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2020-21 Qualified teams to date

Our list of Qualified Teams will be updated weekly throughout the season as Qualifier tournaments and leagues are completed. The Heartland States Eligibility Committee will place all qualifying teams in the appropriate division, Club or "Feeder/School" and then - as number of entries allow - Gold or Silver within the division.

At Large Bids   Occasionally, the State Committee will grant a State qualification to a team based on its overall body of work throughout the regular season.  View At-Large application and bids granted season-to-date

Questions about Qualifying?  Contact Tournament Director Andy Siverly via phone at 605-305-5454 ext. 3 or via email.

Next Up:

January 15-17, 2021
Bennington Badger Shootout (Omaha, NE)
3rd Boys Adidas Champs-
3rd Boys Adidas 2nd place-
3rd Boys Converse Champs-
3rd Boys Converse 2nd place-
3rd Boys Fila Champs-
3rd Boys Fila 2nd place-
3rd Boys Jordan Champs-
3rd Boys Jordan 2nd place-
3rd Boys Nike Champs-
3rd Boys Nike 2nd place-

4th Boys Adidas Champs-
4th Boys Adidas 2nd place-
4th Boys Converse Champs-
4th Boys Converse 2nd place-
4th Boys Fila Champs-
4th Boys Fila 2nd place-
4th Boys Jordan Champs-
4th Boys Jordan 2nd place-
4th Boys Nike Champs-
4th Boys Nike 2nd place-
4th Boys Puma Champs-
4th Boys Puma 2nd place-
4th Boys Reebok Champs-
4th Boys Reebok 2nd place-

5th Boys Adidas Champs-
5th Boys Adidas 2nd place-
5th Boys Converse Champs-
5th Boys Converse 2nd place-
5th Boys Fila Champs-
5th Boys Fila 2nd place-
5th Boys Jordan Champs-
5th Boys Jordan 2nd place-
5th Boys Nike Champs-
5th Boys Nike 2nd place-
5th Boys Puma Champs-
5th Boys Puma 2nd place-

6th Boys Adidas Champs-
6th Boys Adidas 2nd place-
6th Boys Converse Champs-
6th Boys Converse 2nd place-
6th Boys Fila Champs-
6th Boys Fila 2nd place-
6th Boys Jordan Champs-
6th Boys Jordan 2nd place-
6th Boys Nike Champs-
6th Boys Nike 2nd place-
6th Boys Puma Champs-
6th Boys Puma 2nd place-
6th Boys Reebok Champs-
6th Boys Reebok 2nd place-

7th Boys Adidas Champs-
7th Boys Adidas 2nd place-
7th Boys Converse Champs-
7th Boys Converse 2nd place-
7th Boys Fila Champs-
7th Boys Fila 2nd place-
7th Boys Jordan Champs-
7th Boys Jordan 2nd place-
7th Boys Nike Champs-
7th Boys Nike 2nd place-
7th Boys Puma Champs-
7th Boys Puma 2nd place-
7th Boys Reebok Champs-
7th Boys Reebok 2nd place-
7th Boys Under Armour Champs-
7th Boys Under Armour 2nd place-

8th Boys Adidas Champs-
8th Boys Adidas 2nd place-
8th Boys Converse Champs-
8th Boys Converse 2nd place-
8th Boys Fila Champs-
8th Boys Fila 2nd place-
8th Boys Jordan Champs-
8th Boys Jordan 2nd place-
8th Boys Nike Champs-
8th Boys Nike 2nd place-
8th Boys Puma Champs-
8th Boys Puma 2nd place-
8th Boys Reebok Champs-
8th Boys Reebok 2nd place-

3rd Girls Baden Champs-
3rd Girls Baden 2nd place-
3rd Girls Champion Champs-
3rd Girls Champion 2nd place-
3rd Girls Easton Champs-
3rd Girls Easton 2nd place-

4th Girls Baden Champs-
4th Girls Baden 2nd place-
4th Girls Champion Champs-
4th Girls Champion 2nd place-
4th Girls Easton Champs-
4th Girls Easton 2nd place-
4th Girls Mizuno Champs-
4th Girls Mizuno 2nd place-

