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2020-21 Qualified teams to date

State Qualified teams will be listed here as Qualifier tournaments and leagues are completed. The State Eligibility Committee will place all qualifying teams in the appropriate division, Club or "Feeder/School" and then - as number of entries allow - Gold or Silver within the division.

At Large Bids   Occasionally, the State Committee will grant a State qualification to a team based on its overall body of work throughout the regular season.  View At-Large application and bids granted season-to-date

Questions about Qualifying?  Contact Tournament Director, Andy Siverly, via phone at 812-269-2993 ext. 3 or via email.

Next up:

January  16th-17th, 2020
Nothing But Net MLK Classic (Cincinnati, OH) 
3rd/4th Boys Champs-*
3rd/4th Boys 2nd place- *
4th Girls Champs-*
4th Girls 2nd place- *
5th Boys Champs-*
5th Boys 2nd place- *
5th/6th Girls Champs-*
5th/6th Girls 2nd place- *
6th Boys Champs-*
6th Boys 2nd place- *

January 17, 2021
FAAST January Challenge (Sandusky, OH)
6th Girls Champs-*
6th Girls 2nd place- *
7th Boys Champs-*
7th Boys 2nd place- *
7th/8th Girls Champs-*
7th/8th Girls 2nd place- *

January 16, 2021
FAAST January Challenge (Sandusky, OH)
3rd Boys Champs-*
3rd Boys 2nd place- *
4th Boys Champs-*
4th Boys 2nd place- *
4th/5th Girls Champs-*
4th/5th Girls 2nd place- *
5th Boys Champs-*
5th Boys 2nd place- *
6th Boys Champs-*
6th Boys 2nd place- *
6th Girls Champs-*
6th Girls 2nd place- *
7th Boys Champs-*
7th Boys 2nd place- *
8th Boys Champs-*
8th Boys 2nd place- *

January 8-10, 2021
Paris Junior High Tourney (Paris, MO)
7th/8th Boys Champs- South Atlanta
7th/8th Boys 2nd place- Mexico
7th/8th Girls Champs- Intensity (Monroe City)
7th/8th Girls 2nd place- Centralia

January 10, 2021
FAAST New Year's Kickoff Classic (Sandusky, OH)
3rd Boys Champs-Sandusky Bay Charge 
3rd Boys 2nd place- Hartland 
4th Boys-MWA Elite
5th Boys-Bikini Bottom Ballers 
6th Boys-The Academy 
6th Girls Champs-Lakeshore 
6th Girls 2nd place- Pride 21
7th Boys 2nd place- Cavs
7th/8th Girls Champs-Lakeshore 
7th/8th Girls 2nd place- Livingston United 
8th Boys 2nd place- The Code

January 9, 2021
FAAST New Year's Kickoff Classic (Sandusky, OH)
4th Boys Champs-Border Ballers 
4th Boys 2nd place- Turf
4th/5th Girls Champs-Perrysburg 
4th/5th Girls 2nd place- Shelby Hoopers 
5th Boys Champs-Perrysburg Paule
5th Boys 2nd place- AW Blue 
6th Boys Champs-Toledo Ice 
6th Boys 2nd place- Perrysburg Patterson 
7th Boys Champs-Mule Nation 
7th Boys 2nd place- MSF Flight 

January 9, 2021
FAAST New Year's Kickoff Classic (Toledo, OH)
3rd/4th Boys Champs-Prospectors 
3rd/4th Boys 2nd place- GL Warriorz 
4th Boys Champs-GL Warriorz 
4th Boys 2nd place- Village Hoops
4th/5th Girls Champs-MI Premier White 
4th/5th Girls 2nd place- Dearborn Blackhawks 
5th Boys Champs-Prospectors II
5th Boys 2nd place-Capital City Express   
6th Boys Champs-Prospectors II 
6th Boys 2nd place- BG Basketball 
6th Girls Champs-*
6th Girls 2nd place-
7th Boys Champs-MI Jayhawks 
7th Boys 2nd place- Chargers 
7th Girls-Dearborn Blackhawks 
7th Girls- Marshall 
8th Boys Champs-4REAL
8th Boys 2nd place- Plymouth Christian 

Tri-Lakes Shootout (Springfield, MO)
3rd Boys Champs-MO Crush
4th Boys Champs-JC Knights 
4th Girls Champs-DC Queens 
5th Boys Champs-MO Kings
5th Girls Champs-Springfield Stingers 
6th Boys D1 Champs-MO Crush Elite 
6th Boys D2 Champs-Neosho Wildcats  

