
5th Boys 2nd Place- Minot Heat
6th Boys Champs- Pack
6th Boys 2nd Place- Bulldogs
7th Boys Champs- Impact - Jordan
7th Boys 2nd Place- Bearstail Basketball
8th Boys Champs- Beulah Miners
8th Boys 2nd Place- Minot Heat - Seay
3rd Girls Champs- Mandan Xtreme
3rd Girls 2nd Place- Bearstail Basketball
4th Girls Champs- Dakota Heat
4th Girls 2nd Place- Lady Karma
5th Girls Champs- Her Story
5th Girls 2nd Place- Thunder
6th Girls Champs- Mandan Thunder White
6th Girls 2nd Place- Dakota Heat - Trudell

November 13th-14th
Amerifest Basketball Tournament (North Liberty, IA)
3rd Boys Champs- QC Flyers
4th Boys Champs- CR Celtics
6th Boys Champs- Kyle Becker
8th Boys Champs- Union Knights Hoops

November 13th-14th
Fall Optimist Tournament (Dickinson, ND)
3rd Boys Champs- Dickinson Jayhawks
3rd Boys 2nd Place- Dickinson Magic
4th Boys Champs- Champion X/Shred ND/ Charb-Dickinson
4th Boys 2nd Place- Williston Force
5th Boys Champs- Williston Hot Sots
5th Boys 2nd Place- Sharks - Dickinson
6th Boys Champs- Bismarck Hoopsters
6th Boys 2nd Place- Shiloh Skyforce
8th Boys Champs- Net Rippers - Dickinson
8th Boys 2nd Place- Legends Dickinson
3rd Girls Champs- Baker Spartans
3rd Girls 2nd Place- Choice Insurance/Logo Magic-Dickinson
4th Girls Champs- Lady Karma-Minot
4th Girls 2nd Place- HS Ballerz-Scranton/Hettinger
5th Girls Champs- Her Story-Bismarck
5th Girls 2nd Place- Ft. Berthold Services
6th Girls Champs- Beulah Rebels
6th Girls 2nd Place- Dickinson Wolves

November 13th
Eastview Lightning Boys Classic (Apple Valley, MN)
4th A Champs- Apple Valley White
4th B - White Champs- Waconia Purple
4th B - Grey Champs- St Louis Park Orange
4th B - Grey 2nd Place- East Ridge Gold
4th C - Blue Champs- Eastview Silver
4th C - Blue 2nd Place- Rosemount
4th C - Red Champs- Woodbury Gray
4th C - Red 2nd Place- Hastings Blue
5th A Champs- Rosemount A
5th B - Blue Champs- St Paul Gold
5th B - Blue 2nd Place- Hastings Blue
5th B - Red Champs- Wayzata Blue
5th B - Red 2nd Place- Eastview Blue
5th C - Grey Champs- Woodbury Gray
5th C - Blue Champs- Wayzata Silver
5th C - Blue 2nd Place- Farmington White
6th A Champs- Phelps Falcons
6th A 2nd Place- Waconia Purple
6th B - Blue Champs- Northfield Maroon
6th B - Blue 2nd Place- Fridley Gold
6th B - Red Champs- Eastview Blue
6th B - Red 2nd Place- Jefferson Blue
6th C - Blue Champs- Eastview Silver
6th C - Blue 2nd Place- Prior Lake Silver
6th C - Red Champs- Wayzata Silver
6th C - Red 2nd Place- Jefferson White
7th A - Blue Champs- Farmington Black
7th A - Blue 2nd Place- St Paul Gold
7th A - White Champs- Roch Century Navy
7th B - White Champs- Waconia Gold
7th B - White 2nd Place- Hastings Blue
7th B - Blue Champs- Wayzata Gold
7th B - Blue 2nd Place- Jefferson White
7th C - Blue Champs- St Louis Park Black
7th C - Blue 2nd Place- Jefferson Gray
7th C - White Champs- Woodbury Gray
7th C - White 2nd Place- East Ridge White
7th C - Grey Champs- Prior Lake Silver
8th A - Grey Champs- Farmington Black
8th A - White Champs- St Paul Gold
8th A - White 2nd Place- Roch Mayo Gold
8th B - Blue Champs- Hastings Blue
8th B - Blue 2nd Place- Eastview Silver
8th B - White Champs- Eagan
8th B - White 2nd Place- Fridley Gold
8th C - Blue Champs- Farmington White
8th C - Blue 2nd Place- Roch Mayo Green
8th C - Red Champs- Wayzata White
8th C - Red 2nd Place- Eagan
8th C - Grey Champs- Eastview White