5th Girls Baden Champs-
5th Girls Baden 2nd place-
5th Girls Champion Champs-
5th Girls Champion 2nd place-
5th Girls Easton Champs-
5th Girls Easton 2nd place-
5th Girls Mizuno Champs-
5th Girls Mizuno 2nd place-
5th Girls Rawlings Champs-
5th Girls Rawlings 2nd place-
5th Girls Spalding Champs-
5th Girls Spalding 2nd place-

6th Girls Baden Champs-
6th Girls Baden 2nd place-
6th Girls Champion Champs-
6th Girls Champion 2nd place-
6th Girls Easton Champs-
6th Girls Easton 2nd place-
6th Girls Mizuno Champs-
6th Girls Mizuno 2nd place-
6th Girls Rawlings Champs-
6th Girls Rawlings 2nd place-

7th Girls Baden Champs-
7th Girls Baden 2nd place-
7th Girls Champion Champs-
7th Girls Champion 2nd place-
7th Girls Easton Champs-
7th Girls Easton 2nd place-
7th Girls Mizuno Champs-
7th Girls Mizuno 2nd place-
7th Girls Rawlings Champs-
7th Girls Rawlings 2nd place-

8th Girls Baden Champs-
8th Girls Baden 2nd place-
8th Girls Champion Champs-
8th Girls Champion 2nd place-
8th Girls Easton Champs-
8th Girls Easton 2nd place-

January 16-17, 2021
Monticello Boys Winter Tournament (Monticello, MN)
4th Boys A Champs-
4th Boys A 2nd place-
5th Boys B Champs-
5th Boys B 2nd place-
5th Boys C Champs-
5th Boys C 2nd place-
6th Boys A Champs-
6th Boys A 2nd place-
6th Boys B Champs-
6th Boys B 2nd place-
6th Boys C Champs-
6th Boys C 2nd place-
7th Boys A Champs-
7th Boys A 2nd place-
7th Boys B Champs-
7th Boys B 2nd place-
7th Boys C Champs-
7th Boys C 2nd place-
8th Boys A Champs-
8th Boys A 2nd place-
8th Boys B Champs-
8th Boys B 2nd place-
8th Boys C Champs-
8th Boys C 2nd place-

Newton Blizzard Bash (Newton, IA)
3rd Boys Champs-
3rd Boys 2nd place-
4th Boys Champs-
4th Boys 2nd place-
5th Boys Champs-
5th Boys 2nd place-
6th Boys Champs Bracket 1-
6th Boys 2nd place Bracket 1-
6th Boys Champs Bracket 2-
6th Boys 2nd place Bracket 2-
7th Boys Champs-
7th Boys 2nd place-
8th Boys Champs Bracket 1-
8th Boys 2nd place Bracket 1-
8th Boys Champs Bracket 2-
8th Boys 2nd place Bracket 2-
3rd Girls Champs-
3rd Girls 2nd place-
4th Girls Champs-
4th Girls 2nd place-
5th Girls Champs-
5th Girls 2nd place-
6th Girls Champs-
6th Girls 2nd place-
7th Girls Champs-
7th Girls 2nd place-
8th Girls Champs-
8th Girls 2nd place-

Lakeville South Girls Cougar Classic (Lakeville, MN)
3rd Gold Champs-
3rd Gold 2nd place-
4A Gold Champs-
4A Gold 2nd place-
4B Gold Champs-
4B Gold 2nd place-
4B Red Champs-
4B Red 2nd place-
4B White Champs-
4B White 2nd place-
4C Gold Champs-
4C Gold 2nd place-
4C Red Champs-
4C Red 2nd place-
4C White Champs-
4C White 2nd place-
5A Gold Champs-
5A Gold 2nd place-
5A Red Champs-
5A Red 2nd place-
5B Gold Champs-
5B Gold 2nd place-
5C Gold Champs-
5C Red Champs-
5C Red 2nd place-
5C White Champs-
5C White 2nd place-
6A Gold Champs-
6A Gold 2nd place-
6A Red Champs-
6A Red 2nd place-
6B Gold Champs-
6B Gold 2nd place-
6C Gold Champs-
6C Gold 2nd place-
6C Red Champs-
6C Red 2nd place-
7A Gold Champs-
7A Gold 2nd place-
7A Red Champs-
7A Red 2nd place-
7B Gold Champs-
7B Gold 2nd place-
7B Red Champs-
7B Red 2nd place-
7C Gold Champs-
7C Gold 2nd place-
7C Red Champs-
7C Red 2nd place-
7C White Champs-
7C White 2nd place-
8A Gold Champs-
8A Gold 2nd place-
8A Red Champs-
8A Red 2nd place-
8B Gold Champs-
8B Gold 2nd place-
8B Red Champs-
8B Red 2nd place-
8C Gold Champs-
8C Gold 2nd place-
8C Red Champs-
8C Red 2nd place-