Jan 2-3, 2021
Team Focus New Years Tournament (Plymouth, IN)
Girls 5th Champs- Lady Team Focus 2028
Girls 5th 2nd place- Lakeside - Ingles
Girls 6th Champs- Lady Team Focus 2027
Girls 6th 2nd place- The Rock - Slanger
Girls 7th/8th Champs- Lakeside
Girls 7th/8th 2nd place- Northridge
Boys 4th Champs- Chargers
Boys 4th 2nd place - Team Focus Gold
Boys 5th Champs- Grand Rapids Storm
Boys 5th 2nd place- The Zone - Groves 
Boys 6th Gold Champs- DeKalb
Boys 6th Gold 2nd place- Cal Thunder
Boys 7th/8th Gold Champs- Indiana Bad Boys 8th
Boys 7th/8th 2nd place- Aboite SuperSonics 8th

Jan 2nd, 2021
Holiday Tournament Hosted by The Complex
3rd Boys Champs -Valley
3rd Boys 2nd Place-North Adams 
4th Boys Champs -Eastern Warriors 
4th Boys 2nd Place-Rock Hill 
4th Girls Champs -West 
4th Girls 2nd Place-Rock Hill
6th Boys Champs -Rock Hill
6th Boys 2nd Place-Valley
6th Girls Champs -West
6th Girls 2nd Place-Rock Hill

Jan 2nd, 2021
FAAST New Year's Freeze Out- MAUMEE VALLEY & SKYWAY (Toledo, OH)
4th Boys Champs -MI Reach 
4th Boys 2nd Place-Rivals 
5th Girls Champs -Lady Cougars 
5th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Mules 
6th Boys Champs -Blazers
6th Boys 2nd Place-The Process
6th/7th Girls Champs -Blue Print Elite 
6th/7th Girls 2nd Place-NO Wolfpack 
7th Boys Champs -Michigan Jayhawks
7th Boys 2nd Place-Mule Nation 
8th Boys Champs -The Process 2025
8th Boys 2nd Place-WM Blast 

December 30th, 2020
Nothing But Net Holiday Hoopla (Cincinnati, OH) 
3rd Boys Champs -Forest Hills Titans 
3rd Boys 2nd Place-Xcel
4th Boys Champs -Goshen Warriors 
4th Boys 2nd Place-KY Show 
4th Girls -Goshen
4th Girls -New Richmond 
5th Boys Champs -NKY Ballers 
5th Boys 2nd Place-Goshen Warriors 
5th Girls Champs -Swish 
5th Girls 2nd Place-Redstorm Primetime 
6th Boys Champs -Colonels
6th Boys 2nd Place-KY Show 
6th Girls Champs -Ohio Elite Starz
6th Girls 2nd Place-KY Show 
7th/8th Girls Champs -KY Royals
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-Lady Birds 
8th Boys Champs -Tomcats
8th Boys 2nd Place-NKY Splash 

December 27th, 2020
FAAST Winter Jamfest- MAUMEE VALLEY & SKYWAY(Toledo, OH)
3rd Boys Champs -Bates Fundamentals 
4th Boys Champs -Mi Reach 
4th Boys 2nd Place-Ohio Mambas
5th Boys -NWO Knights  
6th Boys Champs-Antelope Elite 
6th Boys 2nd Place-The Program 
7th Boys Champs -MI Bruisers
7th Boys 2nd place -Mule Nation 
8th Boys Champs -MI Jayhawks 
8th Boys 2nd place -Lansing City 

December 26th, 2020
Santa Slam Basketball Tournament- MAC Gym (Antwerp, OH)
3rd/4th Boys Champs -Patrick Henry
3rd/4th Boys 2nd Place-Coldwater 
5th/6th Boys Champs -Patrick Henry
5th/6th Boys 2nd Place-Norwell
5th/6th Girls Champs -Anthony Wayne Blue 
5th/6th Girls 2nd Place-*

December 20, 2020
The Zone Winter League Basketball Tournament (Plymouth, IN)
4th Girls Champs- Zone
4th Girls 2nd place- LaVille
6th/7th Girls Champs- Penn 6th
6th/7th Girls 2nd place- Rochester 6th
7th/8th Girls Champs- Zone
7th/8th Girls 2nd place- North Miami 7th/8th
8th Girls Champs- Plymouth
8th Girls 2nd place- Pioneer
3rd/4th Boys Champs- Laville
3rd/4th Boys 2nd place- Plymouth 3rd

