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Upcoming Qualifiers

1/19-21 Sherwood Shootout (girls)
1/20-21 I-5 Shootout!
Vancouver, WA
presented by HoopSource Basketball
1/20-21 Oregon Amateur Basketball

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New for 2018

Division Assignment at State
- Teams representing 5A and 6A high schools must register for, and compete in, the Gold (upper) Division at State.  Any exceptions must be approved through a formal appeal to the State Committee.
- Teams representing 1A-4A high schools plus “B” teams of 5A-6A high schools will register for, and compete in, the Silver division at State.

State Tournament Deadlines

Deadlines for Team Registration, Roster Changes and
Submission of Player Eligibility Documentation

Girls Championship deadline - Monday, Feb 19, 2018
Boys Championship deadline - Friday, Feb 23, 2018

* To allow sufficient time for the State Eligibility staff to review all player documents, we’ve moved up the team registration deadline from years past.  The result is a shorter list of State Qualifier Tournaments than last season.  Please plan accordingly.   Space limited to available team spots.

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