Jauary 8-10, 2021
TNE I Have a Dream Classic (Omaha, NE)
3rd Girls Champs- Bennington Lady Badgers
3rd Girls 2nd place- Nebraska Impact Chestnut
4th/5th Girls Champs- United Sports Academy - Adams
4th/5th Girls 2nd place- United Sports Academy - Jensen
6th Girls Champs-  United Sports Academy - Luckow
6th Girls 2nd place- Express United
6th/7th Girls Champs- Fort Calhoun
6th/7th Girls 2nd place- United Sports Academy - Osten
7th Girls Champs- United Sports Academy - Burke
7th Girls 2nd place- Ubuntu - Case/Norerrlinger
8th Girls Rosa Parks Champs- United Sports Academy - Moon
8th Girls Rosa Parks 2nd place- Express United
8th Girls Selma Champs- Woodbine Tigers
8th Girls Selma 2nd place- Ubuntu - Jiles
3rd Boys Nonviolent Champs- KC Rising Stars
3rd Boys Nonviolent 2nd place- The Ducks
3rd Boys Rosa Parks Champs- Express United
3rd Boys Rosa Parks 2nd place- Iowa Tar Heels
4th Boys Champs- KC Rising Stars
4th Boys 2nd place- OSA Platinum Brewer
4th/5th Boys Champs- Bennington Badgers Blue
4th/5th Boys 2nd place- AHSTW
5th Boys Rosa Parks Champs- KS Rising Stars
5th Boys Rosa Parks 2nd place- Des Moines Gators
5th Boys Birmingham Champs- Express United II
5th Boys Birmingham 2nd place- Elkhorn Attack All-Stars Gold (Cunningham)
6th Boys Rosa Parks Champs- Champions Navy
6th Boys Rosa Parks 2nd place- Bennington Badgers Blue
6th Boys Jim Crow Champs- OSA Platinum Chavis
6th Boys Jim Crow 2nd place- Express United II
6th Boys Free At Last Champs- OSA Boys Platinum Brewer
6th Boys Free At Last 2nd place- NE Attack
7th Boys Birmingham Champs- Rebels
7th Boys Birmingham 2nd place- OSA Platinum Mosser
7th Boys Civil Rights Champs- OSA GOLD 1
7th Boys Civil Rights 2nd place- Elkhorn Attack All-Stars (Rosenbaum)
7th Boys Freedom Champs- Crusaders
7th Boys Freedom 2nd place- JCC Lions White
7th Boys Selma Champs- OSA Boys Gold 2
7th Boys Selma 2nd place- Express United II
8th Boys Freedom Champs- Express United
8th Boys Freedom 2nd place- NRE
8th Boys Montgomery Champs- PBC Patriots Red
8th Boys Montgomery 2nd place- 712 Ballers
8th Boys Boycott Champs- OSA Gold 1
8th Boys Boycott 2nd place- NRE II
8th Boys Peace Champs- United Sports Academy - Wingett
8th Boys Peace 2nd place- Express United II