Legacy Courts Fall Premier League End of Season Tournament (Lafayette, IN) - BOYS
3rd Bronze Champs- Harrison Orange
3rd Bronze 2nd place- Harrison Black
3rd Silver- North Montgomery White
3rd Silver- Legacy Courts Wizards
3rd Gold Champs- Rossville
3rd Gold 2nd place- Blackout
4th Bronze Champs- *awaiting result
4th Bronze 2nd place- *awaiting result
4th Silver- Legacy Courts Kings
4th Silver- North Vermillion
4th Gold Champs- *awaiting result
4th Gold 2nd place- *awaiting result
5th Bronze- Jeff Emge
5th Bronze- North Montgomery Blue
5th Silver Champs- Legacy Courts Crusaders
5th Silver 2nd place- McCutcheon Gold
5th Gold Champs- Legacy Courts Blazers
5th Gold 2nd place- Indiana Ice 4th 
5th Diamond Champs- *awaiting result
5th Diamond 2nd place- *awaiting result
5th Platinum Champs- McCutcheon Cardinal 
5th Platinum 2nd place- McCutcheon White
6th AAU Champs- Midwest Thunder 5th (IL)
6th AAU 2ndplace - Indiana Ice 5th
6th Bronze Champs- Legacy Courts Nets
6th Bronze 2nd place- Jeff Manis
6th Silver Champs- Jeff O'Connor
6th Silver 2nd place- Benton Central
6th Gold Champs- Red Storm (WL) White
6th Gold 2nd place- Rossville
7th Bronze Champs- Westville
7th Bronze 2nd place- Storm
7th Silver Champs- Green Machine 
7th Silver 2nd place- Legacy Courts 7th/8th Rockets
7th Gold Champs- Indiana Ice 6th
7th Gold Champs- Blackout
8th AAU Champs- *awaiting result
8th AAU 2nd place- *awaiting result
8th Gold Champs- Indiana Ice 7th
8th Gold 2nd place- Indiana Attack 7th Blue
8th Silver Champs- Money Squad
8th Silver 2nd place- Indiana Attack Blue

December 19th-20th, 2020
FAAST Winter Jamfest- MAUMEE VALLEY & SKYWAY(Toledo, OH) 
4th Boys Pool A Champs -Brighton
4th Boys Pool A 2nd place -Jr Cats 
4th Boys Pool B Champs -Bates Fundamentals 3rd
4th Boys Pool B 2nd place -MI Grizzlies 
5th Boys Pool A Champs -Baltimore Elite
5th Boys Pool A 2nd place -Sylvania Cats 
5th Boys Pool B Champs -MI Grizzlies 
5th Boys Pool B 2nd place -MI Reach
6th Boys Pool A Champs -Wolfpack
6th Boys Pool A 2nd place -Oregon
6th Boys Pool B Champs -C2K Thunder
6th Boys Pool B 2nd place -Antelope Elite 
6th Girls Champs -MI Mystics 
6th Girls 2nd place -Pride 21
7th Boys Champs -Michigan Made
7th Boys 2nd place -Legacy 
7th Girls Champs -Marshall
7th Girls 2nd place -Midwest Power
8th Girls Champs -76ers
8th Girls 2nd place -Blue Print Elite

December 19, 2020
Legacy Courts Fall Premier League End of Season Tournament (Lafayette, IN) - GIRLS
3rd Girls Champs- Legacy Courts Magic
3rd Girls 2nd place- Carroll
4th Gold Champs- Twin Lakes
4th Gold 2nd place- Harrison Orange
4th Silver Champs- Jeff Farrel
4th Silver 2nd place- Jeff Fennell
5th Gold Champs- Indiana's Best 4th
5th Gold 2nd place- Rossville 
5th Silver Champs- Harrison
5th Silver 2nd place- Twin Lakes
5th Bronze Champs- Carroll
5th Bronze 2nd place- Jeff Pelfree
6th Gold Champs- Kankakee Valley
6th Gold 2nd place- Faith Christian
6th Silver Champs- Howard County
6th Silver 2nd place- West Central
6th Bronze Champs- Red Storm (WL) White
6th Bronze 2nd place- Twin Lakes
7th Girls Gold Champs- McCutcheon
7th Girls Gold 2nd place- Faith Christian
7th Girls Silver Champs- Tri County
7th Girls Silver 2nd place- Harrison Orange - Hodgen
8th Girls AAU Champs- IN Showcase
8th Girls AAU 2nd place- Indiana Attack
8th Girls Gold Champs- Tri County
8th Girls Gold 2nd place- Twin Lakes
8th Girls Silver Champs- Logansport
8th Girls Silver 2nd place- North Montgomery