November 13th
CGAA Girls Classic (Cottage Grove, MN)
5th C Champs- Woodbury White
5th C 2nd Place- Cottage Grove Green
5th A Champs- Woodbury Blue
6th Champs- Woodbury Blue
7th Champs- Eastridge Black
7th 2nd Place- Cottage Grove Green
8th Champs- Stillwater Black

November 14th
Dubuque Fall Classic (Dubuque, IA)
4th Girls Champs- Team Iowa 4th
6th Boys Pool A Champs- DCBA Gold
6th Boys Pool A 2nd Place- Iowa Prep 5th - Red
6th Boys Pool B Champs- Wisconsin Academy - Riley
6th Boys Pool C Champs- DCBA 5th Grade
6th Boys Pool C 2nd Place- Wisconsin Academy - Slaby
7th Girls Champs- Iowa Swarm 7th
7th Girls 2nd Place- Iowa Swarm 6th
7th Boys Champs- Team Iowa Blue
7th Boys 2nd Place- LMBA Lions
8th Boys Champs- Team Iowa Red

November 13th
Lakeville North Girls Panther Classic (Lakeville, MN)
4th A Champs- Farmington Black
4th A 2nd Place- Waconia Purple
4th B Champs- Cottage Grove Green
4th B 2nd Place- Mpls Lakers
5th A Champs- Farview Wright
5th A 2nd Place- Lakeville S Gold
5th B Champs- Hopkins Black
5th B 2nd Place- Roch Mayo Gold
5th C Champs- Belle Plaine Red
5th C 2nd Place- Hopkins Blue
6th A Champs- Lakeville S Gold
6th A 2nd Place- Andover Gold
6th B Champs- Jefferson
6th B 2nd Place- Mpls Lakers Gold
6th C Champs- Northfield
6th C 2nd Place- Westonka Black
7th A Champs- Chanhassen Blue
7th A 2nd Place- Lakeville North Red
7th B Champs- New Prague Red
7th B 2nd Place- Waconia Purple
7th C Champs- Shakopee White
7th C 2nd Place- Edina
8th A Champs- Lakeville North Red
8th A 2nd Place- Forest Lake Maroon
8th B Champs- Shakopee Black
8th B 2nd Place- Waconia Gold
8th C Champs- Mpls Lakers Gold
8th C 2nd Place- New Prague Black

November 13th
Mounds View Girls Fall Classic (Arden Hills, MN)
4th A Champs- Mounds View
4th B/C Champs- White Bear Lake B
4th B/C 2nd Place- Champlin Park
5th A Champs- Spring Lake Park
5th A 2nd Place- Champlin Park
5th B Champs- White Bear Lake
5th C Champs- Irondale
6th A Champs- Centennial
6th B Champs- Delano
6th B 2nd Place- Fridley
6th C Champs- St. Anthony
7th A Champs- Mahtomedi
7th B Champs- Champlin Park
7th C Champs- Jefferson
8th B Champs- Mahtomedi
8th B 2nd Place- White Bear Lake
8th C Champs- White Bear Lake

November 13th
SESD BBALL Tourney: Lace em Up (Sioux Falls, SD)
4th Boys Champs- SD Network - Sean
4th Boys 2nd Place- Sioux Falls Showtime
5th Boys A Champs- Avera Select Purple
5th Boys B Champs- CYAL Rebels
5th Boys B 2nd Place- RBS Sanitations Titans
6th Boys A Champs- Avera Select Purple
6th Boys A 2nd Place- Avera Select Green
6th Boys B Champs- Pack
6th Boys B 2nd Place- SFC Chargers
7th Boys A Champs- Avera Select Purple
7th Boys B Champs- SF Premier
7th Boys B 2nd Place- CYAL Rebels
8th Boys Champs- Lennox
8th Boys 2nd Place- Sanford Power - Schaefer
8th Boys A Champs- Sanford Power - Schlekeway
5th Girls Champs- SD Network - Greg
6th Girls A Champs- Sparks
6th Girls B Champs- BBA Fierce - Berte
7th Girls Champs- SD Network - Greg
8th Girls Champs- SD Network - Sean
8th Girls 2nd Place- Harrisburg

November 6th
King/Queen of the Mountain (Hiawatha, IA)
4th Boys Champs- Iowa Prep 4th
5th Girls Champs- Stars 5th
5th Girls 2nd Place- Team Iowa Blue Stars 5th
5th Boys Champs- 5 Star
5th Boys 2nd Place- Team Iowa Blue
6th Girls Champs- Martin Bros
6th Boys Champs- PV Spartans
6th Boys 2nd Place- DCBA
7th Boys Champs- Team Iowa Blue
7th Boys 2nd Place- Prairie Heat