Arena New Year's Bash (Sioux City, IA)
3rd Girls Champs- East-Bull
3rd Girls 2nd place- Moville 
3rd Girls 2nd place- Bluff Ballers
3rd/4th Girls Champs Pool A- Yankton Storm
3rd/4th Girls Champs Pool B- SBL-Hensley
5th girls Blue Ox Champs- Le Mars Jays
5th girls Blue Ox 2nd place- Hinton-Ortegran
5th Girls Osteo Strong Champs- Arena-Maher
5th Girls Osteo Strong 2nd place- MVAO
5th GIrls Osteo Strong 2nd place- Sioux Center
6th Girls Champs- Arena
6th Girls 2nd place- Dakota Valley
6th Girls Pool B Champs- OABCIG
6th Girls Pool B 2nd place- Le Mars
7th/8th Girls Champs Pool A- SBL
7th/8th Girls 2nd place Pool A- East
7th/8th Girls Champs Pool B- Fury
7th/8th Girls 2nd place Pool B- Winnebago
3rd Boys Old Chicago Champs- MVAO
3rd Boys Old Chicago 2nd place- Le Mars Jays
3rd Boys RTI Champs- SBL-King
3rd Boys Bomgaars Champs- Thunder
3rd Boys Bomgaars 2nd place- Hinton
4th Boys Chick-Fil-A Champs- SBL-Tague
4th Boys Chick-Fil-A 2nd place- EPJ
4th Boys Automated Champs- Arena
4th Boys Automated 2nd place- Ponca
5th Boys Sioux City Ford Champs- SBL
5th Boys Sioux City Ford 2nd place- Raiders-Wagner
5th Boys Mad Ramps Champs- Sac County
5th Boys Mad Ramps 2nd place- Yankton
5th Boys Hesse Enterprise Champs- Avera Black
5th Boys Hesse Enterprise 2nd place- SF Riders
6th Boys Arena Fit Champs Pool A- Sioux Center
6th Boys Arena Fit 2nd place Pool A- Lawton Scott
6th Boys Arena Fit Champs Pool B- Heelan
6th Boys Arena Fit 2nd place Pool B- SBL-Hoskins
6th Boys Caicos Dream Champs- Winnebago
6th Boys Caicos Dream 2nd place- Avera Green
7th Boys State Steel Champs- Avera
7th Boys State Steel 2nd place- Winnebago
7th Boys HR/CMBA Champs Pool A- SBL-Buss
7th Boys HR/CMBA Champs Pool B- Cherokee
7th Boys HR/CMBA 2nd place Pool B- Dutch
8th Boys WITCC Champs- RSM Hawks
8th Boys WITCC 2nd place- Lawton
8th Boys WITCC Pool B- Hoop City-Yankton
8th Boys WITCC Pool B- Avera

January 9, 2021
MAYB Harrisburg, SD
Boys 3rd Champs- SD Network-Ladd
Boys 3rd 2nd place- Fastbreakers
Boys 4th A Champs- SD Network-Kasib
Boys 4th B Champs- 5tool Sports Tsunami
Boys 4th B 2nd place- CYAL Rebels
Boys 5th A Champs- Casselton Clutch
Boys 5th B Champs- West Central
Boys 5th B 2nd place- BBA Force-VanRoekel
Boys 6th A Champs- Avera Select Purple
Boys 6th A 2nd place- BBA Force- Habtermariam
Boys 6th B Champs- Tea Titans
Boys 6th B 2nd place- Sioux Falls Premier
Boys 6th C Champs- WC Trojans
Boys 6th C 2nd place- SD Network-Coach Corey
Boys 7th A Champs- Avera Select Green
Boys 7th A 2nd place- SD Network Red-Coach P
Boys 7th B Champs- OI Heels
Boys 7th B 2nd place- SD Network Black- Coach P
Boys 8th A Champs- SD Network-Coach P
Boys 8th A 2nd place- BV ACE-Beckman
Boys 8th B Champs- BV Blackcats
Girls 5th Champs- SD Network-Ladd
Girls 5th 2nd place- BBA Fierce-Childress
Girls 6th Champs- BV Ace-Beckman
Girls 6th 2nd place- SD Network-Schultz
Girls 7th A Champs- Avera Select Black
Girls 7th B Champs- SD Network-Coach Byrd
Girls 7th B 2nd place- BBA Fierce-Wetzel
Girls 8th Champs- SD Network-Ladd
Girls 8th 2nd place- Rock Valley