December 12th, 2020
FAAST Winter Jamfest- MAUMEE VALLEY & SKYWAY(Toledo, OH) 
3rd Boys Champs -Sylvania North
3rd Boys 2nd place -GL Warriorz 
4th/5th Girls Champs -Storm Elite 
4th/5th Girls 2nd place -Lady Mules 
5th Boys Champs -Michigan Made
5th Boys 2nd place -Legacy 
6th Boys Champs -Midwest Braves
6th Boys 2nd place -Michigan Made
6th Girls Champs -MI Mystics
6th Girls 2nd place -Pistons Elite 
7th Boys Champs -Dearborn Blackhawks 
7th Boys 2nd place -Always Basketball 
7th Girls Champs -Showtime
7th Girls 2nd place -Michigan Cobras 
8th Girls-NO Wolfpack Purple 
8th Boys Champs -Glenwood Elite
8th Boys 2nd place -REACH Legends 2026

December 13th, 2020
FAAST Winter Jamfest- MAUMEE VALLEY & SKYWAY (Toledo, OH)
4th Boys Champs -MI Grizzlies
4th Boys 2nd place -Turf 
4th/5th Girls Champs -Findlay
4th/5th Girls 2nd place -Lady Kats 
5th Boys Champs -Mansfield Mavericks 
5th Boys 2nd place -Sylvania Jr. Cougars 
6th Boys Champs -C2K Thunder 
6th Boys 2nd place -Perrysburg 
6th Girls Champs -76ers 

December 5th-6th, 2020
3rd Boys Champs - Great Lakes Warriorz
3rd Boys 2nd place - Next Generation Hoops
4th Boys Champs - Redfield Renegades
4th Boys 2nd place - Michigan Grizzlies
4th/5th Girls Champs - Michigan Premier
4th/5th Girls 2nd place - Storm Elite 
5th Boys Champs - Michigan Grizzlies
5th Boys 2nd place - 03 Basketball
6th Boys Champs - Toledo Ice 
6th Boys 2nd place - Oregon Eagles 
6th Girls Champs - Michigan Premier
6th Girls 2nd place - Michigan Mystics
7th Boys Champs - Mule Nation 
7th Boys 2nd place - The Blackhawks
8th Boys Champs - Prospects
8th Boys 2nd place - The Process
8th Girls Champs - Michigan Premier
8th Girls 2nd place - Always 100 

November 29, 2020
Legacy Courts Fall Premier League Mid Season Tournament (Lafayette, IN)- BOYS
3rd Champs- Rossville
3rd 2nd place- Blackout
4th Blue Champs- Rossville
4th Blue 2nd place- Legacy Courts Jazz
4th Red Champs- West Lafayette
4th Red 2nd place- Legacy Courts Kings
5th Blue Champs- Blackout
5th Blue 2nd place- Midwest Thunder (IL)
5th Green Champs- Rossville
5th Green 2nd place- McCutcheon Cardinal
5th Red Champs- Legacy Courts Blazers
5th Red 2nd place- Delphi
5th White Champs- Indiana Ice 4th
5th White 2nd place- North Vermillion
6th Blue Champs- Red Storm (WL) White
6th Blue 2nd place- McCutcheon Gold
6th Red Champs- Rossville
6th Red 2nd place- Benton Central
6th White Champs- Indiana Ice 5th 
6th White 2nd place- McCutcheon Cardinal 
7th Blue Champs- Money Squad
7th Blue 2nd place- Legacy Courts 7/8th Rockets
7th Red Champs- Westville
7th Red 2nd place- Indiana Ice 6th
8th Blue Champs- Indiana Ice 7th
8th Blue 2nd place- Clinton Prairie
8th Red Champs- Indiana Ice
8th Red 2nd place- Champaign Heat A

November 28th-29th, 2020
FAAST Thanksgiving Classic - MAUMEE VALLEY & SKYWAY (Toledo, OH) 
3rd Boys Champs - Sandusky Bay Charge
4th Boys Champs - Reach
4th Boys 2nd place - MWA Elite
4th - 5th Girls Champs - Storm Elite
6th - 7th Girls Champs - *
6th Boys Champs - Midwest Braves
7th Boys Champs - Dearborn Blackhawks
7th Boys 2nd place - Jaguars
5th Boys Champs - Mi Grizzlies
5th Boys 2nd place - O3 Sanderson