November 5th-7th
Arena Missouri River Challenge (Sioux City, IA)
3rd Girls Chick-Fil-A Pool Champs- SBL Warriors
3rd Girls Hesse Enterprise Pool Champs- Little Lynx
4th Girls Cargill Pool Champs- Woodbury Central
4th Girls Hesse Enterprise Pool Champs- Hinton Heat
4th Girls Wheelhouse Pool Champs- Raiders
5th Girls CMBA Architects Pool Champs- SBL Warriors-Hensley
5th Girls Prestige Pool Champs- Ponca
6th Girls Chick-Fil-A Pool Champs- Dutch
6th Girls HR Construction Pool Champs- East Raiders
7th Girls Champs- Sioux Center Orange
7th Girls 2nd Place- Wi'he
8th Girls Champs- KP Elite
8th Girls 2nd Place- Sioux Center Warriors
3rd Boys Blue Division Champs- Heelan Gold
3rd Boys State Steel Division Champs- Hinton-Burgad
3rd Boys Sioux City Ford Division Champs- 3rd Grade Warriors
3rd Boys White Division Champs- Raiders-Lessman
4th Boys Blue Division Champs- Jays
4th Boys Long Lines Pool Champs- Brandon Valley
4th Boys WITCC Pool Champs- MVAO 4th
4th Boys Chesterman's Division Champs- Wildcats
4th Boys White Division Champs- Thunder
5th Boys Arena Fit Division Champs- Redbirds
5th Boys Chick-Fil-A Division Champs- SBL Warriors-Tague
5th Boys Cargill Division Champs- Vermillion Red
5th Boys State Steel Division Champs- Vermillion White
6th Boys Champs- Warriors-Dean
6th Boys 2nd Place- Jays
6th Boys CNOS Division Champs- Ponca-Hansen
6th Boys Long Lines Division Champs- Dutch
7th Boys CMBA Architects Division Champs- Heelan Blue
7th Boys Wheelhouse Division Champs- Raiders-Castro
7th Boys Prestige Division Champs- WVC Playmakers
8th Boys Champs- Warriors-Buss
8th Boys 2nd Place- LeMars Blue Jays
8th Boys Hesse Enterprises Division Champs- MOC-FV

October 30th-31st
Haunted Courts (Hiawatha, IA)
3rd Boys Champs- Team Iowa 3rd Red
3rd Boys 2nd place- Team Iowa 2nd
4th Girls Champs- Team Iowa Blue
4th Girls 2nd place- 212
4th Boys Champs- Excel (Red)
4th Boys 2nd place- 212 4th
5th Girls Champs- Martin Bros
5th Girls 2nd place- 212
5th Boys SUN Champs- Cedar Falls Ballers
5th Boys SUN 2nd place- Solon Spartans 4th
5th Boys SAT Champs- Cedar Falls Ballers
5th Boys SAT 2nd place- 212
6th Girls Silver Champs- Wolves
6th Girls Silver 2nd place- Linn-Mar Red
6th Girls Gold Champs- Iowa Dream Team
6th Girls Gold 2nd place- Team Iowa Blue Star
6th Boys SUN Gold Champs- Excel (Red)
6th Boys SUN Gold 2nd place- 212 Blue
6th Boys SAT Silver Champs- Defenders
6th Boys SAT Silver 2nd place- 212 White
6th Boys SAT Gold Champs- CR Warriors
6th Boys SAT Gold 2nd place- Crunch City
7th Girls SUN Champs- Team Iowa Blue Star
7th Girls SUN 2nd Place- QC Shockers
7th Girls SAT Champs- DCG Mustangs 7th
7th Girls SAT 2nd Place- West Delaware
7th Boys SUN Silver Champs- Excel Black
7th Boys SUN 2nd Place- Vinton Shellsburg
7th Boys SUN Gold Champs- Longhorns
7th Boys SUN Gold 2nd Place- NL Thunder
7th Boys SAT Gold Champs- 212 Black
7th Boys SAT Gold 2nd Place- Team Iowa Blue
8th Girls Champs- Martin Bros
8th Girls 2nd Place- Team Iowa Blue Star
8th Boys Silver Champs- Court 45 Red
8th Boys Silver 2nd Place- DCBA 8th
8th Boys Gold Champs- Dubuque Rams
8th Boys Gold 2nd Place- Cedar Falls Outlaws

Qualifying team photos are posted on our Facebook page each weekend during the season!


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