Northwest Iowa Girls Classic (Hull, IA)
6th Girls Champs- Sioux Center 
6th Girls 2nd place- West Lyon
7th Girls Champs- West Central
7th Girls 2nd place- Pochahontas
8th Girls Champs- MVAO White
8th Girls 2nd place- Sioux Center

January 9-10, 2021
Outlaws Winter Classic (Watford City, ND)
4th Girls Champs- Mandan Netshredders
4th Girls 2nd place- Minot Heat
4th Boys Champs- Mandan Wolves
4th Boys 2nd place- Jamestown Jammers
5th Girls Champs- Dakota Heat
5th Girls 2nd place- South Prairie Knockouts
5th Boys Champs- Bismarck Defenders
5th Boys 2nd place- Beulah Miners
6th Girls Champs- Blackstorm
6th Girls 2nd place- ENG Sparks
6th Boys Champs- Glendive Buc's
6th Boys 2nd place- Dickinson Dominators

One Shining Moment hosted by Team Iowa (Cedar Rapids, IA and Hiawatha, IA)
3rd Boys Champs- CR Celtics
3rd Boys 2nd place- EXCEL
3rd Girls Champs- Court 45 Clippers Red
3rd Girls 2nd place- Iowa City Warriors
4th Boys Champs- Dubuque Rams
4th Boys 2nd place- Marion Fire
5th Girls Champs- Iowa Dream
5th Girls 2nd place- Linn-Mar Red
5th Boys Champs- Team Iowa
5th Boys 2nd place- Court 45 Silver
6th Girls Champs-  Cascade Cougars
6th Girls 2nd place- Iowa Prep Black
6th Boys Champs- NL Thunder
6th Boys 2nd place- Court 45
7th Boys Champs- NITRO
7th Boys 2nd place- Dubuque Rams - Medinger
7th/8th Girls Champs- Center Point Urbana
7th/8th Girls 2nd place- Western Dubuque
8th Boys Champs- Southeast Hustle
8th Boys 2nd place- NLC Defenders

Cedar Rapids Invitationals (Cedar Rapids, IA) hosted by Marshalltown BB Youth Basketball
Boys 3rd/4th Champs- Solon Spartans
Boys 3rd4th 2nd place- Comets
Boys 4th Champs- Ankeny Maroon
Boys 4th 2nd place- Gilbert Bandits
Boys 6th- Excel Red
Boys 6th- Central Iowa Shooters
Girls 7th/8th- DBQ Swoosh
Girls 7th/8th- Iowa Force
Boys 8th Champs- Outlaws Black
Boys 8th 2nd place- Rams

January 2-3, 2021
New Year Hoop Jam hosted by Team Iowa (Cedar Rapids, IA and Hiawatha, IA)
3rd Boys Champs- Cedar Rapids Celtics
3rd Boys 2nd place- WD Bobcats
4th Boys Champs- Kennedy Jr Cougars
4th Boys 2nd place- Iowa Prep Black
5th Boys Champs- Southwest Badgers
5th Boys 2nd place- 212 Blue
6th Boys Champs- Iowa Prep Red
6th Boys 2nd place- Iowa Prep Black
7th Boys Champs- Kennedy Cougars
7th Boys 2nd place- EI26
8th Boys Champs- Southeast Hustle
8th Boys 2nd place- QC Attack
3rd/4th Girls Champs- CY Wolves Alpha
3rd/4th Girls 2nd place- Iowa City Warriors
5th Girls Champs- Martin Bros or Attack
5th Girls 2nd place- *awaiting result
6th Girls Champs- CY Select Wolves Alpha
6th Girls 2nd place- Martin Bros
7th Girls Champs- Attack Black
7th Girls 2nd place- CY Select Wolves Alpha
8th Girls Champs- Attack Black
8th Girls 2nd place- Attack Red