November 28, 2020 
Legacy Courts Fall Premier League Mid Season Tournament (Lafayette, IN) - GIRLS
3rd Champs- Legacy Courts Magic
3rd 2nd place- Benton Central Purple
4th Champs- Twin Lakes 
4th 2nd place- Lowell
5th Champs- Indiana's Best 4th
5th 2nd place- Rossville
6th Champs- Southmont
6th 2nd place- Delphi
7th Champs- McCutcheon 
7th 2nd place- West Lafayette
8th Blue Champs- Tri County
8th Blue 2nd place- Indiana's Best 7th Shadows
8th Red Champs- Indiana's Best 7th Court Queens
8th Red 2nd place- IN Showcase

November 27th, 2020
Black Friday Basketball Tournament (Antwerp, OH) 
5th Girls- Lincoln View 
4th Girls- Crestview 

November 22, 2020
JCC Boomer Fall League (Portland, IN)- view list of qualifying teams

November 20th - 22nd
Turkey Trot Tournament Hosted by Nothin' But Net Sports Complex (Cincinnati, OH) 
3rd grade Boys Champs- KY Defenders
4th grade Boys Champs- Forest Hills Titans
4th grade Boys 2nd place- KY Show
5th grade Boys Champs- NKY P Ballers
6th grade Boys Champs- Fairfield Lions
6th grade Boys 2nd place- Beast U.S.A
4th grade Girls Champs- New Richmond Lions
5th grade Girls Champs- Team Cincy Swish
5th grade Girls 2nd place- Gym Bratz
6th grade Girls Champs- KY Show
6th grade Girls 2nd place- Ohio Elite Starz

November 21st-22nd, 2020
Lawrence/Mercer County Turkey Shootout(Mercer County, PA)
4th Boys 2nd Place - Poland
6th Boys Gold Champs - Poland Bulldogs
6th Gold 2nd Place - Canfield 

November 21, 2020
FAAST Turkey Shootout (Toledo, OH):
6th grade girls Champs-Michigan Mystics
6th grade girls 2nd place-Pistons Elite
6th grade boys Champs-Bates Fundamentals
6th grade boys 2nd place-Clarkston Wolfpack
8th grade boys Champs-Michigan Cobras
8th grade boys 2nd place-NO Wolfpack

November 21st , 2020
FAAST Turkey Shootout (Whitmore Lake, MI)
3rd grade Boys Champs - Hartland
3rd grade Boys 2nd place - Sylvania North
4th grade Boys Champs - Sandusky Bay Charge
4th grade Boys 2nd place - Turf
5th grade Boys Champs - Detroit Bulldogs
5th grade Boys 2nd place - NWO Knights
6th grade Boys Champs - Bates Fundamentals
6th grade Boys 2nd place - Clarkson Wolfpack
6th grade Girls Champs - Michigan Mystics
6th grade Girls 2nd place - Pistons Elite
8th grade Boys Champs - Michigan Cobras
8th grade Boys 2nd place - NO Wolfpack 

November 15, 2020
FAAST Slamfest - (Whitmore Lake, MI)
3rd Boys Champs-*
5th Girls Champs-North Oakland Wolfpack
5th Girls 2nd Place-Saline
6th Girls Champs-Pride Basketball
6th Girls 2nd Place-Hartland
7th/8th Boys Champs-Glenwood Elite
7th/8th Boys 2nd Place-Michigan Wildcats 

November 14, 2020
FAAST Fall Slamfest - (Whitmore Lake, MI)
4th Boys Champs-GL Warriorz
5th Boys Champs-Oakland Elite
6th Boys Pool A Champs-Hoop Nation
6th Boys Pool A 2nd Place-O3
6th Boys Pool B/C Champs-Midwest Braves
6th Boys Pool B/C 2nd Place-Hartland Eagles
7th Boys Champs-O3
7th/8th Girls Champs-GL Warriorz 
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-Eagles

November 8, 2020
FAAST Autumn Classic - (Whitmore Lake, MI)
3rd Boys Champs-The Believers 
3rd Boys 2nd Place-ASC
5th Boys Champs-The Believers 
5th Boys 2nd Place-Detroit Bulldogs 

November 7, 2020
FAAST Autumn Classic - (Whitmore Lake, MI)
4th/5th Girls Champs-Storm
4th/5th Girls 2nd Place-Saline
6th Boys Champs-MI Tar Heels
6th Boys 2nd Place-Detroit Bulldogs 
7th/8th Girls Champs-Showtime
7th/8th Girls 2nd Place-Elite
7th Boys Champs-Wolfpack
8th Boys Champs-Marshall Redhawks
8th Boys 2nd Place-The Believers 

November 7, 2020
FAAST Autumn Bash - (Battle Creek, MI)
8th Boys Champs-The Process
8th Boys 2nd Place-Bad Boys 

Qualifying team photos are posted on our Great Lakes States Facebook page each weekend during the season!