January 2, 2021
MAYB Harrisburg, SD

December 19-20, 2020
Power to Play hosted by Team Iowa (Cedar Rapids, IA and Hiawatha, IA)
2nd/3rd Boys Champs- Team Iowa Blue
3rd Girls Champs- CY Select Wolves
3rd Girls 2nd place- Prairie Attack
4th Girls Champs- Iowa Prep
4th Girls 2nd place- 212 Basketball
4th Boys SUN Champs- Five Stars
4th Boys SUN 2nd place- Solon Spartans 3rd
4th Boys SAT Champs- 212 Basketball
4th Boys SAT 2nd place- Cascade
5th Girls Champs- Martin Brothers
5th Girls 2nd place- 212 Basketball
5th Boys Champs- Excel
5th Boys 2nd place- Solon Surge
6th Girls Champs- 212 Basketball
6th Girls 2nd place- Tri State Elev8
6th Boys Silver Champs- Team Iowa 5th Blue
6th Boys Silver 2nd place- Winton 6th
6th Boys Gold Champs- North Scott
6th Boys Gold 2nd place- Prairie Heat
7th Boys Champs- Iowa Outlaws
7th Boys 2nd place- CR Royals
7th/8th Girls Champs- Iowa Prep 8th
7th/8th Girls 2nd place- Martin Brothers
8th Boys Champs- 212 Basketball
8th Boys 2nd place- Team Iowa Blue

December 19, 2020

Watertown Tournament hosted by Sacred Hoops (Watertown, SD)
5th Boys Champs- Sacred Hoops - Walker
5th Boys 2nd place- Shiloh Skyforce
6th Boys Blue Pool Champs- Watertown - Macksteel
6th Boys Blue Pool 2nd place- Sacred Hoops - Edman
6th Boys White Pool Champs- MAG
6th Boys White Pool 2nd place- Watertown
7th/8th Boys- Sacred Hoops - Deutsch
7th/8th Boys- West Fargo Warriors
5th Girls Champs- Sacred Hoops - Pankonen
5th Girls 2nd place- CWL
6th/7th Girls Champs- Brookings Cats
6th/7th Girls 2nd place- Sacred Hoops - Willard

December 13, 2020
Newton Winter Shootout (Newton, IA) hosted by Redbird Basketball Club
4th Boys Champs- Norwalk Warriors
4th Boys 2nd place-  Lynnville-Sully Hawks
6th Boys Bracket one Champs- Waukee Longhorns
6th Boys Bracket one 2nd place- Central Iowa Shooters
6th Boys Bracket two Champs- Ankeny Magic 5th
6th Boys Bracket two 2nd place- Iowa Sting
6th Boys Bracket three Champs- Des Moines Runnin' Rebels
6th Boys Bracket three 2nd place- The Cobras
8th Boys Bracket one Champs- Bombers
8th Boys Bracket one 2nd place- Albia Blue Demons
8th Boys Bracket two Champs- ABC Gold
8th Boys Bracket two 2nd place- IFA Cadets

Cedar Rapids Invitationals (Cedar Rapids, IA) hosted by Marshalltown BB Youth Basketball
7th Boys Champs- Liberty Lightning
7th Boys 2nd place- PV Force
8th Boys Champs- Outlaws Black
8th Boys 2nd place- Mayhem

Arena December Tournament (Sioux City, IA)
5th Girls Champs- Arena-Maher
5th Girls 2nd place- Akron Westfield
5th Boys Champs- Rockers
5th Boys 2nd place- Arena
6th Boys Champs- Warriors-Hoskins
6th Boys 2nd place- Elk Point
6th Girls Blue Ox Division Champs- Arena
7th Boys Champs- Avera Purple
7th Boys 2nd place- Arena-Snyder
7th/8th Girls Co Champs- KP Elite
7th/8th Girls Co Champs- Akron
8th Boys Champs Pool A- Arena-Maher
8th Boys Champs Pool B- SD Wolves

December 12, 2020
Newton Winter Shootout (Newton, IA) hosted by Redbird Basketball Club
3rd Boys Champs- ADM Tigers
3rd Boys 2nd place- Waukee Whalers
5th Boys Bracket one Champs- Dallas Center-Grimes Mustangs
5th Boys Bracket one 2nd place- Newton Redbirds
5th Boys Bracket two Champs- Pella Eagles
5th Boys Bracket two 2nd place- Sigourney
7th Boys Bracket one Champs- Waukee Jam Orange
7th Boys Bracket one 2nd place- Norwalk Warriors
7th Boys Bracket two Champs- Waukee Longhorns 6th
7th Boys Bracket two 2nd place- Winterset Huskies

Cedar Rapids Invitationals (Cedar Rapids, IA) hosted by Marshalltown BB Youth Basketball

Arena December Tournament (Sioux City, IA)
3rd Girls Champs- Arena
3rd Girls 2nd place- Ponca
3rd Boys Co Champs- Sioux Center Warriors
3rd Boys Co Champs- Lennox
4th Girls Champs- Hinton
4th Girls 2nd place- SBL
4th Boys Champs- SBL-Tague
4th Boys 2nd place- Tanks
6th Girls Bomgaars Champs- Sioux Center Warriors
6th Girls Bomgaars 2nd place- Le Mars
6th Boys Long Lines Champs- Ol Heels
6th Boys Long Lines 2nd place- Lennox
8th Girls Champs- Arena Rockets
8th Girls 2nd place- Ol Heels

November 15, 2020
Panther Classic Girls Tournament (Lakeville, MN)
4A B Champs- Eagan
4A B 2nd place- Chaska
4B Champs- Eden Prairie
4B 2nd place- St Paul
4C Champs- Lakeville North White
4C 2nd place- Moundsview Green
5A Champs- Lakeville North Red
5A 2nd place- Woodbury
5B Champs- Moundsview
5B 2nd place- Mpls Lakers
5C Champs- Chanhassen 6C
5C 2nd place- Burnsville
5C Champs- Edina
5C 2nd place- Rochester Century
5C Champs- Wayzata
5C 2nd place- Eden Prairie
6B Champs- Bloomington Jefferson
6B 2nd place- Mpls Lakers
6B Champs- Cottage Grove
6B 2nd place- Woodbury
6C Champs- New Prague Red
6C 2nd place- Hastings
7A Champs- *awaiting result
7A 2nd place- *awaiting result
7B Champs- Farmington Orange
7B 2nd place- Waconia
7B Champs- Lakeville North Black
7B 2nd place- Edina
7B Champs- New Prague Red
7B 2nd place- St Paul
8B Champs- New Prague Red
8B 2nd place- St Paul
8C Champs- Edina
8C 2nd place- Lakeville South Gold
8C Champs- Chaska
8C 2nd place- Shakopee

November 14, 2020
Panther Classic Tournament (Lakeville, MN)
4A A Champs- Lakeville North Red
4A A 2nd place- Lakeville South Gold
4B Champs- Lakeville North Black
4B 2nd place- Edina
5A Champs- Lakeville South Gold
5A 2nd place- Edina
5B Champs- Cottage Grove
5B 2nd place- Chaska
5B Champs- Wayzata
5B 2nd place- Edina
5C Champs- St Paul
5C 2nd place- Lakeville North White
5C Champs- New Prague Black
5C 2nd place- Chanhassen
6A Champs- Lakeville North Red
6A 2nd place- Lakeville South Gold
6A Champs- Chanhassen
6A 2nd place- Farmington Black
6B Champs- Wayzata
6B 2nd place- Rochester Mayo
6C Champs- Mpls Lakers
6C 2nd place- Chaska
6C Champs- St Paul
6C 2nd place- Bloomington Jefferson
7A Champs- Forest Lake
7A 2nd place- Cottage Grove
7A Champs- Lakeville South Gold
7A 2nd place- Wayzata
7B Champs- Woodbury
7B 2nd place- Lakeville South Red
7C Champs- Moundsview
7C 2nd place- Waconia
7C Champs- Burnsville
7C 2nd place- Eden Prarie
7C Champs- Bloomington Jeff
7C 2nd place- Rochester Mayo
7C Champs- Woodbury
7C 2nd place- Eagan
8A Champs- Edina
8A 2nd place- Wayzata
8A Champs- Wayzata
8A 2nd place- Lakeville North Red
8B Champs- Rochester Mayo
8B 2nd place- Woodbury
8B Champs- Chaska
8B 2nd place- Forest Lake Maroon
8C Champs- Eden Prairie
8C 2nd place- Bloomington Jeff

Qualifying team photos are posted on our Facebook page each weekend during the season!